Sunday, June 9, 2013


Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Bermula sudah perjalanan breastfeeding saya yang ke-3.
Penyusuan susu ibu bersama MUHAMMAD HAFIY RIFQI anak saya yang ke-3.
Alhamdulillah despite having a tough time on the early days of his delivery, I managed to fight through all the obstacles.
As at yesterday, I managed to collect 12packs x 3.5oz of EBM after 1 week of harvesting.

I guess I'm among blessed mothers of a down syndrome baby that is allowed to direct breastfeed the baby. (Yeap, my little anak syurga is a Down Syndrome baby. I blog about this in the future :) )Many down syndrome babies are not capable to latch on their mothers' (.)(.) due to small mouth cavity. Syukur again.

Okie dokie..that is all for now.
Gosh!! I have a lot to blog but little time I have (alasan!!!)

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