Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Love Breastfeeding Car Sticker - IS AVAILABE NOW!!

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Hi Mommies out there!

This is my suka-suki nye project.. thought of nice to have it.. hehehehhe
Camna ekk saya tetiba nak wat sticker nih hmm..
We are proud of having stickers on our car that carry our pride.
Yalah... proud of being part of a UNI..(pandainyeerrr)
Proud of being part of a football team supporter..(MU ler tuu selalu ngat nampak)
Proud of saying we are having a baby in the car.. so beware yaa.. we are driving at a moderate speed (ni selalu kat keta mommies jer..)
Yeah,sometimes we can judge people based on the stickers that put on their car...

Then...hmmm.. why not I stick a sticker that show my utmost passion?
It also has a promoting agenda, I guess.
Never see in the market before..(have you?)Oh ya.. we do label the logo in our blogs..
So I just made one..it is in a very limit quantity..

 My husband also proud to have it on his Black Polished car

The logo itself speaks the meaning behind it. But I really love the full stop. It exhibits how determine we are with breastfeeding. Do you think so?

If you are interested to have one or many..  e-mail me at annarozy@yahoo.comm. It is RM10.00 1 piece including pos express..if you buy more than 1 piece it is RM7.00 for the subsequent quantity.You can also leave your comment here. Well, when we see the sticker..we will know that you are part of our breastfeeding community who give the best to DD/DS..

signing off..me. Choww!

Milk Booster saya!! :D

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan kali ni memang smooth sangat. Rezeki kami berdua murah, syukur. Entahlah, rasanya kali ni saya jadi lebih rajin dengan ada extra pumping session yg awal pagi. Sebab tu kot, hasil tuaian saya lebih banyak..

Kali ini saya nak refresh balik milk booster saya. Actually semuanya memang milk booster saya sejak dari zaman Hadiff lagi.

Top 5 milk booster.
1- Sudah semestinya cinta hati saya Muhammad Hafiy Rifqi. Meet his demand, direct latch whenever with him... jangan complain kalau dia asik nak bergayuuuuuut ja... Baby adalah stimulasi yg TERBAIK.
2- Kalau dah berjauhan gi kerja, kenalah pam..kena ikut schedule.. rutin saya without fail so far insyaAllah pukul 2am, 6am, 10am, 1pm dan 4pm . Pumping session hat pukul 2am dan 6am saya buat tandem nursing. Baby sebelah, pump sebelah..yeild memang memberansangkan..sebab isapan baby boleh induce let down reflex..kadang sampai 2 kali tau.
3- Happy..yeap..breastfeeding moms memang kena happy happy.. kalau stress confirm merudumlaaaa hasilnya.
4- Organic soy by Melilea. Sedap tau...
5- Air longan, rebus dan tambah gula...minum panas-panas...

Selain dari itu, durian juga milk booster saya.. may be sebba saya ni hantu durian kot.... bila makan durian yg sedap, saya happy..bila happy susu pun wallah laa.... hehehhe

Okeh itu ja kot buat rini.. Mau sambung buat keja (bosannya kena keja ganti sabtu..huhuhuh)



Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday my Darling Husn@!

Assalmmualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

My darling Husna turned 3 on 1st of July.
Pheww, time flies and she is a big kakak now.
She really looked forward to celebrate her birthday with her friends at school but Abang Hadiff and baby Hafiy were both down with chickenpox.
Postpone lah dulu.

Her milestone
1- She is super D duper talkative..she can speaks from one topic to another without a full stop.
2- Love her little brother so much.. and she calls Hafiy 'budak pandai'.
3- Abang Hadiff is her close buddy and also sparring partner.
4- Kuat merajuk!! serius sangat!!
5- She has big appetite.. usually she will finish off Abang Hadiff's leftover.
6- She loooooooooooooves fruits.
7- Still a die hard fan of Pink Princess and her ambition is to be a pink princess driving a pink car.
8- She was wearing her favourite baju princess in the pic above. 

Ooh we love her!
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