Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Hadiff (dan Ummi)

Happy Birthday Abang / Otromen / geng Thomas / Baby Becaq!!
Semoga membersar menjadi anak yg soleh dan berguna kepada masyarakat.

(ok not his best photo...heheheh :p)

Celebrate? Postpone pi next weeklah..Ummi kena keja rini..huhuhu

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Repurpose : a woman's top to toddler dress

My first repurpose project.
Converting this

To this :)

And not to mention, my very first knit project. SWEATING!!!!

I will come up with a tutorial on this.

Syioq!! Recycle!!

Adding my 3 yo old bam bam niece pic wearing the dress.

She lovess it!!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabric Addiction and a hoarder too!

OK saya dah buat pengakuan terbuka, that I've became a fabric addict and a hoarder :p.
These are USA designer fabrics that I'd managed to collect ( a collector indeed cehhh!!) just in a few months I get hold on a sewing machine (and a serger too).

And I'm yet stashify with these...haiiiiiizzzzzzzzz.
now off to etsy.com to see more cute prints. :p

Frankly speaking not only designer fabric intrigues me, if you leave me alone in a fabric store, I may leave the store with a huge bundle of fabrics. Mata rambang!! Especially during sales.

I will never have enough!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Apa perasaan anda bila tengok mak dan anak kucing ni mati berdepan?
Apalaaa yg ada pada fikiran mak kucing tu bila tahu ajal dia akan sampai dan dia sudah tidak mampu membesarkan anaknya yg masih kecil itu? Or bila dia tengok anaknya mati dulu? (tengah meleleh dah ni sambil menaip..:( )
Serious emo aku tengok gambar ni..:(

(pic credit to Kucing Terbiar Anjing Jalanan KTAJ)

Sewing Inspirations. : Nursing blouse look-a- like

Huuuuu found this lovely cheap dress in CUTE CHEAP DRESS @ GROSSGRAIN..
Wanting to sew a dress like this..

with some adjustment
- pull over bodice with elastic band at the waist so i can access to a nursing opening. But the dress will look like a normal empire waist dress. LINK of the tutorial is OVERLAP NURSING BLOUSE
- another layer of fabric to cover that lowered wrap neck.
- owh that twirly circle skirt will definitely help to cover my tummy buncit-ness.LINK for th twirly skirt is CIRCLE SKIRT

Must buy some more kainlah..something plain and cotton-ny (kain lincin makcik lom reti jahit. :p)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweet Cupcakes Raya top Husna

Just dropping by to showcase Husna's raya top that sewn by yours truly.
I'm still in raya/holiday mood and not sure how to warm up my work mood.
Like an old motorbike, it may take few days i guess :p.

Top? No dress?
I always have this excited feeling to start a dress project, but hmm.. speaking of practicality, i seldom dress Husna in a dress whenever we went out. I prefer her in jeans.
So i made her a top instead.

This time, finally.. I use a USA designer cotton Confections by Robert Kaufman and matched it with a polkadot english cotton from Ashley Cotton Collection.

My skill has improved sikit but i still have a lot to learn.

And the action pic.

Husna loves this top. May be she likes the vibrant colours of the cupcakes.
I found this novelty button (teddy) at A2Z in Seberang Jaya, i was soo thrilled!

Okie that's all.
Happy Holiday!! (sehari jaa tinggal pun) hehehe.

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