Monday, June 29, 2009

Hunting for Deep Freezer

I want Deep Freezer!! I want it!! I want it!! Hehehehe.. lepaskan perasaan..after again another disaster occurred.. again 10 X 4 oz cair after my foolish act by following my instinct! Thought that the only reason the tragedy happened was because pintu x tutup rapat.. but actually fridge tu dah bengong rupanya...

petang ni nak start my Hunting the Freezer.. hmm nak beli yg camnaa rrr??

camni okay x? hmm tapi ada tendency ku xtutup rapat lakk..walaupun senang nak susun and organize EBM.
Ni cam juai sekrim lak kan... though my hubby wat lawak..pasni kita leh juai sekrim mesia kann

Ni besaq sangat lak kann..cam nak meniaga frozen product pun ada..

Ni just nice for my EBM.. katna laa ada juai benda alah nih..

petang kan ku ronda satu Parit Buntar asking for quotation.. kena riki and compare dulu kann..

any advice nak beli brand apa and bopa rega nyaa...
really appreciate it!!

Zillions thanks in advance!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tragedi EBM Cair..Huuwaaa!!!

I do expect this to happen someday sooner or later.. but I do not expect to happen yesterday!! As usual back from work, I opened the fridge, took out EBM from cooler bag placed it in the EBM container..then I opened the freezer compartment to remove one of the frozen to be transferred to the chiller but...oh my goodness!!! All my frozen had defrost!! Xdak letrik kaa tadi? Hmm wonder why my BS did not call me? I went outside told my husband who could only smile and said sabaq naa.. but then my BS said, there was no trip whatsoever.. electricity supply was fine.. hmmm??? Mat Adip tidoq guna kipas..

Terkezut beruk badak ku tengok apa dah jadik!!

Hasil tenusu ku yg terbuang... huhuu
Kosong.. terkosong hati ku..

What should I do with all this EBM...what a waste.. I called Shida..I called Novia.. but the conclusion is sorry girl.. has to be thrown away.. Adeyy!!! With a heavy heart I threw away 63 X 4oz frozen breastmilk.. thought of using it for milkbath but then it was so cold (just out from the freezer right?), Shida propose just siram pokok..felt not so bad compare to buang lam sinki.. kann.. hmmm buanglaa.. Mr Asben dengan kain pelikat nyaa siram my breastmilk on my blooming roses bushes..not only that...sekali dengan pokok bunga jiran pun!! Harapan pokok bunga tu akan mekar dengan nutrient dr susu ku.. entah2 mati? mati ku nak jwp ngan ida nanti..

Corrective action
Mlam tu.. me and mr asben performed an engineering study yg super duper merepek..on cmnalaa benda ni leh terjadi..analysis tools guna Cause n Effect Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, Ishikawa..whatever you named it.. but at the end, our conclusion is.... xtutup rapat...huwaaaaaa!!!! Naek fobia betoi dah nak boh EBM kat lam fridge..Apa nak jadik.... ku nak beli gakk deep freezer!!! Nak jugak!!!

Kan ku penuhkan balik stok ku..CHAYOK!! CHAYOK!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tipuwer Vs Bekas Dadih

One of the topics in Susuibu.com discussing on Bekas Dadih.. i guess that is the most economical way to store our precious EBM. if you have budget, yes definitely buying loads lot of BPA free bottles is the best. But we do have other options and most of the moms opt for very the bery cheap Bekas Dadih. From my reading on this topic, quite a number of moms do not really understand why bekas dadih is suitable for our EBM.. First is, it can stand 0degreeC without cracking for certain period, second, it is cheap, third but not the least... IT IS ABSOLUTELY BPA FREE!!!.. i said absolutely because bekas dadih is made of PP, very rare PMMA.. and all these material do not contain bisphenol-A that claimed to be carcinorgenic.. I said claim because it is not literaturely proven. But please bear in mind... Bekas Dadih is single use item..but then again it is up to you if you still want to re-use it again..

Here, I am suggesting you, all the moms out there another option, which is better than Bekas Dadih... I AM INTRODUCING YOU TO TIPUWER adik beradik tupperware but cheaper version.. hehehehhe .. it comes in many sizes.. and it is cheap.. just see all the tipuwer I bought from LONGWAN except the green ones are actually Tuppaware. I bought them at RM0.50 each.. so cheap ehh

See how I arrange the tipuwer..it looks more organized than that tunggang langgang bekas dadih..

in fact in HERE I made an elementary calculation why buying this container is actually cheaper than that cheap bekas dadih..

for a single use bekas dadih
rega bekas dadih 5 oz = RM11.00/100pcs equivalent to RM0.11/pc
everyday we throw average 2bekas, means RM0.22 into the garbage bin..6bulan RM39.60
rega small tipuwer 5oz = RM0.50 use until shows sign of degradation estimated minimum 30x guna.. (leh guna lama lagik nihh ekcelinyaa)
dengan RM39.60 kita buang tu..kita leh beli sebanyak 78biji tipuwer..and boleh guna lama tuu setahun/ 2 tahun pun leh.. selagi xpecah..

disamping kurangkan sampah yg not biodegradable.

Since using this small container, i notice several advantages:-
1- The cover container has a groove to prevent any slippage when it is stack together.. so xdak dahlaa bekas yg terjatuh bila amik.
2- See that colourful container.. I can even colour coded my storage.. for example just like that cute blue cover container..I have bought it in 3 different colours.. so first blue...then green.. then ..red.. therefore I definitely will not 'overlooked' any near expired EBM when turnover is at stage..got me?
just see whatelse..hmmm
3- Yeap..it is not space consuming like bekas dadih. Bekas dadih is tapered feature..so leaving empty spaces in between.. what a waste right? especially to me who do not have deep freezer..so every inch in the feezer compartment is truly precious..

I think that is all for now.

Happy always momss!! Breastfeeding moms are rawkss!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pump with Style with Freestyle

I had been calculating on buying a new pump after a worth buying of Spectra3.. Almost 3 months I kept talking to Mr Asben about this so called the ultimate breast pump currently available in Malaysia market..(isn't it?). Though my husband seemed a bit reluctant on buying a new pump (considering my overcrowded fridge and I am ok with S3), I knew that deep in his heart he always support me in every ways. Aja approached me with a great offer that I could not resist.. so.. here it goes..

Upon receipt, under my workstation.
Sapa yg terlebih excited nih??!!
Make use of my outdoor first aid kit, Deuter
Masuk lam beg Medela camni ker? But I found that the bag looks 'cheap' hehh.. and just not my style..

Yess, this is more like me!! With a bagpack and a coolerbag

Review of the pump..
1- Super mobility - though I found the handfree is not really hassle free
2- 2 phase expression - love it so much.. faster let down reflex
3 -Small and light pump
4- Pump with timer and memory.. I found it really useful
5-Entanggle free tubing
6- Tube design preventing the mist from entering the pump
7- The overall look of the pump is a nice feature though the bright colour attracts Hadiff and causes him to kacau my pumping process.

1- Come with no use accessories (for me lahh) - small cooler bag, heavy ice block, 'cheap' appearance of the bag (prefer backpack)..all these items adding to the high price..
2- Kinkable tubing
3- Too many things to assemble
4- The pump does not really secure fit to any standard bottle (there is tendency to dislodge)

I guess for a RM1699 pump it is still a worth buying if you are a mum to be or still have many years to come in breastfeeding. I did not regret of buying it and not considering it as a waste at all. A worth investment I would say!!

Till then,

Thursday, June 11, 2009


First time nih nak masuk contest... cam dah jadik habit lak sekarang contest di sana sini.. cam beh gak join the joy ride..

So for this very first time, diri ku participate in contest by Mama Uzma Agak2 kann leh menang x?

This is my favourite pic.. dah pernah post pun kat sini

Slogan : Dalam mimpi Hadiff.."Ish..lapaq la plak..nak bangun nenen kaaa nak sambong tidoq nihh?.."
Category : 2 bulan - 1 tahun
Gambar ni cam posing while sleeping pun ader... cam ngah fikir masalah dunia pun ader.. but the best thing is Abah dia pun tidoq camtu gak.. kunun-kunun nak cover mulut jangan ternganga laa..
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