Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Pumping Station

This small room used to be a toilet for QARA RD Director... When the department was splited and the Director moved to other building, this room was converted to a store room where all the Betchdorf transfer samples were stored. Later, we bought a Harland Friction Tester that requires controlled temperature and humidity room, then this room was vacant for the machine. Since I am the owner of the machine that put me in full in charge of the room... Walllahhhh!!! Boommm!!! The room is now known as Milk factory.. where pumping mums do what they should do here..wakakakkak!!!
My Pumping Schedule in the office

10.00am - Short break for breakfast... it is a short break for my pumping session. I have my breakfast before start working. But normally while pumping, I takes a cup of soy milk with 2 slices of bread or biscuits.

1.00pm - Lunch time. My arrangement with another pumping mum, my turn first from 1.00pm to 1.20pm.. then she takes over the room.

4.00pm - A courtesy of my very understanding boss.. only for 15minutes


5.00pm - When I have a meeting, I switch my pumping session 1 hour later for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ArryRozy Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family history - Ancestry search

Go! Go! Cloth Diapering!

Hmm… wonder how I got this new infection.. after a successful attempt with exclusive breastfeeding, I believe I was looking for new addiction and passion… again.. SusuIbu.com had opened up new view of baby diapering.. yea!! Another great way to save the pocket content. Starting the cloth diapering era is considered quite expensive Ha..ha.. no more buying Huggies at Kedai Ubat.... but if look at long term and less time surveying for cheaper disposable diapers..( especially when my baby can only wear Huggies and Drypers).. I started off cloth Diapering with Coolababy… China made diapers bought via ebay 8 pieces for RM236.. Takes almost 3 weeks to delivered as some Technical problem occurred where the diapers were been returned back to the manufacturer after it was released by KL custom. Kind of feel like being cheated pun ada..Nyeh..nyeh..nyeh…

The Trials

Dapat ja the package.. I immediately ripped open the courier plastic bag.. and vibrant colours of CD appeared.. Jeng…jeng..jeng… I washed two out of it for testing ( ya lah if Hadiff’s Super Duper sensitive skin could not tolerate… I may consider selling this off the net).. Glad to see that Hadiff did look cute in CD.. he still is now.. but wish that Coolababy also has prints on the CD.. The CD comes with 1 insert only but it can stay dry for 4 hours.. I could not help touching the fleece layer..

Training Nanie the Nanny

Nanie was a bit reluctant when I told her that I will introduce CD.. initially she thought that CD is lampin kain.. (mesti lam otak dia tingat amboi aih…ummi Hadiff ni kedekut toi!).. then I explain slowly and clearly to her how CD works.. and she definitely surprised when I told the price of a CD.. tu baru made in China Nanie oii… at last, she accepted it.. Everyday I put inside Hadiff’s basket 4 CD and 2 Dispo for spare.. and of course my washing machine is required to work everyday.. My hubby bought a Dispo from his friend Wriggles and fortunately he mistakenly bought L size.. the turnover of Dispo is very less as I only use it at night time… Plan to buy more CD.. part of my bonus this month will definitely be well spent buying CD..a smart investment.. Toink..Toink…

My wish list

- Happy Heiny's Cow print


- Wahmies Wetbag

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

While you were sleeping.... ZZzzzz

Love looking at Hadiff while he was sleeping.
So peaceful... yolahh kannya dia ada utang ke... masalah dunia ke...
Hadiff favourite peel masa nak tido.. mesti kena tarik2 cradle tu lu..

Posing maut while sleeping... possing inherited from his Abah
Ngantuk sangat nih..pas mandi..jom tidoq dulu..
Aii malu rr... nak tidoq nih..
Kena kepit ngan batal lu baru leh nyenyak..
Seriousnyaa muka taim tidoq

Taim tido buaian pesen lama kat umah mak angkat batu kurau
Pas nenen... tidoqq...

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