Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ice block free: sapa nak?

Kakak saya ni misi kat private hospital.. Anak sakit sikit jaa claim ubat kat spital.. So tanpa disedari rupanya dia dah 'ter'kumpul 2 plastik bag besaq ice block.
Dia offer kat saya kot i may need it but frankly speaking, i have more than enough of ice packs for my breastmilk. Plus i'm kinda stuck with my medela ice pack since my breastmilk yeild is not so meriah like it used to be.. 2 botol ja sehari.. Huhuhu.

So, dari my sister had to return back all the ice blocks to her hospital (gila jaki takmau bg balik kat hospital tu), she asked me to distribute to all my breastfeeding moms friends.
Ehh awat kejap BM kejap BI ni?
Tunggang langgang ja.. Hehe
Lantaklaa labuu..

So sapa nak? Free ni..

Tapi pick up saja boleh..

Samada di

1- bandar perda time opis hour
2- penaga time cuti
3- sg petani time weekend jika saya pi shopping grocery kat tesco selatan
4- kamunting kat kilang saya kerja bila saya kena pi sana (which at least once a week)

Jika ada yg berminat, email saya di annarozy@yahoo.com ya.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hadiff first passport photo

He was so afraid when we asked him to stand in front of the camera.
So we had to stand side by side him while he technically adjusting the way he smile.
It was a verrrry hilarious experience :p.
I just had to say "senyum macam James". (FYI, James adalah keretapi merah dalam kartun Thomas and Friends)

So here's the outcome.. Expression yg sgt lawak pun ada..

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Egg tart paling yummeh!!

Sapa suka makan egg tart angkat mouse!!
Saya saaaangatlaa suka tapi tak reti pun buatnya.
Kalau nampak egg tart kat bakeri, sure nak beli try.
Tapi saya dah jumpa egg tart favourite-st saya..,
Paling sedapppp saya petnah makan.....dan paling murah saya pernah jumpa dgn size sebegini besaq..


Rm5.80 ja kat bakeri Adventist hospital, penang. Dpt 4 biji size L kot.. Tapi.. Paling best, kalau sraff hari jumaat dapat half price.. Murahkan?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sandwiches yg chomell

Ishhh., dan ka nak buat lagu ni?
Tapi chomell dan kreatif sungguh!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first nuffnang cheque!! Weehuuu

I blog for fun.. But getting paid?
It's GREATEST!!!!!!!
Bolehlaa sikit sikit...

Thank you nuffnang!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

S.i.m.p.l.y A L.i.n.e

Lately I have this huge ke'gila'an on cotton knits.
Despite of me still continuing adding more designer cotton to my stash, I'd added another crazy fancy on knits which is more expensive than the woven cotton..haizzzz...
To make it worse, it is specifically on designer 100% cotton knits. *kopak purse makkk.

To tell you the truth, Husna doesn't need more daily clothes..she has more than enough.
Not that I'm a girly girl's dress shopaholic, it just that we received tonnes (okay a bit exaggerating here) of hands down clothes from her cousins. And all of them are in a very good condition (meet my sister who loves to shop for clothes).
But since I cannot tolerate looking at the piling up fabrics, I whipped up a simple A Line knit dress using her most comfortable dress as a guide. It took just few hours to complete.
No paper pattern required. :)
Short cut using serger (I serged all the piecing part)
Easy peasy.

I'm using knits from Patty Young collection.
And here's the reluctant model (she is sooo anti camera, but she really love this dress, or at least she did not run away when I tried it on her)

I have few more projects on cotton knits, yeap..more skirts and dresses for husna and owhh leggings!
But before that, I should complete all my customer's order.
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