Friday, July 30, 2010

ThE nEw yOu gIvEaWaY By hOnEyBuNcH

Fuhh... I am almost gonna miss this contest organised by Hanz.. ya lahhh with newborn and the pantang stuff I have to do.. thought I might not have the leisure time to participate in this contest.. The very last minute participation..

The story of how my life transformed from a hardcore mountaineer to a loving mom..

The new me..

I used to be an otai pompuan mountaineer

And can be said quite famous among the peer

All mountains I would love to conquer

I did not care if it is far or near

As long as not jeopardizing my career as an engineer

I get to know lots of people with the obsession we share

It was the love, the passion that always be there

[Me with hiking gear]

I guess I was kind of carried away

All the money I got I spent to make a way

To pursue new adventure that’s what I would say

I ran I skipped I climbed and never to stay

It’s always in mind and it’s the time to play

I enjoyed the adrenaline boost and mind never to sway

[me at Mt Melaka, Reverse Trans Titiwangsa, Mt Tebu and Bekelah]

I guess my fate had been wonderfully written

I met my love and immediately be smitten

In the trip to Gunung Tahan, I had been in a good hand

He was my runner companion to reach the next camp

The days I knew him is less than ten

But at the end of the trip he is my man

[Gunung Tahan, the first mountain we conquered together. Many more after that]

Thank you god for the life you give

A loving man and two children who are really active

The laughs, the tears and learn to forgive

Frankly to me it is quite impressive

From it’s always me now always others, I promise

[My two angels, Hadiff and Husna]

No more purchase on deuter or Karrimor of mountaineering

Now more on Ittibitti or Happy Heiny’s of cloth diapering

And also on Jumpsacbaby or Boba of babywearing

Or even Medela or Galligan O’Malley of breastfeeding

And I should start my first step in homeschooling

This is the new me..

From Gunung Online forum now to Ratu Hati

From focusing on mountaineering now on family

As of now, this is my story

A woman, a wife and a mother named Rozy.

Foot note : I still have the mountaineering passion deep down in my heart (and Mr Asben also) but at this moment we only want to spend our seconds with the two growing up little angels..

These are the generous sponsors for this contest. Check out on them what they have to offer..may be there is something good and nice for your Hari Raya...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SLEePiNg BaBy pRoDuCtioN sILk RS

Tak abis lagi pantang okeh..but I decided to go to Jakel SP for kain baju raya hunting (which sadly could not find).. and buy some kitchen stuff at Tesco and Mr Asben wanted to eat Radix Fried Chicken yg dah lama he craved.

Wore Husna in SBP Ring Sling.. my new-to-me bw gear and I am the fourth owner of this beautiful sling. Surprisingly, it was so easy to put Husna inside it compare to my Jumpsac ring sling (or may be I have mastered the newborn legs in babywearing). Husna fell asleep immediately.
Husna looks so kecik inside the sling

Tembamnya muka..bilaa laa nak slim sikit.

1- The size of the sling is S and I am not a petite mommy :P. I guess since this sling is produced in USA, the size must be bigger for Asian mommies. In my case, the length of the tail is just nice with the tail ends at my hips.
2- I love the sheen of the silk... the colour is so soft and sweet.
3- Easy threading with medium ring.
4- Ringan sangat sling ni and very thin..silk kann..when folded I can just put it in my handbag.
5- IMHO, this sling is only suitable for newborn or small baby as it is not a padded shoulder like Jumpsac sling. It may produce pressure point.

In the nutshell, I love this sling!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

FIrSt tImE CDiNg б Bb HuSnA @ 20th DaY

I started to wear CD on Hadiff when he was 5months..after I did some research to gain more info on CD..and that time CD was quite expensive eventhough a China branded and made CD and they were only available in ebay.

Now, I had urmm.. I think almost 40pcs. I am still not considering myself as addicted to CD because there are many moms out there who have a-worth-to-drool collection of CD stash as many as 100 over. My CD collection consists of CD which is as cheap as RM25 per piece to as expensive to me as RM95. And I love all of them!

Okes back to Husna, on her 20th day, she weighted at 4kg which is ok for me to start CDing her.. I have bought several dipes for her.. 5 sunny minky and 2 M itti bitti ... She couldn't fit in IB yet but surprisingly fit nicely in SM..though it appears bulky for her but so far SM can retain the pee and the explosive breastfeeding running poo.. ;). I had also tried her with Hadiff's coolababy but CB is still large for he especially at the legs..and I had one accident with CB..abis lencun kain batik ku.

I do my CD wash once in 2 days..and I feel that with 1 baby and 1 toddler on CD, I definitely need more CD..especially for Husna.. I am contemplating to buy more IB (but if wait for sales lg bagus sebab murah banyak) or buy Grovia A12.. but never see this system IRL.. I heard some positive and also negative reviews on this CD.. and nak invest duit yg banyak gak ni..kena fikir2 gaklaa..

So what do you think? OK tak Grovia?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BiLa dAh nGaNtUK

Hadiff bila dah ngantuk.. he doesn't care where he will sleep..
it could be at the front door, on the floor without any mattress..in fact he could be very difficult if he decided to sleep on the motorbike!

And.. do not ever try to move him until he really fell in a very deep sleep.. kalau tak.. be prepared for some jacky chan's kicks and high pitch wailing.

Last nite, Hadiff decided to sleep tonggek kat sofa.. he slept that way for almost half an hour.. before residing to the mattress dengan sendirinya..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My FiRsT PuMpInG sEsSiOn

Not the first per se, as I pumped for Hadiff, this is the first pumping session for bekalan di kemudian hari for Husna.

I was contemplating between using my manual single pumping Avent pump or battery operated double pumping Medela FS. I love Avent suction mode but being a manual and single pumping pump, adeyyyy.. So I decided to use FS instead.

I remember using level 7 (or is it 8?) last time, but this time level 7 felt too much!! So I reduced it to level 5. May be my B was not accustomed to the high suction yet but I do believe after sometime I will definitely increase it. And I normally pumped for 20minutes max, but this time I could only bare for 11minutes!

So here it is, 2.5oz.. my yield after Husna nenen on both B just a few minutes prior to this session.. it is as expected and it is normal.

Monday, July 19, 2010

RoCkEr fOr BaBy hUsNa

We need a bouncer, not now but eventually we will need a bouncer.

Why?Taska Ilham uses bouncer for the babies.. I am very grateful for that as Taska Ilham does not use Buaian..takutkan dengar banyak cerita pasal buaian ni kan?
But since, we had discarded Hadiff's bouncer yg dah takleh guna tu..dah patah rioq, and
instead of buying a cheap bouncer (murah2 pun mau dekat seratus gak) and plus we did not spend much for Husna as most of the things can be recycled... we decided to buy an expensive Fisher Price Rocker (expensive for me laa).

I searched the net looking for sales.. banyak o9 shop bg diskaun.. and of course I looked for free shipping.. (save the traveling expenses, time and I have looked around before in supermarket, memang susah nak ada diskaun).. so since the sales ada dateline, trus beli without much hesitation.

masa bukak kotak..adeyy..mampukah me pasang sendiri benda alah ni..
how I wish Mr Asben is around..

Tadaaa... boleh jugak ekk Puan Rozy nih pasang..

Husna leh laa merasmikan rocker dia smpy pukul 6.30ptg ja,
nanti Abang Hadiff balik, bg Abang Hadiff conquer ya nak..

Nak wat product review, tp nothing much to say yet.
The application seems interesting since can be used from newborn to toddler.
Will write about this later.

AdOyLa HaDiFf

Nak wat luahan perasaan sikit...

Dah lama me tak berhapdet dengan pengasuh taska si HadiffBolat.

Harini sampy rabu, Mr Asben is in KL means tinggal me, Hadiff and Husna saja kat umah ni.
Pagi tadi bangun ja Hadiff dah cari Abah, nangis lagi.. so arini all the way ke taska (which is only just 20metres away dari rumah) Abang Hadiff nangis ja.. Sampy taska lagi laa, menjerit2..rasa macam me antar anak ke mana ja.

Hati ibu mana tak sedihkan bila tengok anak menjerit panggil nama kita... tp dah takdak choice kena laa hantaq jugak..how I wish kalau boleh hantar Hadiff ke rumah pengasuh dia dulu.. kalau dulu Hadiff sangat suka ke rumah pengasuh, kalau nak bawak balik cukuplaaa susah..

So tadi me telefon laa si pengasuh taska.. me tanya macamana Hadiff, dah berhenti menangis..
Pengasuh cakap macam tu gak dari dulu.. kalau tiba2 teringat, mesti bunyik jugak.. beg pooh merah sentiasa dengan dia..janganlaa sapa2 amik mesti mengamok.. Ooo rupanya all this while memang Hadiff tak berpisah dengan beg dia..patutlaa bila me pi amik Hadiff dah sedia dengan beg..ingatkan pengasuh dah siap distribute beg masing2.. adeyy laa Hadiff. Kat taska, susu taknak...syukur sekarang dah nak makan..kalau tak lagilaa Ummi susah hati..

Ummi janji, Ummi dah taknak naik tangan Hadiff..sedih gak kalau teringat..dahlaa kat taska pun Hadiff tak happy..kat umah Ummi akan cuba layan karenah Hadiff dengan lebih kesabaran.

Nota kaki:-
Sejak Hadiff dapat adik nih, karenah dia betul2 mencabar kesabaran saya.. Camna rr nak divert perhatian dia ke something else dari dok asik kacau adik dan menjeleskan dirinya especially time Husna nak nenen? Need advice sungguh nih.. thanks.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ItTi bItTi d'lIsH

My new CD collections, bought for Baby Husna masa sales ritu. Sharing the order with Evy.

Actually this post is meant for Norley, as she wanted to see how Kuning the L size I swap with her.

So Norley, you want me to send back the AIO Jade or have the SIO Yellow? I don't mind either of them.

Friday, July 16, 2010

NeW hEADeR..YeAy!

Well, thanks to Sara for reminding me..ekhemm actually more to reminding Mr Asben as he was the one who pointed out Sara's comment..

Yeap, I need to redo my header as baby Husna was not in that skinny meeny cartoon. To tell the truth, all this while the header cartoon was not sketched by me.. I just googled it, saved it, did some adjustments here and there then uploaded it in header section. There was time, bloggers who dropped by this blog asked me where did I get the layout whatsoever.. well...you just need mr google to find it for you..*wink*

Back to Sara's comment (TYVM!), as the rebound, Mr Asben at his sooo free time (means in between his regular facebook and Lubuk surfing), he redid the header..of course with some inputs from me (while I was watching the Ghost Whisperer, ohh soo cute laa Jennifer Love Hewitt kann..)and the result was outsome (for me)..

So here is the new header with Baby Husna who is already standing in the cartoon.. hhehhehee..
Okay tak?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

KL BaByWeArErS jULy 2010 GaThErInG

Just helping to spread the words!! Copy and paste from Malaysian Babywearers Forum

Dear friends,

Our July gathering is coming. With the much awaited interesting topic - Mei Tai and Soft Structured Carrier! For this exciting topic, we have invited special speakers to give talk on each of the carrier type.

Below is the details:-
Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Fabulous Mom (TTDI),136A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. (03-77296088)
Do spread the news! All are welcome!

Bring your carriers if you have any! We'd love to meet you there.
It will be a couple of months before the next gathering as puasa and raya are coming soon.
So mark your calendar!
See you there!

So to those who would love to learn more on other types on carrier instead of ring sling and pouch ja..this is the best place. It is free admission and you will have the opportunity to try carriers which is among the best in the world!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FIrSt tImE WrApPpInG б Bb HuSnA @ 8th DaY

Love it love it soooo much!!
That is my feeling after first attempt wrapping Husna in a gauze wrap by Wombfruit.
Of course after watching the youtube again and again and feeling not so confident mula2nya.
I wish I could BW her earlier, may be on the first day she was discharged from the Hospital..but I was too scared to try..she looked sooo tiny and fragile..

Review of the Gauze wrap
1- It is a stretchy wrap, soo soft.
2-Very suitable for newborn and due to its stretchiness this wrap is not suitable for bigger baby unless you know how to pull and tighten the wrap.
3- Very cushy and airy.

I can't compare with other wrap, as never try any yet. Will wait until Husna besar sikit so that I can try her with my Palla and Cyprus.

Monday, July 12, 2010

HusNa DaH BoTak!

Rini awal2 pagi lagi Husna dah kuaq umah, pergi umah Tok Bariah tuk dibotakkan...
Disebabkan rambut Husna sangat lebat dan tebal, lama sungguh Tok Bariah amik masa nak botakkan Husna..macam Abang Hadiff dulu gak..



Dan rupa Abang Hadiff bila ada peluang nak cubit adik Husna...

Tapi Abang Hadiff sayang Husna kan..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

CuPcAkEs 4 wArD2A nUrSeS

Thanks to all nurses in Ward 2A (wad bersalin) Hospital Kepala Batas.
You made my labour experience felt not so much pain and easy.

Rozy, Arry, Hadiff and Husna.

Monday, July 5, 2010

InTrOdUcInG BaBy HuSnA RaIhAnNaH

Friday, July 2, 2010

ThE ArRiVaL Of bAby H #2

Salam to all,

Just to let you know I had given birth to a 3.3kg baby girl, yesterday at 5.31pm in Hospital Kepala Batas. Thanks to all the wishes.

Rozy, Arry, Hadiff and baby H
ward 2A, HKB
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