Monday, January 31, 2011

For Sale : Melkaj Mei Tai and SSC Pognea [SOLD!]

Hi! I need fund to pay for my newly found hobby. <--not sure if this one will also jadi hot hot ciken sh*t.
While the urge is still there, I might destash a lill bit to cover for that expensive machine and classes.
First is

1- Melkaj Mei Tai.
I am the 3rd owner of this beauty.
1st and 2nd owners used it sparingly. I used it 3 times kot and never washed it.

Pictures from Melkaj website http://melkaj.blogspot.com/2010/05/mei-tai-292.html
I am waiting for anwer from dibs mama but pm me if interested.
Selling price :RM370 verrrrryyy cheap as new one is RM470 I think.

2- Pognae SSC
I am the second owner.Used sparringly by me.
Verryyy cunn.

Selling at RM250..new one is RM350 kot.
PM me with interest or email me at aroziyanna@teleflexmedical.com. The price stated includes shipping.
Thank you!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Bought this yesterday...
attracted by the wrapping..comel sangat..
Chocolate by CHOCOLIKE.
Taste good..almost like Cadburry but I think sweeter laa.. and of course slightly expensive.
These two for RM10..okaylaaaa...tolong orang2 kita kan..


Kalau nak gelak kat saya..gelak jaaa..Aiman tak kesah..
but this is the real me..just a simple girl woman with no colours on my face.
I am telling you the truth.
Deuter First Aid bag ni used to be my first aid kit bag when I was still active in mountaineering.
It used to contain minyak cap kapak, bandage roll, counterpain, a bottle of iodine, not to forget pil che kit teck aun, ORS, gauze, cotton stick and other stuff.
Well, now it still serves me but as a make up bag..though not really contains any make up la kan..

My so called make up bag..hahahhaha

Cosway Miyami 2 way cake, Cosway BB Cream and perfume Miracle (tu pun my ex schoolmate yg bg)..aand a bonuslink card..aiyark..dok lam beg ni rupanya.

Whatever it is..it still serve the purpose.. I love its generous pockets inside there, eventhough I do not know what to put inside it. Hmmm... now where is my lipstick? :p
Why it is so minimal?
Sebab I work in a medical device manufacturing plant.
And it requires me to go to the production floor for sample preparation and whatnot. 
And we cannot wear make up in there to avoid contamination.
So, what for pakai cun cun then have to clean it pulak kan after that.

Frankly speaking, I evy those who can wear bling bling make up to office..but part of me kind of bersyukur as I do not have to spend money on that.

so camnoo beg mekap anda?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 1sT ClOtH PaD PuRcHasE

This is my next step of being a GREEN monster mama.
I consider myself a successful devotee in breastfeeding and cloth diapering both of my kids, using reusable bags whenever I go shopping (ahakss no choice for Penangites. But kudos!!) and not using kitchen roll at home (I use cloth wipes).
Since I have stopped buying more CD (40 over CDs now and almost gained back all the money I spent for this), I would love to try cloth pad.
Initially, I was skeptical about this (samalaa masa mula try CD dulu :p), but I guess due to my friends (whom I never meet IRL) have given good reviews/feedback on this, why not just give it a try.

So here is my first cloth pad purchace from BabySnowdrop.
All are Heavy Stream.
When I first had it, I was like "WHOAAA so enormous!! Besarnya!!!" <--exaggerating sikit.
I guess that is why it is suitable for heavy period phase.
Cantikkan..the workmanship is superb!!
Those prints are designer prints...deeeellllllllliicouss!!


:-- leaking..leaking leaking.... may be because of the the design the stitches that hold the soaker piece to the wing allows the menstrual blood to sip through it.
:- when i compare the stitching quality with other brand (which i bought after i had this snowdrop cloth pad), the workmanship is is no good at all.. bisky bosky and mamapatch are waaayyy much better.

Advantages of cloth pad from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloth_menstrual_pad

  • Cloth menstrual pads are environmentally friendly and do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable and do not come in or contain plastic packaging. When cloth menstrual pads wear out (after years of use), those made from natural materials can be composted whereas disposable sanitary napkins made from synthetic materials cannot be recycled or composted.[13] Fewer chemicals are used in the cloth compared to disposable menstrual products. They create less overall waste compared to disposable menstrual products as they can be made from reused materials, including old pillow cases and towels.[14] Some cloth pads use hemp as the absorbent core which is more environmentally friendly to grow when compared with cotton or wood pulp.[15] Organic options, such as pads made of organic cotton grown without pesticides and chemicals, are available.
  • In the long term, it is less expensive to buy and produce cloth menstrual pads compared to disposable menstrual products. They can be made by hand for little or no cost.
  • Cloth menstrual pads are highly customizable.
  • While less convenient than disposables, they are still convenient as they can simply be cleaned in the washing machine.[16]
  • Cloth menstrual pads are less likely to cause rashes, contact dermatitis, as well as helping women afflicted with certain types of vaginitis. Women with sensitive skin and allergies may find cloth pads to be more comfortable against their skin, particularly cloth pads made of undyed organic cotton. They do not use adhesive.
  • Cloth menstrual pads reduce the scent of menstrual blood on the cloth pad. As they are more breathable than the average disposable sanitary pads, they carry less odor.
  • Cloth menstrual pads, like all menstrual pads, remove the risk of TSS associated with tampons.
Some cloth pad makers run or donate a portion of their proceeds to programs that provide reusable feminine hygiene products to women in developing countries so that they can continue to go to school or work while menstruating.[17]

Jom ramai2 tukar ke cloth pad!!


Kak Mieja selalu bg resepi tuk tambahkan susu.
Memang Kak Mieja adalah salah satu sumber rujukan dan inspirasi saya dalam penyusuan susu ibu.
Bila baca entry Kak Mieja di SINI terasa nak ja buat.
To tell you the truth, I used to hate lobak putih ni...erkkk so tak sedap.
But now I look at lobat putih differently..since it has a value that I need most now. :p
Lobak putih juga adalah galaqtogugue tuk menambahkan susu ibu.

Resepi saya
Tumis bawang putih, bawang merah dengan sedikit minyak masak
Tumbuk ikan bilis dan masukkkan lam periuk
tambah air
masukkan batang celery
masukkan lobak putih yg dipotong bulat (pastu potong dua)
masuk garam dan lada sulah secukup rasa
biar seketika
angkat dan boh lam tepawer bawak pi opis.
 seeeeeeeeeedappp OOOO!! <---cara Hadiff cakap bila makan.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BaTu HamPaQ aYaQ PuTiH & TT ApooTaErn RiNg SLiNG

 Aktiviti minggu lepas.
Singgah di Air Terjun Batu Hampar Air Putih di Serdang.
Hadiff looves water.
Main/mandi air kat depan ja..malas nak naik jauh2.
Noone there yet, still early.
So we did not have to worry on any contamination that might happen up there :p.
As usual...

Mula2 Hadiff takut nak mandi..

Dah berani, memang suka hati sangat  sampai ketaq2 dagu semua.
Abah yg kelaparan pun takdak chance nak makan..dan as expected Hadiff pun refused makan bihun yg sedap ni.

 Finally, takmo balik... so had to make story pasal nak main goyang-goyang (gosh who taught him playground is goyang-goyang..haishhh..)

Me, posing with Norley's Apootaern custom ring sling.
Nice colour combo,
Too short for my liking.
i don't favor gathered shoulder, so this is not for me.
still stiffla norley, like new..mesti hang jarang pakai kan...
masa mula2 pakai macam terkonpius jap..may be sebab reversible..nak threading tu tak tahu which colour with which colour.
confirmed!! i don't like double layer..tak kiralaa silk, cotton or linen.
Thanks a lot Norley for this opportunity.

Husna tak tgk camera sbb dia excited tgk Abang Hadiff mandi.

That's all!!

Loving Mineral Make Up Giveaway!

Little mama diary wat simple contest.
Disebabkan kat MBW tu dah mula teracun dengan Loving Mineral Make Up, terasa nak try lak product ni.
Why not give this a try, mana tau kot2 ada luck menang kan... :)
So sapa nak mencuba, pergi LOVING MINERAL MAKE UP by Little Mama Diary.

Warna apa riben yang Izzah pakai?

Mintak2laa ada rezeki kan...Amin!!



Monday, January 24, 2011

HuSnA'S fIrST BaBy ToOtH

Husna dah ada gigi..a lower central incisor
Good news or bad news? :p
hahaha.. my breastfeeding journey is getting more challenging.
Without the gigi pun, she likes to gigit gigit asah gusi..
I think that is the reason sometimes she buat pasal for no reason.
But she still smiles a lot.

She loves her porridge especially with puree broccoli in it.
She grabs everything in front of her..
in fact she learns about her fingers' ability a lot faster than Abang Hadiff dulu.
Sometimes I caught her staring closely on her fingers.
Like she was digesting /programming the codes of the fingers in her brain.

I tried again Husna in Boba. (I bought Boba when Hadiff was 1 year old)
She fits in Boba nicely..love it!
Almost sell this..luckily it did not happen..
Best sgt Boba ni.

At the paddy field sebelah umah.. cantik lak,,ambil gambaq kat sini.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I wAnT ThiS!

Hadiff refuses to be carried in SSC, despite us coaxing him since he was barely 1 year old.
We even bought Boba for our hiking trip <--thats terkubur when I pregnant with Husna.
Hadiff, I believe has outgrown Boba now..and Husna fit in it very nicely.
After seeing Deuter Kid Comfort II in a Malaysian mom's blog..
haisss...I feel like I also want to own it..
Hopefully Hadiff will want to seat in it.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My BW Stash-What's in and What's Out as @ 20/1/11

I'm keeping a list to check what I currently have (as these carriers scattered in my house and in the car) and those that have been sold (just to reminisce their loving contribution towards my babywearing journey).

What's In:- (18)

Pouch - 2
1. Little pods ( must be somewhere in the house, but at this moment I could not find it)
2. MLC Pouch Size M (not suitable for use anymore)

Ring Sling -9
  1.  Kalea Baby Golden Wheat with Tea Time Tomato accent.
  2. Comfy Joey Hawaiian Sunset size M
  3. Jumpsac Baby Jungle Birds in Kiwi Size M
  4. Natibaby Purple Palla Ussheri WCRS, Jumpsac Shoulder. Size M
  5. Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Mocha Souffle Size M (IBW '10 Contest Prize)
  6. Didymos Indio Rubinrot WCRS, SBPed by Snuggbaby
  7. Didymos Indio Lilac Gathered shoulder
  8. Mamaway Cotton (IBW '09 Contest Prize)
  9. Jumpsac Baby Water Mesh Sling Size S

Wrap - 2
1. Didymos Stripe Eva 4
2. Girasol Symphuo 3.1m cut from longer wrap (OTW)

Mei Tai - 1
1. Melkaj

Soft Structured Carrier - 4
1. Kanga-J
2. Boba Organic Chestnut
3. Pognae Paisley
4. Meis Custom (still under discussion on fabric selection)

What's Out:-(8)

Ring Sling -3
1. Sleeping Baby Project Custom Silk Size S (sold to local mama)
2. Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Mocha Souffle Size S (sold to local mama when I received longer ring sling)
3. Comfy Joey Gradation (base width to big for Husna and difficult to thread, sold to local mama)

Wrap - 3
1. LoveyDude Stretchable wrap(sold to local mama when Husna felt heavy in it)
2. Wombfruits Gauze Wrap in Guava Size Standard (sold to local mama when Husna felt heavy in it)
3. Natibaby Stripe Cyprus Sz 6 (too long for me and prefer simple wrap carry now)

Mei Tai - 2
1. Aidafiqs Mei Tai in Dusty Rose (sold to local mama)
2. Anna Carrie Mei Tai (trade with another big size mei tai with local mama)

At this moment, I am stashified with the carriers I have now. I will continue searching for bigger carriers when Husna outgrown whatever I have now (most likely SSC only).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yes, you hear me right.
I am gonna be a cloth pad converted soooooooooon.
Ehh, bukan dah start ka.. yeap dengan Dian DIY panty liner..
Thanks Dian..you are the best!!
Today, for the first time (and will definitely many many times in the future), I placed an order for 4pcs of Heavy Stream Cloth Pad by Baby SnowDrop.
The facebook page http://www.facebook.com/baby.snowdrop
Later, will place order for mamapatch pulak.
And thank you so much Pah, for advice/comments/recommend the cloth pads.
Hopefully, no turn back.
Now can't wait for the reply..
dan feel the CP in my hands.

Talking about CP, had a discussion yesterday with my colleagues.
Well, they are not aware of such good product.
Will show it to them.

Cantikkan cloth pad2 ni?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Training Pants

Found several with good reviews.

Super Undies by Starbunz

from lildanzel.com http://www.lildanzell.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=1541
RM66 discounted to RM52 -> banyak tu diskaun.


Imse Vimse

from miabambina http://www.miabambina.com/store/WsDefault.asp?One=1127

Hmm.. yg mana nak try nih?

yg murah pun ada, tp takut fitting tak bagus lak

Macam Nissen 5 layers Training Pants

Only RM13.90
dari mybabypitstop http://mybabypitstop.com/products/Nissen-5-layers-Training-Pants%252d--Tiny-Bear.html#

kena fikir ni..

PoTtY TrAiNiNg hAdIfF

Hm.. I am planning to potty train Hadiff this coming Chinese New Year holiday.
I hope with 4 days holiday, me and Hadiff will achieve the target.
At this moment, I am searching/looking around for info on potty training.
And also looking around for good and affordable training pants.
If you have any advice/comments or suggestion, please let me know.

Thank you so much!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Perang DHA?

Hadiff drinks Dutch Lady 1,2,3 now.
Yeap, after weaned off breastmilk, I substituted with fresh milk, then we changed to Anmum and when Hadiff reached 2 years we changed to Dutch Lady 1,2,3 plain.
That is the chronology of events.
He never had any problems with any of the milk.

Even now, he still drinks my cucu otak (read: susu kotak) from a plastic cup.

I went to Tesco last Monday and as usual stopped by at powder milk section to look at the price.
Milk powder price fluctuates just like our fuel.
Hmm... at least only for Hadiff as Husna drinks free milk (read breastmilk).
OK.. Dutch Lady has came out with new packaging..

Ahaaa... 5X DHA!!
Well, to tell you the truth, I never care about those mumbo jumbo content in any milk as the best milk for human baby is still human milk... IMHO, all cow milk is still the same.
Some parents are very proud that their children drink expensive milk and claimed to have the higest DHA content ..4X DHA (i think you know which brand rite?!!

So now, which one is the best?
5X DHA or 4X DHA?..with a very huge different in the price.
(but not that I care pun if DL increases the DHA level to 10X pun :p)
People mentality is EXPENSIVE = THE BEST.. bleargh!!!
Well, just see brand apa pulak will increase the DHA level.. 6X? :P

Cerita DHA di http://www.dutchlady.com.my/bm/home.asp?page=nutrition&subpage=dha

Asid Dokosaheksanoik atau singkatannya DHA adalah sejenis nutrien daripada keluarga asid lemak omega-3. Sebahagian besar DHA boleh didapati di dalam otak, oleh itu, ia menjadi nutrien yang sangat penting untuk si manja anda. 60% daripada otak manusia terdiri daripada lemak. 25% daripada lemak tersebut adalah DHA. Kajian mendapati bahawa DHA membantu di dalam penghantaran maklumat di dalam otak.

DHA boleh didapati di dalam ikan berminyak seperti salmon, tenggiri, herring dan tuna. Selain daripada itu, minyak ikan juga mengandungi beberapa peratus DHA. Sekiranya si manja tidak makan ikan yang secukupnya, pengambilan DHA boleh ditambah dengan meminum Susu Untuk Membesar Dutch Lady. Ia sangat penting bagi mengelakkan pengurangan tahap DHA di dalam badan kanak-kanak.

Sepertimana DHA, AA juga adalah nama singkatan untuk sejenis lagi asid lemak daripada keluarga Omega-6. Asid Arakidonik (AA) juga boleh didapati dengan banyaknya di dalam otak manusia. Seperti yang telah diketahui, 60% daripada otak kita terdiri daripada lemak, 25% daripadanya adalah DHA manakala 15% lagi adalah AA. DHA dan AA sangat penting kerana kedua-dua jenis lemak ini adalah struktur asas otak yang terlibat di dalam proses berfikir.

Sumber utama AA ialah daging lembu atau kambing (termasuk organ) dan juga kuning telur. Kadar AA di dalam daging lembu atau kambing adalah lebih banyak daripada ayam kerana ia mempunyai lebih banyak lemak. Kedua-dua DHA dan AA juga boleh didapati di dalam susu ibu. Seperti DHA, pengambilan tambahan AA boleh membantu mengelakkan pengurangan kandungan AA di dalam badan kanak-kanak.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An 'event'ful evening for us!

R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I went for grocery shopping kat Carrefour (pronounced kehpo) as Ummi already buhsan with Tesco and Giant (pronounced jaayen) sungai petani.
When Abah was looking for a troley, Hadiff saw the play area and got really excited.

Hadiff loves Chuggington and was amazed with one of the 'big toys' <--Ummi doesn't know the correct name for that :p .
Hadiff liked to pusing2 the sterring eventhough Abah did not put any coins inside it. (One way not to teach Hadiff, kalau tak beratus boleh habis nih).
Ummi and Abah played hide and seek to see if Hadiff would look for us and eventually came down from the 'Chuggington'.
No way!! So Abah had to pull Hadiff and put Hadiff in the troley.
Now R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I had a crying toddler pushing around in the hypermarket.
Abah and Ummi were now good at playing deaf.

Abah said lets buy a ball.
When we reached at the toy area, Abah took out the RM5 trucks, then Hadiff wanted the RM15 fighting jet aaaaaaaaaaaaaand a cooking toy set aka enan acak-acak.. 
Aiyoooo.. that toys are only for baby girl la Hadiff.
Hmm..or may be Hadiff will grow up to be a professional chef :p.
We managed to skip the cooking set aaaaaaaand the fighting jet was left somewhere among the dumbells.
Abah bought a football for Hadiff. Nanti can play football kat umah Teh.

At the foodcourt, Hadiff had curly fries, Abah had sushi and Ummi had prosperity burger.
Finally, Hadiff had settled to be a good charming boy.


ehh ehh!! Husna? Not in the story? How come?
Well, Husna was in the Pognae all the time and she dozed off once a while.
Baik sangat.

Friday, January 7, 2011

StIcKeR dan SmS

Well, since I have been receiving a lot of sms and phone calls asking about this BREASTFEEDING sticker.
I might as well print it again..
So to those yg have been waiting for this truly sought after car sticker, just stay tune.

It will be in a VERRRRRRRRYYY limited quantity..
and I know once I open the order, SMS will start coming in
and this sticker will dissapear so fast. :)

OK then, sticker will only be available next Thursday ya!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bila Ummi nak wat kek?

Hadiff suka makan kek..
Abah dah tanya bila Ummi nak wat kek?
Aiiyarkk!! Wat kek pun kena ada mood.
Hmm...bilaa laa tu?
Tepung dalam peti es tu dah expired ka lom?
Cocoa powder?
Buttercup confirm banyak lagi..sentiasa beli bila harga jadik below than RM3.
Mood..mood..meh sini sikit.
Ni gambaq kek yg dibuat masa tengah ada mood.
Tengah rajin..

5 tahun ini sahaja? :p

Gosh!! 5 years now?!!
Time sure flies so fast.
Last time masa me dah 3years, i was given a black balik kampung bag as the appreciation gift
(or suh berambus cepat? :p)
And for the 5 years service, I am supposed to get a big bag, bigger than those AF punya bag with roda and all that.
(may be suh cabut cepat and bring along those junks that has been accumulated through out the years :p)
But this year, HR decided to give us Sijil Simpanan Premium worth RM80..
(may be kot dapat lucky draw Mercedes sebijik ka so leh cabut from the company in style kan :p <<---jelir lidah lagik tuk sekian kalinya)
Hmm..nak beli apa yaa with this money?
(tu pun have to wait for 45days baru leh cashout)
Ok la kan..sapa nak bagi free money kan?

Monday, January 3, 2011

aikk??!!! ilang?

alamak!! apa sudaa jadik ni?
semua bloglist mbw frenz, sopin dan blog oversea moms sudaa ilang nih?
apa sudah jadik?

EBM as @ 1/1/11 and kisah tuan empunya EBM

 dikeluarkan tuk penyusunan FIFO

Bila masuk deep freezer taklaa banyak sangat, banyak ruang lagi.
dan hari ini, tuan empunya susu susu ini telah register masuk babysitter baru..
ni yg nombor 3...
Husna, jangan meghap2 naa.... duduk umah orang elok2..
petang nanti Ummi pi amik..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm eating today!!

Ummi is sooo proud of her achievement in exclusive breastfeeding me for 6months.
So today, she allows me to eat..yeap..,my very first introduction to solid food..
Hmm wonder what she had prepared for me.
I know she won't allow me to eat those factory processed food..she prefers home cooked meal for me :)

 I am patiently wait for Ummi to feed me..


 Quick laa Ummi..I am soo hungry!!!

Wooww  this air kanji with Ummi expressed breastmilk is soooo yummyyy.. 
Abang leh tengok saja..don't kacau..

 I want more..I want more.. 


 After I had a full stomach of my first food.. hmm I do think my toe also taste good too..

Ummi said, I could accept my air kanji easily..I could swallow my food no problem.
So tomorrow she will make me a real porridge..yeayyy!!

Selamat Tahun Baru!!

Kepada rakan2,

semoga tahun baru ini, dengan azam baru, kita akan menjadi insan yg lebih berjaya dalam segala-galanya!!

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