Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raya 2011: HAdiff dan Husna

This year we celebrated hari raya just like every year before.
Other than Husna had her first baju kurung.
Other bajus were bought from sogo and jusco.
Most of them are cap MIKI.
I guess MIKI should select my kids as their ambassadors :).
Cheap maa all bought at 70% off.
Frankly speaking, we didn't really into theme, pakai baju same colour or at least just between hadiff and husna. I am not sure why, may be next year kot.
But what the heyy, ada salah kah? Hehe.
Here's our family picture, which is rare okeh bukan selalu amik. :p

Mr asben wore the same baju for 3 years now (which hmmm.. Baru 5 kali pakai, twice a year).

Hadiff dan Husna pakai baju hijau.

Then off we went to our former Prime Minister Pak Lah' open house (actually open dewan).

Not to forget ambil gambaq with pak lah.

Husna salam ngan Pak Lah. Mak Jane sebok makan.

Hadiff korek idung lak, rosak gambaq.. Ish ish ish.

Malam, they had (hadiff jaaa :p) a chance main bunga api with their 3 active and energetic cousins.
And i was soo being paranoid takut jadi apa-apa :p

Itu ja..
Simple but happy (and enough).
But we have more things to come which including a nice relaxing holiday at Teratak Afrina, Batu Kurau.
Tak sabaq nak jumpa opah dan wan kan hadiff. (tapi hadiff lg tak sabaq nak terjun pool kan... Hehe)

Hope you're having a joyful eid.
Stay tune!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hujan? Panas? CD?

Dah 2-3 hari sang suria merajuk.
Dah 2-3 hari dok dengaq cloth diapering mommies merungut cd tak kering.
Dah 2-3 hari gakla husna pakai disposable diaper.
Sian dia....
Tapi pagi ni,
Sang suria muncul juaaaa..
Bolehla jemur soakers dan insert tu dgn jayanya...

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Siboknya sayaaa ni

Dah bersawang blog ni hehehe.
So many things had happened lately. Career, social and my life.

My officemates and i were surprised with news of office closure. Luckily, it doesn't materialise though that means no chance of saving 40++K in asb hahaha.

Issue with an unprofessional cloth pad maker (ok still owe my readers the complete details, though ada gak rasa kesian).

Up to this moment sewing is still my passion ( though not very sure how long it will stand hahaha).

Sedaq tak sedaq the holy ramadhan is almost over and i feel sad in a way ( not sure why).

Okie, cukup lah. Just sharing with u what i sew recently :).

6mo dress set.

2yo old dress.

And the best thing is, i have my own label edi!!!

Sewsukasukie means i sew for fun :).

And a sneak peek on my raya skirt (in progress).

Cantik tak? Hehehe.

Kepada semua rakan2, pesanan dari saya:
1) balik kampung tu sentiasa pesan pada suami aka driver, pandu keta elok2.
2) jangan bg anak main mercun.
3) saya mohon maaf atas kesalahan saya, kot2 ada yg terguris hati dan perasaan dgn penulisan saya ni.

Selamat hari raya dari kami sekeluarga di R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I..

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stok husna

Stok susu ibu pada usia husna setahun sebulan.
Walaupun tak banyak,
Walaupun depleting dengan cepat,
Walaupun ummi hanya boleh restock balik satu per tiga dari yang keluar,
Ummi bersyukur kerana Allah masih memberi kita rezeki untuk meneruskan penyusuan susu ibu.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pattern review = s.e.a.b.r.e.e.z.e d.r.e.s.s

Dah siap!!
I was chosen as a pattern tester for a pattern shop in etsy.com, PeekaBoo Pattern Shop.

My review :
1- She made it soooo simple and easy to follow.
2- You do not have to confused yourself with sewing jargons, it uses lay mans term and very suitable for a newbie like me.hehehehe
3- The length of the skirt is a wee short on Husna, but that can be lengthened with ruffles (or as a top with leggings).
4- I made a mistake by choosing knit, not suitable for a sash as it cannot 'hold' the shape.
I love the ruffles on the bodice, but I made a mistake by not serging it prior sewing. But it covered and invisible anyhow.

Husna was trying to stay put..before she ended up

 LIKE THIS!!!  Heheheheh

Until next project!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Testing blogpress

Sorry again





Testing photos


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1sT tImE PaTtErN TeStEr

Yeay!! I was given a chance to be a pattern tester for a lovely dress by PeekabooPatternShop in etsy.com (USA based online shop) and her personal blog is Nap Time Crafter. It is a Sea Breeze dress. Very lovely, indeed!! The published price for the pattern is USD6.50 (equivalent to approximately RM20.80) <--and I got it free!! :) This shop also sell patterns for baby booties, caps, cute rompers, apron and many more.

Her lovely daughter wearing this dress.

Well, eventhough I have quite a good collection of fabrics (at least for an amateur like me), i don't have anything that suit with the name of the dress or something in white and blue. And I have no chance to go the fabric store during Ramadan.
But I found this matching fabric.

The polkadot for the bodice and the plain pink for the skirt.
Hopefully it will turn out nice.
I was given 1 week to finish this project, then I must give a review on the pattern with photos of the completed project.
OK tak kain ni?
OK la kan...hehehe
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