Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Jom kita join contest ni lak.. (nampak sangat harini hari masuk contest kan..)
Contest AdeliaDamia Shoppe.

So gambar yg di joinkan tuk kali ni...

Nama: *Roziyanna Ahmad
Nama Anak: *Muhammad Hadiff Raef Hazari*
Umur: 1 tahun 9 bulan

Ni contest cabutan bertuah, not judged based on photo..so boh ja..
Sapa2 yg berminat nak join, click diatas ya!!

Gud Luck!


Giveaway #9: Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diapers

Come and join this great giveaway with a chance to win a

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diaper

Cantik kan?
If you interested to join in this giveaway, just click HERE.
All the best!!


ChIlDrEn pHoTo cOnTeSt

Rini, since not much work to do, me will join this simple yet kena pandai pilih gambar contest.
Yeap, not about the cutest cutest but the impression of the model cilik itu..
Really like the statement by the organiser :-

"Children are not judged based on beauty but on their expressions and the photo because - All Children Are Beautiful! Therefore, every child has a chance to win!"

If you interested to join just click HERE for details.

Me hantar this photo to the organiser, just trying my luck.

I love this photo as HadiffBolat pandang straight to the camera (u know laa how difficult to get a good photo of small kids yg tak duduk diam kann) and his posture macam ngah posing2 pun ada.

Wish me luck ya!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

AgAk-AgAK kANN...

Agak-agakkan saya akan deliver dak malam ni?
Barang dah siap semua dah ni..lagi lama tunggu mau melimpah ruah brg yg nak bawa..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BeG PuJaAn HatI Kuu

since diri ini banyak ngat masa terluang (sowii boss literature tu lom ada minat nak baca2 lagi laa..huhuuhuh).. me nak wat listing beg2 yg me tingin bangat nak jadikan binti.. ekceli I am not that branded kind of person.. just looking at the design saja maa, I will definitely will search for a less rega punya beg.. beli kat Jusco or Parkson ja..

Searching through the net... banyak ngat yg berkenan.. ohh FYI, I never in my life buy any beg with rega more than RM200, and don't plan to buy any. I am that kind of person yg belasah guna sampy koyak rabak and I do not have any bag collection or even shoes!! My current bag belasahan is a big bag from Cleef yg bley sumbat my lappy and selipar adalah selipar merah Asadi.

So,here is the list


and from HERE
and several from HERE

It does not have to be the normal black or brown or white or beige colour.

May be eccentric blue, like this?Or corak2 macam ni?Yang nih pun lawo gaks..Whatever it is, the space of the bag must be generous enough for me to put in diapers, my purse, handphone and some biscuits for my kids.

Definitely will buy one after I complete my pantang... guess this is going to be a present for myself..hadiah diri sendiri dapat baby baru..aci dak?

Or, my birthday present??

Pstt: Agak2kan kalau me pakai beg ori Coach, u all akan rasa me pakai yg ori ker yg pirate? As my colleague pernah cakap.."xyahlaa beli brand Coach nanti org kata kita pakai yg pirate..baik beli brand B*nia, CR atau S**bonia ja..". Tend to agree with her also.. plus not that me xmampu, but better spend the $$ to something else..Just my humble opinion saja..

ToWaRdS ThE EnD....

Well, I am now well beyond 8months of pregnancy, almost reaching 9months to be exact.. My maternity check up regime (why I love to use this word ehh?) is now once in a week with alternate visit between KD Bukit Tengah (near to my office) and KKIA Penaga (near to my house).. really wish this will be ended soon, I am sooo tired of waiting.

People keep asking me, "OK ka lani?" Well I still survive.. (actually I answered them I am OK)..

But the truth is
Sleeping is horrible for me, I can't move my laying position from one side to other side, the baby hates when I sleep at my right side <<--some people said if you tend to sleep at your left side, you gonna get a baby girl ;-) leh caya ka?
I couldn't cut my toe nails, couldn't even reach my toe, the other day Mr Asben had to help me on this..Thanks dear!!
I hate it when HadiffBolat wants me to dukung him.. but I am still grateful that I am born with an athlete figure/anatomy so it is still bearable.
Finally my legs have swollen <--tremendously!! <--I thought I could escape this.
I always starving..thanks to Obimin.. I finished my crackers stock in 2 days which normally may take 2 weeks to finish, couldn't even stop munching.
I feel so HEAVY, I walk like a monster swaying side to side
The toilet calls are getting worse, lucky I only share the toilet with another 2 colleagues.

I hope I will only go through this for another 3 weeks the most <<---ohh how I wish I will deliver end of this month..

And HadiffBolat, he threw tantrums almost every hour now. He even learned to golek2 atas lantai when we refused to let him do what he wanted. Orang cakap sebab nak dapat adik.
Even worst, teachers said he refused to play with anyone and every 5 minutes he would call Ummi..Ummi... Aiya.. bila laaa dakcik nih nak okay...

Friday, June 18, 2010

FS - ApA DaH JaDiK Nih?

Almost 7 months I never check on my FS..since my due date is nearing every second I might just take a peek on it just to check if anything should be done.. checked on the motor..fine.. back cap all fine.. but the soft fit had turned yellowish..

Not only that, the inner side of it seems to be oily..yuck!! It looks like the soft fit material has degraded and become oily just like that silicone oil we spray on our moulds. I guess may be the parts were stored inside a plastic bag and fully tied up. So the humidity and the moisture has accelerated the degradation process of the silicone material <<--now I sound like a material expert ehh?!! Called Aja of mybreastpumpshop and asked if the spare part is available. Thank god... yes..and her price is cheaper than other websites (must check first lorr) and got discount lagi..

I guess all my equipment/apparatus or whatever I may call for my breastfeeding regime are all ready..
1- Breasts pump - checked
2- Milk storage bag / small tipuware - all checked
3- Coolerbags - still in good condition
4- Icepack - got tons of this (my sister gave me 6 huge block of thermafreeze ice packs recently)
5- Milk bottles - still have unused one, those with faded printings have been thrown.

That's all rite? Anything I have forgotten?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NeW fLuFfY aNd pOs lAjU

For the first time in my life dapat 3 parcels in a day. Did expect this sebab recently banyak betul duit habis.. plus got a good bisness deal.. (hehhehe leh fund for new carrier lagik <<--camnalaa bisness nak untung kann..).. One gauze wrap for my newborn in guava... Shaklee confinement set Breastmilk storage. The wrap is so soft, already washed and ready to be used... tp nak ready camna ekk baby pun lom kuaq lagik.. Mr Asben as usual... senyum saja.. initially rasa cam a bit segan to tell him the price of that piece of cloth.. but as usual his remark was "Ada saya kesah sayang nak beli apa pun?.. " Love you dear... *hugs*.

Shaklee vitamins ni kes semangat nak menguatkan badan nih.. bought from Arnie... see if there is any significant effect ( a good one la kann..) on my body I may consider buying the whole bottle terus.

Breastmilk storage bag, the cheapest I found in the net, tp ada lagi satu website shipping dia charge is cheaper.. may be next purchase beli dari situ.. Semangat nak penuhkan deep freezer balik. Really miss my pumping session..uhuhuhu.. but I need to buy a new set of soft fit for my FS..the corong seems to be degraded and become oily... rabak lagik RM85..

pst: rini makcik semangat berposting kat sini.. isi masalah lapang...jangan jeles...

BiLa Dah XdAK KeJa...

I made these for the past 2 hours....

tak sabaq lak nak tengok finished product dia camna... heheheh

me want cotton flannel with cute design.. ada dak mana2 website yg jual?


Help me! I am desperately in need of something to do now!!!

Dasar xdak keja...huhuhu

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I MaKe mY OwN CLOtH PaD!!

This is my new project.. ngeh..ngeh... almaklumlaa since moving to this new place, during my transition period, I will not be burden with any serious task lagik.. untungkan jadik preggie mom..

so hopping from one website to another website to look for free cloth pad pattern, I chose pattern from Jan Andrea...simple and easy to do..(not that I have the sewing machine).

As for the material, I just use whatever I have now.
1- Print out of cloth pad pattern from Jan Andrea.. I resized the pattern by reducing the size using photocopier.
2- Filler - I am using extra coolababy insert (got lots of this)
3- Waterproof layer - I am using velvet which I bought long time ago for my wetbag project yg tak menjadi kenyataan.
4- Cotton flannel which I bought for no reason.

Pattern cut out

Filler cut out from Coolababy cloth diaper insert (3 layers). One insert can cut into 4 cloth pad.

All the cut outs.

Arrangement of layers.

As for the snap, I may just sew that small steel button.
Where to jahit?
I will send this over to kedai jahit tepi, then may ask if the tailor can sew all the layer together if her machine allows this. If not, I will just sew simple2 to hold the layers together.

This cloth pad seems to be really bulky <-- my hubby commented so.
But since I will use it during my postpartum menstrual, it sure will serve the purpose.

Agak-agak ok dak?

YeStErDaY..WhEn uMmY PiCkEd uP HaDiFf

A note for my son


Yesterday, you were crying loud when Ummi reached Taska Ilham. You were calling my name "Ummi!! Ummi! Ummi!", you ran outside with tears on your cheeks (tp Ummi tau anak Ummi memang pandai keyau kann). But you stopped crying almost instantly when Ummi hold you..and you made that mengadu face again just like last time when you quarreled over bakul baju dengan Mama's nephew.

Pengasuh said you refused eating, you chose ayaq masak over your milk.. you men..men then sebek..men...men..then sebek.. Ummi guessed you sebek when you suddenly teringat kat Ummi or Abah or is it Abang Aiman (anak pengasuh dulu?).

Ummi knew you must be starving kan.. Ummi bought bubur nasik on the way home and you kept asking "Ashik...ashik..ashik!!" and when Ummi said "tunggu sampy umah baru makan".. you threw tantrum : "Eiiiii...ashik!!!".. Ummi so kesian at you.. At home you ate bubur nasik like you'd been fasting for the whole day... you wanted to spoon it yourself as Ummi had been slowed kann... You finished a half bowl of bubur!! Then you asked for ciuciu (read:susu) then you ate kuih talam and karipap on top of it..then you asked for another bottle of ciuciu.. you must be really hungry kann...

And because you had a tough first day in Taska, Ummi let you play with water direct from the tap while Ummi washed your diapers. Pizi taught you that right. You had so much fun sampy xmo kuar bilik air and I had to drag you out. Hadiff, if you behave well, I will let you have the fun again today..Ummi promise.

Ummi hope, everything will be ok today.. Sorry Ummi have to go to work.. sorry Ummi could not wait longer..sorry Ummi had to leave you while you were crying.

Take care naa my son.. love you!


Monday, June 14, 2010


Today is my first day reporting to Perda facility... so boring.. no more gelak tawa of my female colleagues and all the gossip2 that we share together. It just an office, a lab and another 5 engineers sitting in their respective empty cubicles doing god-knows-what.

Today is also Hadiff first day in Taska Ilham. I hope he is doing fine <--that was what Kak Nuriah said when I called her to check on Hadiff. I guess it will be fine for him as long as he is accompanied with abang2 and kakak2. Hadiff is the kind of budak yg xsuka kawan dengan rakan sebaya, he prefers older friends.

Today is also my first time doing maternity check up in Klinik Penaga. The nurses and the doctor there are super friendly BUT..I really hate of the waiting.. next check up kena wat appointment, nak jumpa doktor kena buat appointment.. all these made me waiting like forever...and I truly hate it. The good thing is I do not have to mengadap muka makcik lab yg super masam tu or waiting in super panas waiting area in KKIA KgExpo... Again, I need to explain to all the nurses why in my Buku Merah, my home address is in Titi Serong but did my check up in Kamunting, then pindah ke Penaga... It is like a script being repeated over and over again. And again next week I will have my check up in Klinik Desa Bukit Tengah (near to my office)..definitely they will ask the same Q again.. *hugh*. Oh again, I ask the sweet doc, if I am expecting a girl or boy, and she said most likely girl but can't be too sure.. (at least it brings up my confidence level to another 25% ;-)).

We finally found our dream rental house, nice corner lot house with affordable fee and not to mention just a walking distance to Hadiff Taska. Wish we can immediately move to our own house, but have to wait for future housing development in Penaga... Yes, we had decided to only buy house in Penaga. The decision is like has been engraved on stone with blood.. hehhehehe.

So far, we are still at our level best adjusting ourselves living in this area, with my mom just passed away, my new working environment, Hadiff sent to nursery instead to his manjakan babysister, me at the end stage of pregnancy and the new house. Sound so tiring kan..

Wish us, all the best..thanks.

MoM N MaTh

Found this interesting mom-math related --- whoelse? kita la kann..
Reflection over x-axis.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

NaTiBabY pUrPlE pAlLa uShErI SiLk

Finally, it is here! After Evy (my partner in crime in this purchase) pun dah ask dah sampy ke lom our wraps.. we bought these wraps under buy 1 free 1 scheme at HERE.

I cant say much..as I can't try this wrap..almaklumlaa tengah heavy kann..

The only things that I can say is...
I love the deep purple colour..the silverish butterflies are really stand out.
The fabric is soft, eventhough xbasuh lagi tu.
Cant wait to try, tp seem sooo lambat lagi.

tengoklaa bila dah green lite dapat nanti, me will cam whoring semua carrier yg lom try..

Friday, June 11, 2010

PaCkInG DaY iN KaMuNtInG

Today 11th of June 2010, is my last day in Teleflex Kamunting facility. It's D packing day!!
After almost 5 years serving this facility, you may expect me to collect sooo many junks and rubbish. All these will be discarded to make space for another senior engineer who will take over this cubicle. I really love this cubicle as I have my own printer so no need to retrieve my print out from sharing printer. So much privacy here and no one knows that I am layaning the forum or this humble blog.

Not that I moving to other company, though I wish I had a chance.. felt that I had enough 5 good years here. I am moving to another branch of Research and Development, reporting to a foreigner boss, an Irish to be exact.

Babai Kamunting facility, and welcome to Perda facility (not to mention dekat giloosss dengan Jaya Jusco, Perda).

Nampak muka ku yg sembam at 34 weeks pregnancy.

Meja ku yg semak...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mr Asben e-mailed this to me. What a lovely scene.
Seen this a lot during my last trip to Hutan Belum.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Waktu deliver HadiffBolat, I bought Post Natal set from Amway.

Heard lots of good reviews on this.. but considering I would be a breastfeeding mom, I skippped taking those capsules and knowing that I am not a very committed person on tempek menempek.. so ended up xguna pun.. heeeehee

I sold the set to a very nice momma at Susuibu.com. The entry is HERE.

So, this time. I have choosen my own formula for post natal care set.

Instead of jamu-jamuan, I have chosen confinement set from Shaklee.

Plan to buy those multi vitamin from Arnie kat SINI.


Minyak Herbanika and minyak barut from Nona Roguy..which I plan to buy from jamu shop sahaja (save a lot on shipping kan)

Price for minyak Herbanika =RM105
Price for Herbanika barut = RM60

Last but not least


I love barut from Amway but I found it to be troblesome to wear it without assistance from someone. Last time, I had my Mr Asben to lilit2 those long tali for 2 weeks (sebab Mr Asben cuti selama tu ja), after that I did not how to wear it by myself. Plus, susahnyaa if dapat nature call, mau terburai kat situ gaks..

Therefore, I plan to use Bengkung Moden.

Not buying, as a super nice momma agreed to lend the bengkung to me.. Yippe!!!!!

Thanks Ayu.
So total RM265 <---alamak!! cam lagik mahal dari set lain jaa nih...
So apa pendapat kawan2, okay ker dengan combination nih?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BrEaStFeEdInG sUpPoRt gRoUp n BbWeArInG dEMO

Salam kengkawan,

good news for those in northern especially those in Penang.
We gonna have a breastfeeding support group meeting in USM.

Details as below:
Date : 5/6/10
Time: 9am -12pm
Venue: Dewan Hadanah, USM Penang

Breastfeeding Support Group Meeting - Northern Region

Tentatif Program

9.00 - 9.15 Pagi
(Mohon Datang Awal untuk memudahkan program berjalan dgn lancar)~

9.20 - 11.20 Pagi
~Breastfeeding Support Group Meeting~

11.20 - 12.00 Tengah Hari
~Demo Babywearing~

Lokasi SGM

Lokasi SGM- Hadanah (Nursery) USM adalah bangunan H30.

Sila ikut jalan persiaran sains terus ke jalan tadika

p/s : boleh tak untuk sesiapa yang hadir daftar kat izzahazfar@gmail.com...senang nak prepare bahan-bahan untuk sgm ataupun drop a simple komen..

peringatan kasih sayang : kita buat pot luck ya...syer makanan ramai-ramai

Tak sabar berjumpa dengan anda semua!
Salam Kasih Sayang


Norashida Abd Rahman

pst: just helping the organizer to war-warkan this event. I wish I could join but I have a kenduri to attend on that day.
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