Monday, November 29, 2010

GoLdEn wHeAt kalea Baby Ring Sling

I bought a cheap ring sling di FSOT TBW.
Golden Wheat with Tea Time Tomato accent.
I actually stalked the thread (bookmark the page) and hope that the seller would further reduce the selling price and no one would be interested to buy... Hahaha like a jackpot..I rembat terus once it was reduced to less than USD40. I wanted to try Kalea shoulder.

I heartlove the colour, it is striking with beautiful embroidery stitching.
There is also a hidden pocket with velcro closure (would appreciate more if it zip).
IMHO Kalea shoulder is almost similar like SBP/pleated.
The RS linen fabric is oredi soft and broken.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I jUst LoVe ThIS!

I just love this pic and couldn't help myself from putting it here.
Hadiff has started to show his love on Husna despite kadang2 jelous.
Sometimes he called Husna "Adik Ambut Acak" and said "Auuwwww.." konon Husna has sharp spiky hair..haishhh... never fail to make me and Mr Asben laugh.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Abu Ada Ayam, a.a.a

This is my first step on TRUE homeschooling Hadiff.
Bought from AdikBijak.com.
I was actually looking and asking around on how to teach Hadiff to read.
Did not want to spend thousands on just CDs (not kedekut just not really confident with the method).
I know there are many method out there, to name a few Magic English la, Grolier laa..
But I was looking for bahasa melayu dulu, later2 when Hadiff shows some progress then I will dip further on English.

Info on this method:-

Penulis: Nik Eliani Nik Nawi & Othman Ahamad
ISBN: 978-983-3901-08-1
  • Semenanjung: RM24.90
  • Sabah & Sarawak: RM28.90
  • Singapura: SD15.90
  • Brunei Darussalam: BD15.90

Kandungan Pakej:
VCD lagu Abu Ada Ayam, 30 keping kad tunjuk & 1 buku mewarna

Tahun: Mei 2007

Mengenai Produk

Lagu Fonik Abu Ada Ayam dapat membantu guru dan ibu bapa memperkenalkan bunyi kepada pelajar melalui nyanyian dan aksi-aksi asosiasi yang menyeronokkan. Bunyi-bunyi yang diperkenalkan dalam lagu ini adalah mengikut susunan bunyi yang diperkenalkan dalam buku Siri Cepat Membaca Bacalah Anakku.

Keistimewaan Produk
  • Berasaskan Sistem Fonetik
  • Suku kata mudah
  • Bermakna dan berulang
  • Diiringi lagu Abu Ada Ayam (Rentak boria dan Nursery Rhyme)
  • Berima
  • Disertai Gambar

This is only the introduction on how to say the words,,not the usual A,B,C method.
Hadiff loves Abu Ada Ayam song.. when he wanted to watch the CD,
he simply asked for "nak Ayam a.a.a"..
or sometimes
he said "Abah Ayam a.a.a"

Not bad for 1week trial, he managed to pick up O and A. And he could actually said Orange (when it supposed to be oren *roll eyes*, but finally he knew that not all fruits are Epen (read:epal)), tembak, Acak Enak-Enak (Ema Masak Enak ) just by looking on the cards.

The only problem I have is, Hadiff like to keep playing the CD over and over eventhough he obviously dah boring. From what I read, we should stop the lesson before he gets boring. Susah sangat tang tu. Any tips on this. What I did is start playing Chuggington.

So far, I am happy with this method eventhough I heard bad review on phonic. Budak susah nak mengeja later on. Nevermind, this is fun. Hadiff will learn how to read then we will teach him how to spell.

I hope Hadiff will be able to read simple words before he turn 4years old.
That is my target. InsyaAllah...

Monday, November 15, 2010

ViSiTiNg sLiNgS - PsLiNgS

Psling! Yeap you heard it right. One of the most overpriced ring sling in the world I would say. With the state of art shoulder style. I have been hearing good and bad reviews about this ring sling..it is a love or hate. I have eyeing on other people's stash.. especially when the bugs hit Malaysia (actually Malaysia Babywearer forum). We have been talking (or typing) about this psling. I was lucky when Zana, who is a student in Osaka, Japan had generously offered 4 of her pslings to tour Malaysia. Pucuk di cita ulam mendatang.

1) Psling colors (all cotton) in brown w/gold rings -left shoulder, short-med length (I think chopped coz it doesn't have the typical psling stitching)
2) Psling linen in yellow w/gold rings -right shoulder, loooong. This is an older version of psling, doesn't have the small square tag and no word psling engraved on the rings.
3) DIY faux kasuri psling in blue -left shoulder, short-med length. I made this myself, just sending along so you can feel how a kasuri is. Note that mine has some cotton in it, while psling's is all linen so may be crunchier.

psling linen in yellow

the golden ring

psling cotton colours in brown


I never try pslings before, even never had it in my hands to pegang-pegang. So this is totally a new experience to me with no one to guide just depends on Zana's video.

Fabric - Linen yellow is thin..so thin that I'm afraid of shredding it during threading. But once wear it, it feel airy, breathable yet sturdy. But I don't really like the fact that it is yellow and see through. Colours feels hmmm... cottony and thick but soft and cushy.

Threading - Hmm.. I would say I took 4X longer threading these slings compares to my other slings. Colours is easier to thread compares to linen. May be due to bigger rings. Though linen is thinner but the rings are so small. I am a right shoulder and threading on wrong shoulder with colours is not easy. Failed miserably, tried twice and gave up., may be just my techniques not due to the kain or what not.

I wore linen yellow for1 hour straight, carrying 6.5kg Husna. Well, I like the shoulder but I love Jumpsac padded shoulder more. I like wearing it higher means no tag near my neck. The shoulder tends to dig my neck when I wear it lower. I like the look of the sling at my back..it does look neat but of course cannot hide those lemak2 or spare tyre. Now, I am certain that I'm not comfortable with super wide width on Husna, too many excess fabric..may be OK for bigger baby.

rings - gold (women's best friend / wealth) and shiny..they are flat and once threaded it is not easy to adjust unless I want to start the pain all over again. IMHO, it definitely a turn down for those with newborn who wear their babies between cradle carry and t2t or even sling nursers. But that just my opinion who know nothing about psling.

Psling..hmm may be I will get one for me..or may be not..not sure yet but there is a yummy looking red wine in TBW FSOT..hahahah

Arigato gozaimass Zana-san for this opportunity!! Set B has been un-threaded and sent to Alin!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FS : Wombfruits Gauze Wrap -SOLD! Thx dear.

Husna is over newborn phase and oredi move to woven wrap. This wrap has been my bestest helper during Husna's cranky night. Hope it will find a new home and to be well loved.
Up gambaq sikit grin
Bought from : Wombfruits
Colour : Guava
Length : 4.6m
Condition : EEEEEUC
Comes with a matching bag.

Selling Price : Less than I paid : RM115 shipped via Pos Laju.

Soooooooo recommended for newborn and small babies..soft, thin and airy.
Purrrrrrrfect gift for a friend who just give birth.
PST: I may hunt for this wrap back..hmm may be 3years from now. grin

Please e-mail at Annarozy[at]yahoo[dot]com if interested.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HuSnA,CoLd & BrEaStFeEdInG

It is the SEASON again... babies and small kids are down with either cold, cough, fever or all of these. DL 123 fed Hadiff and breastfed Husna are also infected. Siblings tie, joy and cry..one infected the other one will follow..in fact this time the mother also join in the ride..Does this has to do with the Merapi Mountain?

Cold, congestion, running nose cause difficulty to Husna to Breastfeed. She felt restless and uncalm unlike she used to be in a fine day. Her sucking was not consistent and I could see frustrations all over her cute cheeky face. Sometimes her legs were kicking and her hands were actually scratching my breast or pulling my shirt. These indicate her difficulty to breathe and breastfeed.

I found this good article on how to sooth the breastfeeding baby.
It is for you to share and for me for future reference.
Copy and Paste from KELLYMOM.COM

If baby has a cold and is congested, it can make breastfeeding difficult. However, it is almost always easier for a sick baby to nurse than to take a bottle. If your baby has a stuffy nose and is having a hard time breathing and nursing at the same time, try the following:

  • Keep baby as upright as possible while nursing. At night, try propping up on lots of pillows and nursing/sleeping semi-upright. Also try the Australian position (mom is "down under") - in this position, mom is lying on her back and baby is on top (facing down), tummy to tummy with mom.
  • The best thing you can do to help baby's illness end quickly is to nurse often - that way she gets lots of the antibodies that your body is making to help her fight off the illness. Frequent nursing also helps to ensure that baby is getting plenty of milk (congested babies often nurse for shorter times since it's hard to breathe and nurse at the same time).
  • Use saline drops (or breastmilk) & a rubber suction bulb to clear baby's nose before nursing (if baby won't tolerate the bulb syringe, then the saline drops/breastmilk alone should still help).
    • Put baby on your knees, face up and tilt your knees a little downhill (so baby's head is angled away from you, toward the floor).
    • Put 2-3 drops of saline in each nostril and let it sit for a minute or so.
    • To suction the mucus out, squeeze the bulb part of the syringe first, gently stick the rubber tip into one nostril, then slowly release the bulb.
    • If baby is really congested, you may have to do this several times a day. Do it BEFORE baby nurses; if you do it afterwards your baby may spit up everything she's eaten because syringing can stimulate the gag reflex.
    • To prepare saline drops at home, dissolve one teaspoon of salt in two cups of warm water.
  • Run a vaporizer or humidifier, preferably in a small closed room.
  • Boil a pot of water (some moms use small crock pots/potpourri pots), remove from the stove and add a few drops of essential oil (for example, eucalyptus, sage or balsam), and let the scent permeate the air. This may help relieve some head congestion.
  • Do NOT apply products containing peppermint oil, camphor or menthol on the face (especially in the nose) or chest of a baby or young child. There have been cases where the direct application of menthol or camphor products (for example, Vicks VapoRub™) to baby's skin resulted in severe breathing difficulties or liver problems (see Camphor Hepatoxicity, Camphor Monograph and Menthol Toxicology).
  • Nurse in a steamy bathroom. To pump up the steam, run a really hot shower and set a chair outside the shower for nursing.
  • The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommend that children under the age of six not be given over-the-counter cough or cold medicines due to the risk of serious and life-threatening side effects. There is also no evidence that over-the-counter cold meds actually benefit children younger than six years old. There are several well controlled studies where there has been no difference shown between children given medication and those who have not.

Sometimes moms are advised to limit or discontinue breastfeeding because milk increases mucus production. This is not good advice for two reasons:

  1. You are not a cow and your milk is not a dairy product. So even if dairy is a problem, your milk would not be.
  2. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that cow's milk results in the production of more mucus unless you are allergic to dairy product
Or do you have other remedies? Care to share?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DaPaT SiGnAtUrE FrEe!!

Mana ada benda free kat dunia sekarang ni yo dak?
Tapi saya dapat benda free dari KAK YONG.
Signature siap ada butterfly lagik..heheheee
cantik tak?
Now kena stadi camna nak include siggy lam post lak..
Terima kasih kak yong!

Monday, November 8, 2010

IcEpAck FrEe

My sister is a nurse kat a private hospital dan anak dia selalu amik antibiotik. And since antibiotik kena mantain in low temperature, normally hospital akan bg sekali dengan ice block yang besar gedabak. I did mention to her to keep all the ice block as I need it for my EBM, ulang alik bawak balik keja. Recently, she passed to me 6 icepack blocks.. Best-best. I don't have to buy any icepack to replace my almost hancuss MLO icepack.

These icepack blocks shall be converted to small size icepack to fit into coolerbag with several bottles of EBM (normally 6 bottles laa).

Ice block (thermafreeze), MLO ice pack and plasticbag (last time i used zipper bag yg org letak makanan tp pas pindah ni semua benda tak jumpa)

Reusable bag which I got it free from somewhere, same material as MLO icepack pouch to prevent sweating, food scale and a pair of glove

1- Timbang icepack MLO, so that we can make icepack with almost same size as MLO.
2-Ceduk gel masukkan ke dalam plastik.
3- Plastik yang mengandungi gel dimasukkan ke dalam plastik kosong supaya jadik double layer. Tahan lasak sikitkan...
4- Lipat kemas-kemas dan selotep dihujung.
5- Beg free to potong same size dengan pouch MLO tp tinggalkan sikit tuk hemp. Me malas nak jahit jelujur so nanti nak suh sapa2 tolong jahitkan.
6- Masukkan lam peti ais bahagian beku atau deep freezer anda.
7- Dah keras leh la guna.

Nota kaki:
Ensure that your kids are not around masa buat ni.
Eventhough you wear glove, please.. please.. wash your hand thoroughly before handling other things.

Hmm..thinking of giving away ice block2 tu..but how la? Ada org interested nak ka?
But prefer passing ja, sebab it is heavy.. post mesti mahal.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My ClOtH DiApErInG JoUrNeY

Saturday, November 6, 2010

KeLaB SuSu iBu pEnAnG

Sekadar menwar-warkan usaha murni rakan2 laktasi yang saya kenal.
Kami sama-sama memperjuangkan penyusuan susu ibu.
Sekiranya anda atau sesiapa yang anda kenal mempunyai masalah, keraguan ataupun perlukan sokongan, bolehlah menghubungi mereka.
They are all very helpful.

Friday, November 5, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

Yeay!! International Babywearing Week is back! That means lots of contest and lots of prizes to be won. I am a proud babywearer and digging through my hard disk looking for suitable photos wont be difficult.

Here they are. Hope I can score one of the bags ;-)

-Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)

-Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)

-Babywearing And Multitasking

-Breastfeeding While Babywearing
-Child Babywearer (can also be 'teddywearer' ^_^)

To Enter:

1. Post your contest entry in your blog under the title “MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest”. -DONE!

2. Attach the MBW IBW 2008 Walk photo. - DONE!

3. Post your photo(s) for the chosen category(ies). Be sure to write the title of the category on top of each photo. -DONE!

4. Be a follower for Malaysian Babywearers blog.-DONE!

5. Be a fan at Malaysian Babywearers Facebook Page.-DONE!

6. Place the MBW logo at your side banner and link the logo back to us at http://malaysianbabywearers.org .-DONE!

7. Place the IBW 2010 logo at your side banner and link the logo to http://www.babywearingweek.org .-DONE!

8. Enlist Malaysian Babywearers' blog in your blogroll/blog list.-DONE UNDER MBW FRENZIE.

9. Leave a comment in this blog post with your name and the URL link to your contest entry in your blog.-DONE!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

HuSnA 4 BuLaN

Husna dengan rambut yg serabai..

Husna dah 4bulan.
Dah master meniarap.
Pandai gelak ngekek-ngekek.
Kentut kuat...heeeeeeeeeee
Minum EBM masih 3oz X 3-4botol

(sekadar buat rujukan dikemudian hari)

For Sale : Ilham Nursing Blouse - SOld! Thanks kak!

Selling this pretty Ilham nursing blouse
Size : L
Material : Lycra
Nursing Opening : Button access and lift up the second layer, very discreet.
Condition : New, never wash, tried once then simpan
Reason for selling : L size is big for me, so I bought another with size M and happy with it (xcaya tgk kat bawah na).
Buying price : RM45 + RM6 (shipping cost)
Let Go Price : Willing to sell at RM39 shipped via registered post. (you save RM12!)
If interested to buy do contact me at annarozy@yahoo.com
Thanks for looking!

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