Saturday, April 30, 2011

R.U.M.A.H.K.A.M.I. PeNaJa CoNtESt -Bagaimana Menggalakkan Anak Membaca Buku

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nursing In Public? Not a Problem at All!!

I nurse every where..it is not a problem for me.

My tricks are:-

Yeap, confident that you can do it.
Confident that you can still cover your aurat while breastfeeding
If you feel awkward,you baby can feel it and she will never feel comfortable nursing.

Well, other tips are of course..proper clothing and may be nursing aid like nursing cover?
I  DIY my nursing cover HERE (well not really sew it myself ).. it is cheap.
I don't really bring the nursing cover, but since I'm an avid babywearer, I will always have a ring sling with me.

Here as a ring sling (my new addition to the family Baby Jeans Baby Queen from Comfy Joey)

and here as a nursing cover and I wasn't wearing a nursing clothes.
The weight of the rings sort of HOLD the cover.

Both pictures were taken at Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation. <---sedap scones kat situ..yummy yummmy...

Here, read this illustration...hilariously  true!!


HaDiFf 1st MoViE @ CiNeMa- RIO!!

Last Monday, I was on cuti free from the goverment of Malaysia (remember, cuti sebab menang bola? yess, just last Monday, my company granted us the leave)
I wanted to watch a movie and seemed Rio received a very good review in MBW forum, I thought why not bring Hadiff  along.
So, this is his first trip to cinema.
Hadiff was really excited eventhough he did not know what is movie and not to mention cinema :p.
But he kept saying "Kecian kat adik...kena inggai" (Kasihan dekat adik, kena tinggal) :)
Heheheh...tahu pun ingat kat adik Husna ya.

A usual, Abah bought the tickets,I bought the popcorn and the drinks.
When the light was dimmed and the cartoon started, Hadiff seemed really surprised.
I could see that he was awed with the huge screen and the colourful picture.
To add to the spice,RIO starts with colurful birds singing and dancing.

 Tengoklah mukanya yg ala-ala kagum dengan screen yg besar itu.

Hadiff could watch and seat properly for hmmmm....3/4 of the story.
Then he started to feel boring and started to ask " Mana owang?"
Aaaaaaaannd.. wanted to stand on the seat.
Luckily,there were like hmm..less than 10 people inside the cinema.
He ended up sitting on Abah's lap until RIO finished.
It was a very awesome cartoon.. :)

Pastu Hadiff main kete-keta lak kat luar

Budak yg sudah kepenatan, on the way balik rumah.

Hadiff really had a joyous time.
Now he keeps asking, "Ecok pi ana?" as Esok pergi mana?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ThIs Is How I ArRaNgE My CD FoR OuTdOoR DrYiNG

Ooops sound poyo ja..
ni pun nak kongsi..hahahah..
well, sharing is caring for those who think my entry will benefit them.:)

There is a reason why I always take the everyday task (menyidai) from my husband during weekend.
Especially when the sun has decided to stay cheerfully bright.
To start with, my CD washing schedule will be arranged at such that once in a week, all the CDs will be out in the sun. So, definitely has to be on weekend. My everyday weekday drying is under the shade which you can see in this picture behind the cloth lines.

The CD arrangement must be in order so that the CDs can get all the goodness out of the sunlight.

Tak percayakah?

1- Microfiber inserts to be hung vertically so that more surface area are exposed to the sun. This will shorten the drying time.

2-CDs on the highest line are CD with stains so that the sunshine can bleach the stain from the fleece. Don't you know that sunshine the best, economical (free), safe natural bleach. Any UV exposure will help to lighten the stains, whether indoors or outdoors, in bright sun or cloud cover. However, the stronger and more direct the sunlight, the better the results. Fifteen to twenty minutes will make a big difference and can significantly lighten stains or get rid of them.

3- Organic cotton soaker (Grovia soaker) are dried lay flat.Grovia soaker is made of 5 layers of organic cotton and 1 layer of waterproof TPU. This makes the soaker 'heavy' in wet state. To prolong the lifespan of the gusset (elastic thingy),by drying it flat will eliminate the gravity pull that can occur if we hang it.
 Plus we can place the cotton side facing the sun for shorter drying time.

4- CDs that are placed at lower line are All In Two (AI2) CDs . These CDs are made of single layer of PUL with a net like fabric. This shell cannot be exposed to hot sun as it can cause PUL delamination much quicker that the pocket CD shell. By the way, A12 dries quick.

I'm yet to venture into AIO (All In One).  Although, AIO is much much more user friendly, I don't like the idea of longer drying time compare to pocket CD and AI2.

So, this is how I do it.
How about you?
Care to share?

TaX ReTuRn sUdAh dApAt!!

Pergh!! LHDN is sooooo efficient this year. Thank you!
Last year,I received my refund just in time to pay for my zakat. Urghh so lambat!
But this year,it is totally surprising and unbelievable.
LHDN took less than 3 weeks to pay back my refund!!
Well, to tell you the truth, I did not expect it to be this soon.
With that amount of money I claimed, I did expect for query and audit.
It is a huge some of money, at least for me.
But, yeay!! No query at all, LHDN believes in me, a trustworthy civilian..hehehheheh
This claim will be dumped into ASB, sit there until end of this year for zakat payment.
Meanwhile, LHDN...silalah potong gaji saya kaw-kaw ya... :p

Rugi tau sapa-sapa yg lambat submit efiling.

Monday, April 18, 2011

UmMi SUkA sGt PyJaMa bAbYgAp

Ummi suka sangat dengan pyjama babygap..
sapa lagi yang suka...ANGKAT TANGAN!!
Ummi wants to buy more and more!! <--ish ish...
If you know where can I buy at a verry reasonable price (must be below RM25 laa), please shout here okay!!

NEW Malaysian babywearer FORUM will be launched tonite!!

Dear all my fellow bloggers and friends,

Our MALAYSIAN BABYWEARER new Forumhas been launched last nite.
Come and join us!!
You will be fascinated with many ways to carry you loved little ones.

*I will be one of the moderators of course.. *wink *wink.

Just click HERE to the forum. THE MALAYSIAN BABYWEARER

Saturday, April 16, 2011

RaIsE yOuR sHiRt!!

I sang this song heart loud!!
It's so meaningful.


Adaptation of Raise Your Glass by Pink.
Words by Morgan Rowanwaif.
Photo ©2011 Jennifer Quesada for peaceful parenting.

Raise Your Shirt

Cry, cry! He’s hungry again.

Feel a let down kickin’ in,

Pop my nursing bra,

Bring my baby to my chest -

Then let him do all of the rest.

His eyes say, “Thank you, Ma.”

Lower risks of female cancer

Baby’s best immune enhancer.

Trims the tummy, saves you money.

Let’s get serious!

So raise your shirt if you are proud

To feed your baby

Just like Nature meant.

We will never be, never be

Anything but strong

And loving mothers -

All you nursing Moms!

Won't you come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Just come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Why, why do they always try

To keep us hidden from the public eye?

Just get over it! (Get over it already)

I’ve got state and federal rights

To feed my little one in plain sight.

Dude, it’s just a tit. (Hello!)

Lower risks of female cancer.

Baby’s best immune enhancer.

Trims the tummy, saves you money.

Let’s get serious!

So raise your shirt if you are proud

To feed your baby

Just like Nature meant.

We will never be, never be

Anything but strong

And loving mothers -

All you nursing Moms!

Won't you come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Just come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Won't you come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Just come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Oh man, I leaked on my shirt...

that sucks!

Now we know, “Breast is best.”

They put it to the test.

You could choose to supplement

We can always, we can always

Pump to boost supply....

So raise your (Ow! Don’t bite Mommy.)

So raise your shirt if you are proud

To feed your baby

Just like Nature meant.

We will never be, never be

Anything but strong

And loving mothers -

All you nursing Moms!

So raise your shirt if you are proud

To feed your baby

Just like Nature meant.

We will never be, never be

Anything but strong

And loving mothers -

All you nursing Moms!

Won't you come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Just come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

Won't you come on and come on and

Raise your shirt!

For them.

Just come on and come on and

Raise your shirt... for them.

View Pink's original Raise Your Glass music video here.

For additional information, support and links visit the Breastfeeding Resources Page.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BrOtHeR SiStEr RiVaLrY (ala manja)

 The is the proof (an obvious one),how Hadiff showed his authority high above his sister. :p

Hadiff: Adik..jangan kacau.. (first warning..) 
Husna: Nak main samalaaa

 Hadiff:  Adiiiiiiiikk!! Dok jauh-jauh
Husna: Ummi tengok Abang nak buat (dengan gaya posingnya)

 Hadiff: Adik, jangan kacau!!
Husna: Adik nak main samalaaa!!

Husna: Abah tengok Abang...dia wat adik.

Husna: Tengokla nanti abang..payback time!!

More info on siblings rivalry for future reference:-

Thursday, April 7, 2011

BooK - HoW uR ChILD LeArN BeST

I bought this book during recent Popular Book Store Sale.
I has always interested on early childhood education.
Well,  not that I plan to start a kindy :p
Just to teach Hadiff before he starts his formal education.
I have read first few pages, and found this book very interesting.
I will share what I gain from this book with you.
Owh lupa lak, for those who are interested to have this book, you can buy it at Popular Book Stor, harga if I'm not mistaken is rm29.90..murah jakan..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DiDyMoS AZuR 3 - NeW AdDicTIoN (oops addition) To ThE FaMiLy

Just bought another wrap from the same mama in Sweden.
A 55% linen wrap, Didymos Azur.
As expected, the wrap was packed in a present like packaging with feathery string.
With a Thank You card..gosh ..she is really a nice mama.

 Kemas sangat

And as expected, it came with surprise (which I had to hide it from Hadiff). Not halal.

 I am tempted to tell her that I am a muslim.. but WTHey..just give that to my colleague.

Wore Husna for 15minutes...wowww..really impressive.
Husna felt weightless in it..itisavery supportive wrap Iwould say.
No wonder wrap manias are head over heel on this one.
I definitely need to dye this..nekid not so cun laa..
This wrap still feels a bit stiff...kejung.. may need a butt magic.Hmm... after dyeing laaa..
Maroon will be nice kan?

Loving this

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bottombumpers, IB dan Starbunz Super Undies

Selling my diapers and training pants that does not getting much love.

For more details,please click HERE
Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 1, 2011

ThIs Is HoW I TrEaT My bReAsTpUmP PaRts @ WoRk PLaCe

My breast pump is MEDELA FREESTYLE which I bought from Aja (now my best friend :)) from MYBREASTPUMPSHOP.COM.
I have been using it since Hadiff still on breastfeeding (that was 2 years ago).
I place all the parts (membrane, breast shield and the back cap) in a Tupperware (Freezer Mate range to be exact but not sure the size).

Usually,  I pump at my work station as lucky me, my work station is located at a verrry strategic area with high level of privacy.. ala-ala exclusive high end housing area :p

Sila abaikan permandangan yg semak itu, lakonan sahaja ..hahahhaha

After I complete my 15minutes pumping session (which can be prolonged if I'm so hooked on MBW forum), I will put back the parts in its container and placed it at the top tier of the chiller. Next to my breast milk bottles. No washing or cleaning is done.

Another lucky me, as my office is also equipped with a nice 1 door fridge which is hmm..not many of us use it. My boss only put his fresh fruits and yogurts.

When it comes to next pumping session, I just run hot water from the water dispenser. Not to clean it, but to warm the breast shield. (sejuk oo pakai pam kalau tak panaskan sikit).

 Water from the water dispenser is not really hot, if it is, add in some cold water to reduce the temperature.

 I pump 3 times during office hour, so the same steps each time until the last session. I will wash the parts with warm soapy water.
Please use milk bottle detergent, not dish detergent okeh.

Then, I put it upside down to remove the water from the parts (I will do this until the clock shows 5 -> its time to chaalloo :))

Make sure this is done wayy far from your papers.
Extra Note:-
I don't use cloth or tissue paper to wipe dry my breast pump parts as I don't want any lint or dust stick on the parts. Air dry is the best drying method but I prefer it to just dry in the container instead of mesh bag as again dust from the environment may stick on the parts. Besides chiller, you can also keep your parts cooled in the cooler bag. Not to worry, as breast milk has all the goodness and a special property which is antibacterial.

That's all..let me know if you have any doubts ya.

This is How I Store My Cloth Diapers (I WANT TO WIN JOLI DIAPERS!)

This contest is organized by LOVELY GOODY

details of the contest can be found at CLOTH DIAPER MALAYSIA

OKES, Here is my entry

I am not a really organized person

BUT..when it comes to CLOTH DIAPERS..I am a SUPER MOM!! TADAAA!!!

CLOTH DIAPERing is one of my passions besides breastfeeding and babywearing.
It makes me feel more responsible towards the environment and it is my first step towards green living.

 My two kids, Hadiff and Husna are fully CLOTH DIAPERed since they were born and I own 40over CLOTH DIAPERs. <-That's not too much right? :p but definitely growing (thanks to MCDP mommies :))

OK, enough said, so lets talk about how I store my CLOTH DIAPERs. I've seen a lot of storing solution by my blogger friends. Some just satisfy by putting the CLOTH DIAPERs in a basket and placed it at a corner for easy access and mobility. It may work with other people but not for me. I prefer my CLOTH DIAPERs to be at one place and I know exactly where I can find this and that. Plus, I can't imagine if my Husna gets hold of those CLOTH DIAPERs and starts ransacking everything. That's going to give extra hard work for mommy.

My CLOTH DIAPERs are stored in a 4tiered plastic cabinet.
It contains all the items that I need in CLOTH DIAPERing.

The first drawer keeps Husna's CLOTH DIAPERs.
The CLOTH DIAPERs are set at Medium setting.
Most of them are pocket CLOTH DIAPERs so the inserts are placed in the shells once they are picked up from the cloth lines and prior to storing.
The CLOTH DIAPERs are arranged as such so that I can easily choose the Diaper of the Day.
Well, mommy sure have her own preference on specific day :).

Second drawer contains Hadiff's CLOTH DIAPERs in Large setting.
Several of them are almost worn out and mommy is actually contemplating on buying new fluffy for him or start potty training (Mommy malas..SHAME..SHAME..SHAME!!

Third drawer keeps other CLOTH DIAPERing accessories such as cloth wipes, wet bags, extra inserts, training pants (and mommy's cloth pads too).

The bottom drawers contains flat diapers and liner which I seldom use but has its own contribution in CLOTH DIAPERing.
Well, at least mommy can use it to wipe dry baby bums. :p

So far, I am happy with this system. It is simple, quick and cheap. My husband found it easy for him too. He helps me to change the kids CLOTH DIAPERs every morning.

That's all my submission for the contest. Wish me load lots of luck ok..really want to try that delicious Joli CLOTH DIAPER.. Winning this contest will definitely make my day!!!
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