Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winners for AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture First Birthday Giveaway!

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera!

Thank you so much for participating in this Giveaway. I hope you had so much fun.

Here are the winners!

1- Rossiana Syaman - 2 yards of Designer cotton plus rm30 voucher from AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture

2- Syazwani Adnan -   Pie and quiche maker from SUEALEEN'S GIFTS AND THINGS BOUTIQUE

3- Nordyana Rozylahany - 5sets of butterfly headband from MY RIBBON GALORE

4- Noridah Sanz - Slimming Bamboo Suit from  MELATISHOPZ

5- Solhaa Al-Jarumi - Skiphop bag and Natha Bam CD from GREENBBSTORE

6- Aishah Megahasz - 1 lunch bag from DESIGNED BY DELLA

7-Hueisei - 100 grams of collagen gred AA from OMELO TOMELO 

8- Ida Rahayu -  Islamic puzzle from MUHARRORO

Congratulations to all the winners!!

Please email me with your shipping addresses and please also put what you won please within 48 hours of this annoucement.  My email is annarozy@yahoo.com.
I will draw a new winner should I do not receive any e-mail from you.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

I won!! yeay!!

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

Yeayyy!! (overexcited okeh!!), my first winning for this year... a contest held by a vendor in USA, SKYEREVEFABRICS. I am one of the winners!! Syukur Alhamdulillah....

Winners were announced HERE!

Rozy Anna Ahmed- Monkey Tees

I won this beautiful dress from Monkey Tees!! Rezeki Husna *wink wink

Cantik kan? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture 1st Birthday Giveaway!

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,
 It is AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture First Birthday!!

Weeee............... We can't believe ourselves that we survived the first year.
A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all for your supports....we really appreciate it.
So here's enjoy our very first GIVEAWAY, lots of exciting prizes to be grabbed.
Have fun looking at all the wonderful prizes, share the love and check out everyone's pages. Rules of entering are at the bottom of the pictures of prizes.Giveaway ends on 28 January 2013. International readers are welcomed to join but please bear the shipping cost. Free shipping is only for Malaysian addresses.
Thank you!
You are awesome!!

 2 yards of Designer cotton plus rm30 voucher from AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture

5sets of butterfly headband from MY RIBBON GALORE

Slimming Bamboo Suit from  MELATISHOPZ

Skiphop bag and Natha Bam CD from GREENBBSTORE

1 lunch bag from DESIGNED BY DELLA

100 grams of collagen gred AA from OMELO TOMELO

Islamic puzzle from MUHARRORO

9 prizes to be won!!

To enter you must:

#1 Like all of the Fan pages below on Rafflecopter

For extra entries you can do following:

#1 Share this giveaway on FB and tag Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture in your share post. You can do it once a day until the giveaway ends to earn extra points.

#2 Blog about this giveaway and link to this giveaway.

#3 Follow my blog (RUMAHKAMI)

Follow the easy steps at Rafflecopter below and you will be all entered!

Good luck everyone, there are some wonderful prizes up for grabs!!

Winners will be selected via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, January 13, 2013

D'amani cotton theraphy #6 give away!

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

Another giveaway from D'AMANI COTTON THERAPHY.

Nice otton isn't it?
Hope I win this time *pray hard here....


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Giveaway!!!

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

For the first time Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture will be hosting a fun new year giveaway. There will be 10 GENEROUS SPONSORS for 10 LUCKY WINNERS!! Don't you love winning a contest?

Stay tune!! *wink *wink 

Monday, January 7, 2013

NoN tOxIc EaTabLe PlaY DoUgH

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

My new project for the kids' activity. Ohh how they looooooove playing with this 'plastisin'. I am glad that finally I had the 'urge' to do it since I felt that the kids' does not have much fun activities to do during their recent long school holiday. I found this great post in this blog, THE BEST PLAY DOUGH RECIPE. It is so simple and easy to do, the best part is all the ingredients are easy to find locally. You can refer to the recipe and the the detail  step by step photos in the blog. But, I will put it here just in case. :)

2 cups of wheat flour
1 cup of tap water
Quarter cup of salt
1 tsp of cooking oil
2 tsp of cream of tar tar
Food colouring (depends how deep/bright the colour you want, but I used 2 tsp)

 I prepared 3 colours so that I can teach Husna on colours.

Part uli sangat best!! warm and squishy!

I divided into 2 parts. The preparation time for each colour is approximately 10minutes.

They really loved playing with this play dough. The cat also knew that it is eatable as it licked the traces of the play dough on the tiles!

I wasn't sure what Husna was doing. She said 'main potong-potong' :p

Hadiff made cat miniature.

My tips on how to play this play dough.

1- Do not play on newspaper, as the carbon may contaminate the play dough. Let them play on tiles. Sweeping and moping the tiles are really easy to do unlike the 'plasticin'.
2- This play dough may stick on the clothes and a bit difficult to remove via normal machine washing cycle. I brushed their clothes before dumped them into the machine.
3- My kids love making food miniature. They also love playing 'masak-masak' with it. I allow them to use small cooking pots and cooking utensils as the play dough is non toxic.
4- Keep the dough in an air tight container. You may want to separate the colours (but I did not heheheheh.. the colours are totally inseparable now :p )

That is all for now! Have fun!

Friday, January 4, 2013

H@DiFf & HusN@ 1st DaY tO KiNdY

Assalammualiakum and Selamat Sejahtera,

My not-so-little Darling Husna aka my little pink princess has always fascinated about going to kindergarden. She is barely 3 years old ( 2 and a half years to be exact). But she loves books (just like other small kids). She loves browsing through her brother's book (which most of the time were allowed by Hadiff RELUCTANTLY).

Initial plan was sending Hadiff to the nearest Smart Reader kindergarden to my house (which not that near) and Husna will be staying at the same nursery she went last year. However, since the same SR accepts 3 years kids, I guess for the sake of convenience, why not I send them at the same place? Plus, they also offer day care service. Senang hidup mak kan? Hehehehhehehe But haaizzzz... she does look soo small and manja..and my husband and I were not really sure if we made a right decision. Tengoklah.... she does not even know how to open the pencil box she chose herself! Abang Hadiff macho jaa.... he did not show his feeling much. :)

On the first day.... as usual senyum plastic once I asked them to smile :p So here they were on the first day wearing the uniforms and bags. I am more than happy that SR 'official' colour is RED since RED is their favourite colour (PINK is of course Husna's another favourite colour).


OK la kan.. but once I disappeared..mula laa dengan Ummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After settling all the stuff with the Teacher, off me and my husband went to cinema watching THE HOBBITS.. hehehheheh

Well, fetching them from SR and looking at how happy they were had rest assured us the we made a right decision..to both Hadiff and Husna.. :)
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