Saturday, May 29, 2010

SeConD ChilD pRePs

I am already passed 8mth pregnancy (time flies really fast ehh!). I just had a chance to buy few stuff for this coming baby..just 3 set of newborn clothes with 2 sets of mittens and socks. Frankly speaking, I do not know whatelse I shud buy. I guess the baby can have the hands down stuff from the brother. Hmm nak beli apa lagik ekk.. Actually I was really tempted to buy all those pinky minky baju yg soooo cute. Though the nurse confirmed twice that the baby will be gegurl but we can't be too sure rite?

So what do you buy for your second child? What else rr? I am soo keeluuuless..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At LaST cHaNgInG FoR GoOd

Today I had a good discussion with my boss, sorry not my boss, my director. I am allowed to change the working place from this Kamunting cowboy town facility to a more hectic (busy?) Perda facility. It is a small Innovation Centre very near to Jusco Perda (best kann sopin). I hope I made a correct decision on this. After almost 5 years devoting myself to this facility, I going to make a 245 degree turn in my career. All for those who are very near to my heart, my family.

I've been persuaded by my immediate boss to stay, in fact he willing to give me flexibility in terms of where I want to work from (dari rumah ble kaa?).
But I know, it is not easy coordinating a project from far and I could not imagine 3hours drive each day..penat tu...
So boss, I guess I have made my decision.

No more weekend trips back to hometown.
No more daily car ride alone, swiveling around old lorry tanah along the winding old trunk road.

*sigh* harap2 everything will turn out good at least *sigh*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

SLEePiNg BaBy pRoDuCtioN sILk RS

I was looking for something feminine and luxurious untuk dipakai masa kenduri dan raya (did I mention to you yg me dah kena New Baby Syndrome? LOL).. Stumbling over a very good offer kat MBW, on this ring sling.. Sleeping Baby Production Silk RS, Size small 71". Golden pink in 3 stripes. The colour is lovely and the size fit me perfectly..

So apalagi.. money transferred and now I am the new owner of this btful sling... cam xsabaq lak nak pakai nanti... Baju raya tahun ni konpem cari shade yg suit dengan sling baru ahkak ini..

Action pic? Memang xdak laa kan as waiting for the new baby to come out..
Tak keluar lagi dah ada 4 new carriers waiting.. gilerr betull!

Updated stash as at today
Ring sling
1- DIY Batik
2- Jumpsacbaby Kiwi
3- Mamaway (menang contest yeay!!)
4- Sleeping Baby Production Custom Silk

1- Mom's Little Closet
2- Littlepods

Soft Structure Carrier
1- Boba Organic Chestnut

1- Natibaby Cyprus

Mei Tai
Belum ada lagi.. tp dah termiss Freehand Mei Tai idaman kalbu.. huhuhuhu

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Promosi lagik.. now in Harian Metro..
Who say babywearing aka gendong is just for bibik?
It is a phenomenon among modern and fashionable Malaysian mommies.
Really proud to be part of the in-thing, ;-)

So, come and join us in Malaysian Babywearer and you will be fascinated (and addicted LOL) with many ways to carry you little ones..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nak PhOtObOoK FrEe?? MeH TgK SiNi

[sticky mode entry, for new n3 kindly scroll below ya!!]


nak try dak keber'tuah'an kita tuk menang photobook free dari KEDAIGAMBARKAMI? Macam kat bawah ni..

kalau nak... sila laaa klik kat SINI

Manalaa tahu kannn kalau2 ada can nak dapat kannn...

Friday, May 14, 2010

SaNgGuL DaN TuDuNg

Memang cantik tengok org pakai tudung dengan sanggul tinggi.. not that me teringin nak pakai camtu... tp bila baca balik this e-mail..hmmmm....but still it worth sharing..

this was sent to me via e-mail.
source : unknown.

It's a trend nowadays that many muslim Malaysian women are into the new hijab wearing i.e. wearing a shawl-like syrian style hijab. I posted on my Fb status recently stating that I too, would want to wear the syrian women hijab style with high bun but unfortunately my hair is short thus cannot tie or do a bun at all.I also received few suggestions to buy fake buns online or at Arzu, KLCC.

I used to study in an arabic-medium school and had learned that when you wear tudung, you're not supposed to show any indication that your hair is long by tying your hair really high/do a bun until men can notice the presence of your long hair eventhough you wear your cover/hijab. That defeats the purpose of wearing a hijab.However, I can't remember the hukum whether it's haram or harus or makruh.

Being curious, I googled about this sanggul arab issue and found the hadith related:
Quote:: “ akan muncul dalam kalangan umatku di akhir zaman, kaum lelaki yang menunggang sambil duduk di atas pelana, lalu mereka turun di depan pintu-pintu masjid. Wanita-wanita mereka( isteri mereka atau anak perempuan), berpakaian tetapi seperti bertelanjang ( nipis&ketat). Di atas kepala mereka pula(wanita) terdapat bonggolan (sanggul atau tocang) seperti bonggol unta yang lemah gemalai. Oleh itu laknatlah mereka semua. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah wanita-wanita yang terlaknat”- hadith riwayat Ahmad, jil.2, ms. 223.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
Quote:: “dua golongan penghuni neraka yang mana aku sendiri belum pernah melihat keadaan mereka didunia: golongan yang membawa cemeti seperti seekor lembu lalu menggunakannya untuk memukul manusia dan juga kaum wanita yang berpakaian seperti bertelanjang, menggoyangkan badan dan berlenggang-lenggok, kepala mereka ada suatu seperti bonggol di kepala unta yang bergoyang-goyang. Mereka tentu tidak akan memasuki syurga atau mencium baunya sedangkan bau syurga itu dapat dihidu dari jarak perjalanan begitu dan begini” –hadith riwayat Muslim. Hadith no 212-

I would say that I was tempted at first as I saw some women/celebraties/tv presenters looked really pretty wearing the syrian style hijab with high sanggul/bun. Sometimes, bila nak cantik, manusia selalu lupa pada hukum walaupon dah belajar.I am one of them. Bila nak buat benda jahat, laju je.

Anyway, in wearing hijab,niat perlukah menghalalkan cara? I dare not jatuhkan hukum or say that it is haram wearing the fake sanggul arab.However,at the moment, I'll just forget about buying the sanggul arab thingy.

BoRaK BoLa

Aisey..sekarang kan tengah kehangatan badminton tp awatnya saya bukak topik bola laks..
Not that I am a fan of any football team (shh..not even our badminton team ;-)) I would say I don't even have any sport team that I fancy... <--- dasatkah saya nih?.. Then, what the heck I nak sembang tentang bola laks..I am definitely not a competent person to review on the latest updates in football world. Okeh, bare with me..

I am blessed
with a husband who doesn't gila bola.. and neither his office mates which I really grateful (sebab pengaruh rakan sebaya pun leh tahan gak kann.. ;-))..

It is a true blessing...why?
1- My husband will sleep when we sleep, not hook up on the tv.. and that is why we don't have a good justification to pasang astro kat umah...sayang..dakcik nak tengok kartun xleh kaa..
2- At night, he will be with us in the house instead of watching football match at who knows where with who knows who.
3- He never buy any jersey or force us to wear any. Wahh..he never had any!!
4- I don't have to listen to the boring updates on football. Yikes!!
5- He will wake up early (in fact earlier than me) and help me prepare the breakfast or sidai baju. Kalau kena stay up tengok bola, jangan haraplaaa kann...
I am truly blessed kann...

The other day, masa drive to work, I layan Hitz.fm. The DJs were discussing on football.. a young lady called in and said she is happy as the EPL season had finished so she can get back her boyfriend.. the DJ said.. yeah..only for 1 month..as the World Cup is otw.. really pity her..

Another caller said she filed a divorce as her ex-husband chose football over her..
This makes me wonder, how a partner who has lived with us under a same roof for many years still cannot understand each other and you know give and take kind of thing. The husband asked for the wife's permission to watch the football match in the house or else outside with his friends. But the wife refused both options and asked a very stupid question to a football maniac. Choose between the wife and the football. And the stupid husband choose the football!!!
Well, I would rather have my husband watching the match in the house though I may sleep through out the game..(oopss saya memang suka tidur taim football match..sebab bila penonton menjerit2 <--dalam tv laa.. bunyi macam hujan... syiokk). Tapi... if people do ask me who is my favourite team in EPL, I have chosen to say Chelsea..konon xmau ketinggalan laa kann (not that I am their fan..I don't even know the team captain!).. It just that I like their team song.. very bersemangat waja..) ...when Pakcik Mail (ayah angkat saya) asked me the Q 5 years ago.. spontaneously I answered Chelsea.. why? sebab lagu "Chelsea..Chelsea.." lah yg berkumandang selalu..

Blue is the Colour

Blue is the colour, football is the game
We're all together, and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name

Verse 1
Here at the Bridge whether rain or fine
We can shine all the time
Home or away, come and see us play
You're welcome any day

Blue is the colour, football is the game
We're all together, and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name

Verse 2
Come to the Shed and we'll welcome you
Wear your blue and see us through
Sing loud and clear until the game is done
Sing Chelsea everyone

So apa lak cita anda semua tentang bola, does your life effected by football?
Care to share?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NaTiBaBy cYpRuS In tHe hOuSE

Yesterday, I received a parcel from Osaka Japan..wahh definitely from Zana. Could not wait to see my order IRL (in real life)..I was stunned to see the fabric, a 4.6m fabric to be exact...the colour was even more vibrating than seeing it in MBW forum. I really love it..this is my first wrap and I was flabbergasted!Back home, I grabbed dakcik to carry him..well... not that I had tried any wrap before.. but based on a vague recall of the SOP from BW website, I started to wrap the fabric around my body..oohhh never expect it to be that easy and I don't even know the name of the technique!. Dakcik squirmed at first which is well understood as I never use wrap before. Once I was done with the wrapping, dakcik looked so happy and excited...

I did not plan to carry him for long dah preggie kan.. despite my bulging belly and with the state of health that I am now dengan termengah2 nih... I felt that Dakcik that weight almost 11kg did not feel heavy at all.. the weight was evenly distributed...love it!

But I do believe I need to learn more to improve the technique. The obvious mistake I made was the knee should be above the bum and I should spread the fabric a little bit wider.. Kalut2 kann..tu yg xsempat adjust...wrap, smile, take photos then immediately unwrap...

Definitely my ISO list will be something pinkish and reddish..another wrap perhaps? *wink*

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PizZa LaRUt mALaM

Pizza Larut Malam, pasaipa larut malam? sebab we had the pizza as our dinner dah dekat pukul 11mlm. Despite using the breadmaker to uli-uli (which I regretted eventually, lama sangat) then I had to add in some flour as the dough came out a bit sticky...then I had to manually uli lagik.

Initially HadiffBolat really enjoyed at the preparation stage sebab dia pun leh main tepung, tp malangnya by the time the pizza was ready to eat, he already fall asleep...Sian anak ummi xleh merasa pizza semalam.

A usual my recipe is always campak2 and shortcut punya.

Doh punya resepi, me cilok from Mat Gebu.

Resepi topping lak...sangat senang
Sos - xyah wat sendiri, guna jaa sos spegeti Prego tuk disapu di atas doh
Tuk bahan topping, ikut suka nak boh apa pun, me boh cheesy sosej from Ayamas, capsicum dwi kaler dan chopped onion.
Last sekali, sebab grated parmesan takdak, me just cut 3 pieces of Kraft singgles pastu susun atas pizza.

170 degree C selama 20minit.

Mengiurkan dak? (Photo credit goes to Mr Asben)

You have your own version of pizza campak2? Care to share?

*me bersiaran dari Klinik Ibu dan Anak Kg Expo tengah wat check up maternity..

Monday, May 10, 2010

BaGskAkI PrIzE Is hErE!

Receptionist : "Anna (my officemate call me by this name), parcel dah sampai.
Me: " Okay, Anna pi lani jugak"
Dalam hati : Hmm parcel dari Jepun kah? (I bought a Nattibaby Cyprus second from Zana) atau hadiah bagskaki? saspennyaaa..
Reaching there, there was a huge parcel (exaggerating sikit ;-)) waiting for me.. definitely not from Japan sebab guna Pos Malaysia kann.. Woww...i did not expect the prize to be that big..

With just a simple contest organized by Bagskaki and Mombloggersplanet, I made two sticky mode entries here and there and by just luring people to click it..i managed to win a Gin&Jacqie travelling bag with a bag organizer worth RM139.90. Ini namanya rezeki anak yg nak mai ni kan... sparkling maroon for girlsss... hehhehehheheh

Sila jeles2kan tengok bag yg saya dapat nih.. in fact my lappy also fit nicely in the bag.

soo neat!!

soo red!!

soo spacious!!
Thanks again Bagskaki!!
Thanks again to those yg help me getting this bag!!

BaByWeArInG ShReK iN McD!

To all babywearing fanatics out there, hurry up get your babywearing shrek available in McD until 12th May 2010. Specifically ask for your Shrek or you will get a donkey instead ;-). I do believe it is a good sign that babywearing is accepted all around the world and we should be happy for that. Apart from that, it is a good way of promoting babywearing (though the Shrek looks like wearing a baby bib! Never mind to that).

Sorry na HadiffBolat, Ummi had to sembunyi the Shrek but at least you can still enjoy your milo and nuggets and fries (which Ummi really put restriction on that). Sayang, thx for layan all my request eventhough it means a visit to McD two days in a row.

Want to know where I put the babywearing Shrek?

I placed it beside Dr Rusch (my company icon) next to Leo of Lost World of Tambun and HadiffBolat photo in Aquaria photo frame in my work station.

Hurry up girls, do not miss this collectible!!!



HaPpY MoThErS DaY!!

Me : "Hmm..xdak ka org nak wish Happy Mothers Day kat saya?"
Mr Asben : "Hadiff kecik lagi, mana dia tau nak wish camna"
Me : " Sayang takmo wish kaa?"
Mr Asben : "Sayang bukan mak saya... watpa saya wish..kalau Hari Bini, saya wishlaa Selamat Hari Bini"
Dalam hati : Hmm betul gak...

So end up no Happy Mothers Day wishes for me except from my bloggers friend and few of my FB friends.

Nevertheless, I do feel appreciated with all the wishes..though my Hadiff called me Ummi not Ibu or Mother (banyak songeh nih).

Eventhough dah terlambat (already passed 12 laa), me want to wish all the mothers out there Happy Mothers day!!!

GOrGeOuS bLoGgErS AwArdS

Got this from Kak Nad, thanks a lot!!
I really treasure this friendship though never meet you.
Tapi rasa cam berjiran jaa..

Friday, May 7, 2010

DaKcIk DeMaM? hMm dEmAm ka?

Semalam, BS msg.."Badan Adiff panas, demam kot"
Me balas " Takpa satgi balik Rozy bawak pi klinik"
In the car OTW to Dr Ho (Hadiff paed), muntah sekali..abih bersemburan...
Adeyy..ni wat susah hati nih
sampai klinik cam xpecaya jaa yg dakcik demam, active as usual.

Pagi ni kalau okay nakgi keja macam biasa
Panas lak badan dakcik, kensel.. though projek mega ngah kick start kat production
Family is more important that work laaaa
(siaplaaa isnin ni me nak jawap apa kat management), but I guess my boss will understand (he always is)

Meghap betul budak kecik kalau demam (and he really sangat jarang demam, sebab breastfeed kott?)
"Akit...akit..." siannya dengaq, bila tanya sakit kat mana.. tunjuk serata alam.
Kena pump ubat 2 X now he seems okay dah...syukur..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

TeTiBa tErInGiN NaK SLInG Bag

Tu laa asik buang masa (buang masa?) kat MBW forum, tersangkut laks dengan crossbody sling bag..betul gak dengan nak BW lagi..camna nak maintain keanggunan asik kehulu ke hilir dengan backpack deuter merah tu jaa... heheheh (walaupun most of the time, Mr Asben yg bawak kannn)..

Teringin nak cari beg yg macam kat bawah nih
-crossbody sling
-besaq (sebab nak sumbat CD, cloth wipes, enpon, purse and if possible sekali dengan DSLR Mr Asben sekali)
- Not too fancy
- Durable
-and most importantly affordable laaa kann...

macam ni?
or macam messenger bag yg selebriti ni pakai?

BiLa dAkCiK TaKmO bALiK

Adakah anda hadapi apa yg saya hadapi almost everyday?
Budak kecik prefer bermain dengan kakak2 dan Abang Aiman (anak2 pengasuh) dari balik umah.
This is what happening to me...susahnya nak ajak balik.
I don't mind if my house just few block from there, tp kalau kena nek keta bagai..
yeah, i have to be creative sort of way tuk bawak dia balik.
Nangis dia macam kena dera laks..

Dah maghrib sayang ooiii.. Ummi had to rush... you can't forever play outside.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AiYaKk!!! sUdAh mArI...

I am just reaching 7 months of pregnancy
Lagi 2 months to go into labour room


Already started eyeing on new BW gadget..
Nak beli WRAPS
Definitely nak beli new SSC yg suitable for infant..



Need to find fund for this gilaness
Perhaps need to sell more cloth diapers?

GoInG NuTs wItH CoCoNuT!!

This second pregnancy really urge me to crave for coconut water. I can't lay my eyes on any coconut pull cart at the roadside....kompem nak minum. Luckily, our kampung ada 2 coconut lemon pull carts yg without failure on every other weekend kompem akan singgah beli. You can't resist the sweetness of the young coconut, chilled with crushed ice bricks with a zest of lemon. Wallahhh..kena lak taim panas2 tengahari.. and cam biasa such goodness is much better to be shared with Mr Asben..tp kena sembunyi dari dakciklaaa kann..

Last Monday, we had to go to Penang to pick up my mother's diabetic milk from a friend. Since dah terlepas ke sana, we decided to drop by Abu Siti Lane to enjoy the young coconut water. We used to go there during dating time aka loving lovey couple days dulu.. now still is ahakss.. Since it was a humid day, we just had our kelapa pandan inside the car with the comfort of car air cond. Hadiff really enjoy his portion,oops not his portion tp Abah punyaa.. tp alangkah bestnya kalau nyoq tu xlaa muda sangat so that we can scrap the isi dan makan..huhuhuu kena pi lagik nih..Some benefits of coconut water:-
Orang tua cakap..for a pregnant lady macam me, if I take a good portion of coconut water, the skin of the born baby will be clean and soft and it also initiates or rather makes the baby active in womb.
Other than that:-
  • Coconut Water is More Nutritious than whole milk - Less fat and NO cholesterol!
  • Coconut Water is More Healthy than Orange Juice - Much lower calories
  • Coconut Water is Better than processed baby milk- It contains lauric acid, which is present in human mother's milk
  • Coconut water is naturally sterile -- Water permeates though the filtering husk!
  • Coconut water is a universal donor-- Its identical to human blook plasma
  • Coconut Water is a Natural Isotonic Beverage - The same level we have in our blood.
source : http://www.living-foods.com/articles/coconutwater.html

Jom pakat2 minum ayaq nyioq!!!
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