Thursday, December 31, 2009

[StIcKy MoDe] NoTtI FaCe-gIvEaWaY

Rini last day keja before I start my 1 week year end holiday (jangan jelesss you...) so my first contest entry is definitely laaa my nearest friend here by Mama Adwan Encem...Notti Face Contest..

Here it goes my Hadiff Bolat photo...

Nama BudaK Kecik : HadiffBolat
D.O.B : 30/9/2008 (I yr 3 mons)
Nama Emak : *Rozy

Gambaq ni diambil secara tidak sengaja after feeding HadiffBolat..may be masakkan Ummi dia xsedap kot...disemboq abih...

Apakah hadiah misteri Mama Adwan nak bagik? Jeng..Jeng...Jeng...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

HaPpY 2nD AnNiVeRsArY!

Yesterday, we had a great time celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.. Apparently, HadiffBolat's energy was at the highest level and sangatlaaa mencabar kesabaran dan keimanan me and Mr Asben... Huhh xleh dok diam walau seminit!! We went to Gurney Plaza for Wedding Anniversary Gift Exchange.. Mr Asben bought me a Scholl shoes which I really love and wearing it at this very moment... Postponed Mr Asben Levis as Mr Asben did not approve the jeans cutting at the boutique..planned for next Levis visit at Queensbay next week (Yeayy!!leh shopping lagik!)

Then, we immediately shot to Batu Feringghi Beach (Miami Beach) for a konon2nya outdoor photo shoot aka Mr Asben testing his new DSLR..

HadiffBolat enjoying the sea view and really showed his intention to join those kids yg tengah mandi2 tu...

He got his share of laksa penang...yummehhh!!

Later, we went to Taman Negara Penang and let Hadiff explore the area freely.. then late that evening we moved to Tarbush for an early dinner.

As expected, HadiffBolat couldn't stop moving around the restaurant, luckily there were not many guest around and the staffs were super friendly...

Hadiff really enjoyed his chicken creamy soup with some fries..

Hadiff yg tersandar kekenyangan

Me and Mr Asben had a Maklouba Lamb and Chicken pa benda ntah... the serving size was so large (Mat Arab punya serving size laa) and we ended up sangat kekenyangan.. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the food there..and looking for next dine in there..

We went back to Parit Buntaq with me and Hadiff sleeping soundly in the car.. and Mr Asben immediately after reaching the house pack semua barang and off he went to Hutan Belum for a fishing trip..(huhuhu kena tinggai...4 hari...mencikkk nyaaa!!!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AbAh, hAdIfF dan OstRiCheS

Last Saturday, we went back to my childhood town Kangaq, Perlis attending a cousin's kenduri.. and of course dah alang-alang sampy we shot to Padang Besar for a super zass zapp quick shopping trip. Had a mouth watering tomyam gung and pulut ayam (though dakcik had toppled down a plate of it..adeyyy...sorry sayang nanti kita pi lagi naa)..bought clothes and now nyesal xbeli lebih..sebab muuuuuuuuuuuurahhh sangat kat sana...

Hadiff trying to get himself comfortable in there

On the way back, we dropped by at Ladang Burung Unta visiting my hubby some old friends..ostriches.. Though the place is well kept and you can see lots of ostriches and deers and lot more animals but I do personally think that it does not play a good role in promoting Perlis Tourism..I mean not everyone knows its existence.. we had a good time there (actually dakcik the most..and xmo balik..)....

If you go to Padang Besar, I do insist you to stop by the place.. it's not that you can a see the big bird everyday!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cakap Bahasa Inggeris tu penting!!

Kepada kawan-kawan yang ada anak sedara, sepupu, adik beradik yang masih berlajar..... tolonglah pesan kepada mereka....TIDAK GUNA dapat result yg flying colours, dean list memanjang...point marbeles....TETAPI cakap orang putih (read:English language) kantoi!!

FRUST sangat rini sebab boss dah turned down 2 candidates yg me and my colleagues pilih for interview... they are excellent students and they are malays! Adey..... sedih sangat... memang lah fresh graduates tp tolong laaa polish sikit english communication tu before graduate..attendlaa kelas apa2 ka... kalau macamni laa... macamanalaaa kami nak menambahkan bilangan engineer kat industri nih if fresh graduates are unable to express themselves well in the interview. Plus lagik satu, sorry naa orang kelantan... please ilangkan your loghat bila speak english..you must try to... sound funny bila bercakap.. macamana orang kat seberang sana nak paham...

Sekian bebelan tuk hari nih..


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life is Good with Good Books!! Part 1

Sharing my notes on my book collection and thoughts. (Oct 23 2007)
Copy and paste from my MULTIPLY

One night while thinking of what show on tv, I landed my eyes on a shelf full with arranged books located at the edge of my mattress. The books seemed to be overflowing and appeared to beg for more spaces. Wondering why the titles are all scary... Hunting Down Amanda, Scavenger Hunt, Spook Night, Nightmare Inn, Whisper of Death and can say many many more... Just several with less threatening title like Midnight Warrior, Mentor, Marrying Mom, Iona... very few with motivation sort of title like Going To the Top, Management Thoughts, not to mention story books in bahasa (but priced book) and several religious book like Himpunan Doa Doa Pilihan (will add more to the collection..InsyaAllah). Those who browse through the title will surely in no time could guess what sort of book I read.

The Beginning

My life as early as I could remember, is always surrounded with books. I love reading particularly story books. When I was a kid, my late father used to bring me to a book shop in Kangar near Pawagam Kapitol opposite to BSN . He would say for RM10, choose whatever book you want. Those days, I could get four books of bahasa translation of Enid Blyton or Nancy Drew. Then I started to conquer Perpustakaan Kanak Kanak Perlis, I would borrow four books using my sister’s and my library cards. My sister cared for less to use the facility. Just not her type, I guess. During those days, English story books were considered alien to me. Though I excelled in my English class, I did not get enough exposure or can I say brave enough to try to read English books, until I turned thirteen and was not allowed to go to the kid section anymore. Changed my blue library card to red one, I still remember my first English book I borrowed from the same library at Adult Section, Razor Blade by Robin Cook... Hahaha... I could not understand the story line at all.. It is a medical fiction with lots of out of the world medical terms. I did not even finish reading the book.

Later, I forced myself, kind of... I started with a book titled Princess of White Dragon or something like that. Then move on to Dean R Koontz, Lightning.. love at the first sentence I could say..luckily the library has had a good collection of Koontz book..then tried Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon and long list of other authors. I started reading Robin Cook when I was in university. This time, it was superb.

Books heaven on earth

I started buying and collecting story books after SPM, working as an operator (minah karan) in a hard drive factory in Penang did pay me enough money to cater my passion. Most of my earliest bought books were from Popular Book Store in Komtar. The price was as high as fourty ringgit. Every month, I would allocate part of my salary to buy books as well as financing my British Council classes. Then later, my sister introduced me to Bazaar Chowrasta where I could get four paper backs of Stephen King’s (a bit old but not second hand book) for only RM40. Since then, I was one of the regulars and always get special price.

My next book heaven is Rope Walk, a famous place where you can find many unimaginable things from rusted horse shoes, screws, antique stuff, stickers, RM3 jackets, hair /car accessories to cheap fresh fruits. An uncle laid his merchandise, second hand books on the tarred area over a ground sheet. Loads of books are scattered around him. Books are sold as cheap as RM1 to RM5. I would buy at average of three books every time I went there. But of course I have to dig out, restack and rearrange the books until I find books that I find interesting or of known author. Since the books are all second handed, you would then expect the books to carry someone’s name. Some memorabilia wording like a present by someone..., for someone I love... for my wife... I just don’t understand how these books ended up here. These books deserved a place in a proper shelf and of course in heart and priced for life...

to be continued...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BiOdAtA : HadIfFbOlAt

Panggilan manja: Adip, Hadiff, dakcik, raep..

Umur : Setahun 2 bulan

Makanan kegemaran : Maruku dan koteow

Minuman kegemaran : Susu ibu dan obviously air masak

Mainan kesukaan : Straw brush, senduk dan mangkuk, suka mengigit orang dan wrestling sambil jerit-jerit. Owh dan suka main air.

Lagu kesukaan : Semua jenis iklan tv

Haiwan kesayangan : Kucing dan ikan

Aktiviti masa lapang : Memanjat, membelek magazine, selongkar apa sahaja dan main rod pancing

Vocab budak kecik nih as at today:-

1- Naaaaaakkk!
2- Cicak (umah banyak cicak dan dia suka tengok cicak melekat kat cermin tingkap)
3- Hishhh bila nampak ikan or gambaq ikan
4- Semalam saya cakap "jangan bukak:<--dakcik guna gigi bukak baby oil.. dakcik tengok saya balik dan cakap "tutup".. terkesima sebentar..hehhehehe

Bahasa dakcik

1- Aahh...ahhh.. mintak kita tolong amik or buat sesuatu
2- Tujiaa...tujiaa... sampai lani saya pun xfaham maksudnyaa..walaupun dakcik selalu sebut

Monday, December 7, 2009

HaDiFfBoLaT BaKal JaDi PeMAnCiNg TeGaR

Bak kata orang "Mana xtumpahnya kuah kalau bukan di nasik".. ni dah nampak dah nih... Hadiff has shown a deepest interest in fishing and hishh..(read:fish). Pantang nampak rod mancing no way anyone (especially his Abah and favourite pakcik Pizi) can escape...
His Abah had also introduced him to his Columbia fishing hat..and Hadiff loves it!

Plus with his super active cousins around... no fish can survive!

Since he is 10months old, he had started to play with ikan haruan yg hidup without fear! Big some more!
And last weekend, he had managed to catch an alive ikan haruan with bare hand!

Braavo Hadiff...nanti dah besaq sikit..pakat2 tinggai Ummi pi mancing naa.....
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