Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Another late night project when my house was verrryyy quite and the two little dearies were asleep....and including the Abah laa...
I guess having a girl makes my sewing journey much more exciting. *wink*wink*
Yalah, I can (at least) try to sew those sweet cutey clothes for little girl.
With a vast cute fabric collection in Kamdar Kamunting, I would say I will not gets boring soon. :)
Owh..that reminds me on the designer fabby GB I'm organizing in MBW forum..emm..emmm...

Okeh..here's my not so herot berot (hopefully will keep on improving) 3 tiered skirt.
The tutorial is HERE. Thanks for the illustrative tute and easy to follow.:)

3 tiered skirt

  Model cilik paksaan :p

Well, the finished product looks ok..bolehlaa kan..
and to tell you the truth, THIS IS HUSNA'S FIRST SKIRT IN HER LIFE..:)
So oklaa kan Ummi dia yg watkan..
I plan to sew ruffled skirt..and will be making more skirts for Husna tuk Hari Raya...
Semangat nih....heheee

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The sempat nak letak watermark..copy from my fb album..

Gambaq bersama-sama
Multitasking - nursing, cooing Husna to sleep and listening to the discussion.

During discussion

Hadiff dan kucing
Little Husna - she's adorable during the gathering.
Our speaker - Shida

 Our speaker En Halim


We plan to organize this event periodically...may be in July again..same place.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HaJaT Yg kEsAmPAiAn

Akhirnya diri ku terbeli jua ini mesin jahit.

My new toy, moga makin rajinlaa diri ini berkarya...:p

Cik puan singa akan di hantaq balik kepada tuannya...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


[ sticky post, for latest entry, kindly scroll below, thank you!]

To those who has made confirmation on attendance, and you are part of MALAYSIA CLOTH DIAPERING PARENTS (MCDP) or KUMPULAN IBU MENYUSUKAN, kindly leave your name in the DOC FILE.
Thank you!

Salam and Hello!!

We are organising a mom2mom support group for north region at Pantai Merdeka Kedah.
Come and join us in this natural parenting gathering.

9.30AM-3PM,21/5/2011 (SATURDAY),
~we love natural parenting~

9.30-10.00am   : Arrival and registration
10.00-11.00am : Ice breaking session 
11.00-12.00pm  : The ABCs of Breastfeeding, Advantages of Breastfeeding from A to Z
12.00 -1.30pm   : Luncheon  with Cloth Diapering and Babywearing demo
1.30 -2.00pm     : Talk by En Halim Masnan on Tips and Tricks on Children Discipline
2:00-2.45pm       : Lucky Draw
3.00pm               : Photo session and Departure. 
*Food = pot luck style, please bring your own mat.
* Dress theme = purple (optional) 
For more details, kindly contact us at

Friday, May 20, 2011


Nak wat Cloth pad atau panty liner, maka kenalaa ada plier kan...
so belilaa ini di tiny tapir.

supaya boleh disnap button kan..macam ini

 malam ini abah kenalaa tolong...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 These are the links I copy paste from a nice crafty momma.

Make your own Babylegs
How to make a crib / toddler bed sheet
How to make a Pack ‘N Play / playard sheet
Gathering with a serger or sewing machine too!
3-in-1 T-Shirt Dress / Tunic Top/ Skirt For toddlers to adults!
A Personalized Little Girls Apron!
No-Itch Twill Tape Tags & Clothing Labels
How To Use Bento Egg Molds
My Scarf Dress
Free NICU Smock Pattern

Bookmark clean-up!  1000+ free tutorials, patterns & websites FULL of patterns that I have had saved in my bookmarks :) . (These are not my own tutorials, but links to others I admired & would love to try in the future)

170+ Bags, Purses, Pouches & Backpack Tutorials
78+ Kids Gift Tutorials
80+ Girls Clothing Tutorials
20+ Boys Clothes Tutorials
43+ Maternity, Nursing, & Expecting/New Mom Tutorials
77+ Infant & Toddler Tutorials
36+ Tutorials for MEN & Women!
36+ Tutorials for Women!
47+ Womens & Juniors Clothing Tutorials
98+ Apron Tutorials
84+ Tutorials For The Home!
10+ Quilts & Quilting Tutorials
11+ Crochet Patterns
354+ Edible Gifts (Like jar mixes)
24+ Techniques, Modifications & Alterations!
12+ Sites for free patterns & tutorials

Items I have made from others free tutorials (with the tutorial link of course :) )
Nylon Chiffon Girls Pettiskirts
Womens Azalea Dress
Emma & Emmy (Or Eddie) The Earthworm

These are not my tutorials but have some links to other great free tutorials & patterns…
Burda Open Source Sewing
Lots of free great tutorials (good for beginners too)

adding free dresses pattern from PRUDENT BABY - DRESS PATTERNS QUICK AND EASY

adding tutorial for pants. http://www.mesewcrazy.com/2011/08/back-to-basics-pants.html#more
Adding from thinkliz.com

ALL SORT OF FABRIC FLOWERS http://kojodesigns.blogspot.com/2011/09/49-fabulous-fabric-flower-tutorials.html


I just bought this cloth diaper via a group buy in Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents ( a verrrryy dangerous fb group that can make you go bankrupt :p).

We bought the diaper from Nicki's Diapers.
You can read all the features and description in the page.
Well actually I didn't know that this BestBottom is actually a A12. Blame me for not bothering with the research or even reading through the website. I was captivated with the prints the PINK GIRAFFE.
I thought it just another pocket diaper which I'd gradually stop buying.
When I received it I was like "yeay!!! it is a AI2!"
The thing is, we didn't buy the soaker as it may cause the shipping more.
So, we ended up buying the cover only.
I only have 2 AI2 brands in my stash. Grovia and Bamboolite.

Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

The shell is considerable thicker compare to normal PUL pocket CD.
Wish it will not prone to delamination in later days.
There are two snap buttons in the shell to snap in the soaker.
I'd tried with bamboolite insert but the buttons are not match. Both are female buttons.
Then I placed Grovia soaker in it and taaadaaaa.. yeay!! it fits in nicely.
Not that the snap is compatible but the length/width are so perfect.
I love the gusset on the shell, if I were to have a newborn in the future (plss ya mr asben...hehhehe), I will definitely hunt for this more.
The gusset is soo nicely made and I do believe it can contain explosive exclusive breastfeeding runny poo.
With double protection of Grovia gusset, you don't have to worry on leaks.

Next bonus is, Husna still on M setting, so giving more room for a growing bum. :)
Yesterday, she wore it for a good 5 hours with her sitting in a SSC during IKEA shopping and 3 hours drive on my lap.
No leaks no smell escaped.
In short, I'm loving it!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Another quick project by me..:p
see told you, lately I'm meroyan sewing.
I sew panty liners with waterproof backing so these panty liners are also suitable to be used during light days.

Fabby from top to bottom
Flannel-microfiber-flannel-japanese cotton- flannel-velvet
I used free patterns from HERE.
I printed the pattern then resized it using photocopier.. :p
microfiber layer was cut from unused cloth diaper insert.
velvet is actually from my earlier tak-menjadi-kenyataan project.
I bought 1/2metre of japanese cotton which cost me RM6 only:)
I don't have the snap plier and definitely think of buying one.. or may be just use the small steel buttons.

So what do you think?
Okay tak?
I'm planning to sew several to give away during mom2mom gathering. :)

Chomel tak?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


sekadar meletak link ke free patterns yg best2 for future reference.
Kalau bookmark kat lappy ni bila nak reformat, habis semua link ilang.






Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hahahah..yeap I know, I'm kemaruk sewing.
I'm using my sister's (thanks and love you dear!!) sewing machine to the max!
My last weekend project is a pillowcase dress.

Why it is named as pillowcase?
Well, to tell you the truth, if you don't have money to buy new clothes for your Dear Daughter, you can actually cut a nice pillow case and turn it into a nice pillow dress. Brilliant and frugal ehh?
But of course I didn't do that.

No chance to try it on Husna.
Definitely she won't be able to tell if she doesn't like it :p

Presenting you............
*drum roll*

My very first exclusively handmade dress for Husna

Pasni nak wat apa pulak yaa?
Ada cadangan tak?

Friday, May 6, 2011

KaNgA X2 iS HeRe!!

Finally I own a SSC with a HEADREST.
It is more confortable to Husna, unlike my previous Kanga J yg headrestless.
I remember received a comment from a passerby looking at Husna yg terlentok on my back.
I inadvertently overhead he said "tak sakit tengkok ka?"
So with this headrest, that problem is solved and I don't have to reaaaaaaallly aware on Husna condition on my back.
At least I can happily ensure that Husna is comfortable if she ever fall asleep on my back (which she always does).

It is a plum merimeko with graphite straps.
I am loving it (of course until Husna outgrown this carrier..hmmmm may be in 6months time, then this X2 will be on sale).

Flat pic

I look demok from back..:p

In terms of comfy to the wearer, it  is actually similar to Kanga J.
It feels the same.
Kanga X2 is the improved version of Kanga J with additional headrest.


Another late night project by yours truly.
Coin purse herot berot.
Based on this tutorial COIN PURSE.

I'm SUPER D-DUPER excited now, desperately wanting more cute prints fabby for next project.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

BaJu UmMi..huhuhu

Alkisah kejadian, this morning when I sent Husna to her babysitter house.
"Laaa..awat Rozy pakai baju koyak?"
"Erk? Mana koyak?" with me looking closely on my t-shirt and noticed that there was a 8cm long cut on the right sleeve.
"Macamana leh koyak ni?..hmm.. heran ni ritu pun ada selai jadik lagu ni"
"Ada la tu sangkut kat mana-mana", said Kak Nomi
I replied, "Hantu paa.. dahlaa ritu orang kat depan tu kata, orang yang duduk kat umah sewa Rozy lani kata berhantu".
Then she added, "Hmm..umah tu memang nampak macam gloomy suram sikit"
Hahahah then story continued towards paranormal activity.. (not that I feel any ghost pun lurking around my house). Despite sometimes, Husna could giggle to the wall for no reason (which baby normally do), we never encounter any X Files incident.
"Takpalaa, Rozy balik salin baju", with dalam hati "Dahlaa aku dah lambat dah ni..aiseyyy".
Reaching home, I told Mr Asben that again another baju was mysteriously terkoyak.
He said "Saya tau sapa yang buat.."
"Nampak Hadiff pegang gunting tadi..tapi saya cek tak nampak pun terkoyak, ingatkan Hadiff tak sempat gunting"
"Oooo Hadiff, pandai lak dia gunting", though a bit ralat but understandable that this totally my fault.
Sapa suruh tinggai gunting merata.
At least it is just an old (BUT MY FOVOURITE) t-shirt, kalau terluka mana-mana kan dah haru (which mr asben may blame me laa for that)

Terima kasihlaa Hadiff suh Ummi tukaq baju..rasanya baju Ummi pakai lani lagi matching dengan tudung baru Ummi.. :p

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Mak Ngah bagi Ummi pinjam mesin jahit Singa Singer.
Wahh Ummi was really excited, she has always dream to own a sewing machine.
Not that Ummi reaaaally know how to sew, just like ekhemmm may be end up like oooooother former (?) hobbies.
At this moment, Ummi is working on cloth pad project (with Abah of course)
But last night, when Husna had finally fell asleep and Hadiff was charmingly behaving, Ummi decided to sew pillow cases for Hadiff and Husna.
Yeap, quite recently, Ummi started to meroyan on designer fabric. (dan butang mata tengok on the cute prints).
Using a simple logic, Ummi just carefully sewn two simple (that needs only straight stitches) pillow cases.

Hadiff's pillow case is using Wild Animals from Robert Kauffman
Husna using Daisy Dance by Michael Miller
Hm..apa pulak yg Ummi nak wat yaa pasni?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DiDyMos TuSsAh sIlK FiScHe Sz 2

I bought this wrap out of curiosity.
Bought it from thebabywearer.com.
It had received many good reviews from fellow malaysian babywearer and I'd wanted desperately to feel/touch it.
To understand the uniqueness and the support it can offer.
This wrap was actually dyed before and later stripped to naked by previous owner.
It comes with its original off white colour, the natural colour of tussah silk.
Read more on tussah silk HERE.
This wrap contains 40% tussah silk and 60% organic cotton.

Tussah silk (tussah means wild) is a plain weave silk fabric from "wild" silk worms. It has irregular thick and thin yarns creating uneven surface and color. Wild silkworms feed on leaves other than mulberry leaves.Tussah silk is similar to shantung, with silk from the wild. Color is often uneven; usually referred to as "raw" silk.

Initially I wanted to dye this wrap.
Not that I've any experience in dyeing.
But no harm giving it a try, the worst it can happen is you've to strip it back..hahahah
But when I received the Azur, my attention had totally diverted from it.
This TSF wrap seems like has no meaning to me.
The reason is solely because, TSF is in size 2 which only good for RUB and rebozo.
And I don't do these two wrap carry, sorry to say. :(
So off it went to a new home.
Hope it deserves more snuggle time with LO.

without flash

with flash

Can you see the swimming fishes?
If the wrap is to be dyed the contrast will make the fishes more noticeable/obvious. 
Yes, this wrap definitely offers good support, a hel* lot more compare to 100% cotton stripey  girasol wrap.
It also feels 'dense' and gripy.
Definitely a 'confident' wrap for RUB, no slippage.

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