Friday, October 30, 2009

CuTeSt BaBy In WaLkEr CoNtEsT

Semperna hari jadi ke-2 Aqilah yg tomei pada 23 Oct lepas (epi besay yaaa dari acik rozy), ibu Aqilah, Orked telah organize contest baby di dalam walker..so since this week I am so super crazy buzy with work... rasa cam beshh jer join contest yg mudah ini.... so this is the photo yg me up kan..

Muhammad Hadiff Raef b Hazari
1thn 1 bulan

Hadiff was introduced to walker by his babysitter (and without my permission!) when he was just 5 month old.. I was infuriated that time but when I saw he really had a very good time, I just let it be.. tengoklahh alangkah bahagianyaa hidup dia...
Since then I have analyzed the good and the bad of using walker..

1- Hadiff learn to explore his environment in fast mode.. dia akan masuk dari bilik ke bilik and look for "kerja".There were so many learning process took place.
2- Hadiff akan datang cari his Ummi whenever he needs me instead of menangis...<-aman tenteram sikit hidup ni kan.
3- Walker did help him in his leg coordination... kind of exercise I would say..kayuh laju-laju..
4- More playing activity for him dengan cousin2 dia main kejar2.. so less clinging time dengan me..hehhehehe
5- Button2 kat walker tu can keep him occupied for a long time especially kalau ada sound yg menarik (but normally the button memang xkan kekal lama...cepat ja rosak)


1- I've heard that walker is not good for immatured baby back bone..(but if we take precaution, I think it would be fine)..heheheh<--tu kes nak tenteramkan hati tuu...
2 - Penatnyaa mengemas..as Hadiff could stand in his walker and try to capai barang2... Nanie the nanny sometimes complained that whenever Hadiff had the chance to go into bedroom benda pertama dia buat is tarik semua baju yg terlipat... macam best sangat kan..
3- We need to put extra precaution like unstable walker yg ble terbalik..but I alway set the walker height at the lowest level..giving more stability to the walker..
4- Kalau umah spesies lantai tinggi rendah...sangat merbahaya kalau walker tersadung or terbalik..
5- Last but least..hahh merasalaaa kaki kita kena 'sagat' dengan walker tu... dan biasanya our baby akan gerak so fast macam formula one.

That's all.. Hopefully telah memenuhi syarat2nya...


Thursday, October 22, 2009

To all contest organizer - Pls take note!


This is a kind reminder.
Saya nih saja jer nak remind to those yg akan organize contest (termasuk diriku ini)...
Pls..pls...pls.... jangan ler bg org yg jadik pemenang tu menunggu2 hadiah macam Bulan jatuh ke riba...
Kalau dah xleh antar lagi because of any hindrance pls let the winner (s) know...
kesian tau....huhuhuu
Itu aje posting untuk harini sebab saya sangatlaaa tahap gabannya seboknya...

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Salam kawan-kawan semua, ni nak inform yang saya dengan rasminya(cey..cey..cey..) telah membuka sebuah kedai di alam maya ini..
Jemputlah singgah naa tengok kot ada yg berkenan di hati..

Sila click Kedairozy

terima kasih..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Questions that make me win an iPod shuffle

Ngeee macam xpercaya lakss..

My RnD Vice President ~Volkmar Schultz has decided to abandon (?) us and wants duduk diam-diam in Germany (he hates traveling by now). So today he said lets gather and bring along a pen and a paper.

He wrote some figures on the whiteboard, and we were requested to write down on the paper the meaning behind the figures. First answer wrong, you are out. And the prize is an iPod shuffle.

1 500 000 000 - sales of TFX Medical
600 000 000 - sales of TFX EMEA
1989 - TFX bought Rusch
1885 -Rusch was founded
14571 - Risk Management

Me and another engineer got the first figure right. The rest all wrong.
VS skipped the second (though we knew the answer)
We were clueless on the 3rd figure
I knew the 4th...so I am the WINNER...yeayy!!!!

I searched the net and surprised to know that this gadget worth RM299!

But frankly, this thing is not much use to me.
I have a MP4 which almost 2 years I never use.
I have a NOKIA XpressMusic 8GB (prezzie from Mr Asben..very thankful for that) which is more than enough for me <-never use its music function though..

But never mind, now I have an iPod!!

I am sooo lucky, ain't I?

Donating Blood while Breastfeeding

Today, we have a Blood Donation Drive in my company. Hospital Taiping Blood Bank is here. I was so excited to donate my blood, proud to say that I am a regular blood donator. Filled in the form and queued to be weighed and checked, I looked around and saw the smiling familiar faces laying on the beds provided. I guess they were all proud of themselves to part of this honorable event.
After pondering on the weighing scale on why suddenly my weight has shoot up, the she doctor asked the usual questions, any recent operation (nope), did I take any medicine recently (nope), pregnant (nope), age of youngest child (1 year plus), nursing? (yes), fully? (yes), banyak susu? (so far okaylah)....
She doctor : Maaf na akak, akak xleh menderma darah hari nih.. sebab takut nanti akak pengsan.
Me: Pasaipa aa...

She doctor : Masa derma banyak amik air dari badan, nanti akak xcukup air nanti pengsan.

Me : Nanti saya minumla air banyak2

She Doctor: Saya xnak amik risiko kak..

Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh... owh saya sangatlahhh frustnya.

With a heavy heart, me went back to the office did some net search and found this.

Can a Breastfeeding Mother Donate Blood?

Whether a breastfeeding mother should donate blood or not is subject to debate. Because donating blood removes fluid from the body and fluid levels can affect milk supply, a breastfeeding mother should carefully consider whether she should give blood and consult her doctor before doing so. In general though, a healthy mother with a well-established milk supply can donate blood.

In the American Red Cross guidelines, pregnant women are asked not to donate and nursing mothers are asked to wait six weeks after giving birth. The Canadian Blood Services temporarily defers women from giving blood if they’ve had a pregnancy within the last six months. The Australian Red Cross requires women to wait at least nine months after giving birth for the iron stores to replenish. It also requires that the mother wait even longer until the baby receives most of his or her nutrition from solid foods.

La Leche League experts are divided on the issue:

Dr. Gregory White, long-time senior medical advisor to LLLI, has always recommended caution in regard to breastfeeding mothers donating blood. On the other hand, Dr. Jack Newman, another member of the LLLI Health Advisory Council, says that any otherwise eligible mother can donate blood whether or not she is breastfeeding.

During blood donation about one pint (two cups, 450 ml or 16 fluid ounces) of blood is collected. According to the Canadian Blood Services, the plasma loss is replaced within hours. Because breast milk is 87% water, theoretically that temporary loss of fluid could affect milk supply and nursing mothers with supply issues might wish to refrain from donating blood. Others should consider drinking extra water before and after the donation as it’s important for a nursing mother to stay properly hydrated.

the link is : http://www.blisstree.com/breastfeeding123/can-a-breastfeeding-mother-donate-blood/

So it is true whatever the doctor said....

Any comments from you nursing moms out there. Is there anybody who has broken this rule?

MBP - CuTeSt BaBy In StRoLlEr

MomBloggersPlanet has organized another fantastic bombastic Cutest Baby Contest. And this time Cutest Baby in Stroller!
Owh! How I wish I can win one of those prizes (especially kalau dapat beg baru pujaan hati kann..). The sponsors for this contest are:-

Here it goes, photo of HadiffBolat in his favourite of all time stroller

Ooops not that one, itu stroller HadiffBolat guna waktu petang..Nanie the Nanny yang punya, untuk ditolak keliling Taman Perumahan.

His stroller, (nope, it ours actually),Combi Miracle Turn (as seen below) was bought when HadiffBolat was still in my womb. It serves wonderfully to our family.

Name: Muhammad Hadiff Raef b Hazari aka HadiffBolat
D.O.B : 30TH Sept 2008 (same as his Umi)

Q: Why I love this stroller?

A: Load Lots of reasons!
1- The ultimate reason I decided to buy Combi Miracle Turn is it can be folded and fit nicely into my Dirty Devoted Kancil. It does not consume much space and therefore we could bring the rest of the house along with us when we are traveling.
2- It is awesomely lightweight. Senang nak mengangkut ke sana sini.. kalau Hadiff refuses to be placed inside the stroller, Mr Asben boleh lipat dan bawak dengan sangkut di bahu.
3- Warnanya yg very vibrant and eye catcher.
4- It is a 170degreeC full reclining and adjustable so leh guna as tram or buggy.
5-Kalau HadiffBolat tidur, we just need to pull the adjustable flange at the back and pull down the shield. It is soooo simple!
6- The maneuvering system is the state of art with its auto swivel wheels and that is why it is called Miracle Turn. Similar to a 4 wheel drive vehicles (xdapat 4WD, dapat stroller with the same system pun jadiklaaaa). Senang nak cilok2 lam shopping mall.
7- Another marvelous feature is it is two way facing so you can either let your child to enjoy the view by facing in front or rear facing towards his beautiful mama.
8- The cushion is so soft as you can see below, Hadiff diulit mimpi intan yang indah.

9- The front guard, cushion, shield are all detachable and washable. Allow us to keep it hygienic and clean for our beloved ones! (<-one only at this moment).
10 - Last but not least, the easy locking system of the wheels keep the stroller securely static.

Stroller for babies
It is a MUST for a new mom.
I remember when I first brought Hadiff to my office when I was just out of "pantang", owh how clumsy I was when holding Hadiff. So I just placed Hadiff comfortably inside the stroller and let him be the centre of the universe.(kawan2 opislaa dok belek2).
Plus, after a tiring walk around the shopping mall, I can let Hadiff doz off and continue doing shopping. That avoid any grumpy restless child from interrupting our utmost favorite hobby isn't?

I do recommend new moms out there to buy a good stroller (good doesnt mean expensive or branded) for their babies. It makes your life more convenient!

Monday, October 12, 2009

HaDiFf Tantrum StRiKeS uS!

Orang tua2 said beralih bulan... .. i guess it getting worst each day..started when his age strikes 1, his normal charming sweet little baby boy turned to meghap boy.. he hates to be alone.. he hates his toys..sometimes he seems to hate everything around him..

Soklan biasa from me and Mr Asben "Hadiff nak apa nih?".."Hadiff dah besaqlaa..manaleh dukung2.."

So I searched around if I missed anything..

Question: What Can I Do About My Baby's Tantrums?


Learn about it
A baby's first tantrum can take you by surprise. Your baby can really shock you by shrieking, stamping, hitting, or making his whole body go stiff. But don't take it personally; baby tantrums aren't about anything you've done wrong, and they aren't really about temper, either -- your baby isn't old enough for that. The ways you’ll respond to your baby's behavior when he is older are different than how you should respond now.

Why babies have tantrums and what you can do about it
A baby tantrum is an abrupt and sudden loss of emotional control. Various factors bring tantrums on, and if you can identify the trigger, then you can help him calm down -- and perhaps even avoid the tantrum in the first place. Here are the common reasons and ways to solve the problem:

Overtiredness -- Settle baby down to sleep; Provide quiet activity.

Hunger -- Give baby a snack or something to drink.

Frustration -- Help baby achieve his goal or remove the frustration; Use distraction.

Fear/anxiety -- Hold and cuddle baby; Remove baby from difficult situation.

Inability to communicate -- Try to figure out what he wants; Calmly encourage him to show you.

Resisting change -- Allow a few minutes for baby to make adjustment.

Overstimulation -- Move baby to a quiet place.

How to prevent baby tantrums
Often, you can prevent a baby from losing control of his emotions if you prevent the situations that lead up to this. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When baby is tired, put him down for a nap or to sleep.
  • Feed your baby frequently. Babies have small tummies and need regular nourishment.
  • Give your baby toys that are geared to his age and ability level.
  • Warn your baby before changing activities ("One more swing, then we're going home").
  • Be patient when putting your baby in an unfamiliar environment or when introducing him to new people.
  • Help your baby learn new skills (such as climbing stairs or working puzzles).
  • Keep your expectations realistic; don't expect more than your baby is capable of.
  • As much as possible, keep a regular and predictable schedule.
  • When your baby is overly emotional, keep yourself as calm as possible.
  • Use a soothing tone of voice and gentle touch to help your baby calm down. He can't do it on his own, he needs your help.

  • Source : http://babyparenting.about.com/od/babies212months/f/babytantrum.htm

    I also found that if your child can understand you, you shouldn't give in. THEY want to see if they can get what they want and if they realize that by throwing tantrums they will get it, they will definitely do it again!!

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Makan2 kat Opis

    Rini saya sangat kebulur lapar..dah makan macam2 tolak batu kayu sibek ada
    serdak kuih raya lemau lam tepawer belakang meja opismate..

    teringat semalam ada sesi Sambutan Hari Raya Peringkat Kebangsaan opis.. banyak makanan..tp nyesal xmakan semua jeniss..bila asik lapar nih..
    lagi saya rasa menyesal..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..
    oo nasik dagang semalam memang sedap..untung director kawen dengan org kelantan..
    rasa macam nakpi kelantan..ehh nasik dagang trengganu lagik sedapkan..
    teringat makan kat cafe di UNI lu..sepinggan singgit..xdak dah rasanyaa cafe tu
    nasik dan cafe tu dah xdak dahh..dan mana nak jumpa dah sepinggan singgit.

    Dengan geng hijau..

    Semakkan meja saya..tu tandanyaa saya sangat berlagak sebok..

    Hadiff Dah Besar!!

    Hadiff dah besar laa Ummi!! (Walaupun xleh jalan lagik)

    When he was so kecik, he could sit quietly in his stroller

    Now, I bet he could only stand in there for only 15minutes!When he was so kecik, he love to be carried in his pouch and sling

    Now, he will squirm and and scream, unless he is asleep.
    When he first got to know the troley, he would grin widely with his feet dangling when we placed him in the slot near to the handle.
    Now he hates it. What he loves so much is
    He wants to be free in the trolley so that he can move around. There was one time he managed to took off his pants.(thanks god not his diaper!)

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    HaDiAh BeSdAy hAdIFF


    Ni hadiah besday dari Ummi tuk Hadiff..Abah xsuka bg material (Ummi yg materialistik...HAHAHAHAH) , Abah bg Amanah Sham Didik kat Hadiff, InsyaAllah Abah akan boh tiap2 tahun..(tp Abah ckp xmo bgtau sampy Hadiff dah 18Tahun..).

    Hadiff suka dak beskal nih, Ummi ngan Abah leh tolak2 sampy Hadiff pandai kayuh sendiri naa.. (berjalan pun xterrer lagik..heheheh).

    Hadiff suka sangat sampy nak mandi semalam pun kena perang besaqkan... pastu merajuk xmo tengok beskal tu...tp Hadiff eksen saja kannn.... pastu macam xmo tidoq semalam dok belek2..(besalaaa kann kita pun camtu gakkan kalau dapat benda baru kann..)..

    Hadiff posing with his new beskal (sesungut dah tercabut semalam..dan sebelah lagi tercabut pagi tadi....pasni xtaulaa apa pulak yg tercabut)

    Ngah explore barang baru.. "Selamatkaa tayar nih?"

    Aikk?!! Hadiff bukan jadik passenger naaa..kena dok depan!

    Aiyakk!! Suka dok lam ni lakk..

    Sebabkan Hadiff suka dok lam bakul kuning tu..Abah dah cabut keluaq..Sowi naaa... merbahaya tuk kesihatan.. tp yg lawaknyaa pagi tadi Hadiff amik bakul tu try boh balik kat beskal... hehehhehe ingat noo...

    Thursday, October 1, 2009

    KiSaH PaGi TaDi - Di KKIA

    Rini budak kecik kena cucuk MMR, dah cukup setawun.. klinik kat umah ngah renovation so kami menuju la ke KKIA Parit Buntaq... masa tu dah almost koi 8, hmm... kagum toi nengok staff kat situ kelam kelibut punch card..pastu ku perasan ada pakcik dok tunggu kat depan punch card.. ku ingatkan dia nak monitor sapa yg terlewat...

    Tetiba... (taim tu tengok punch machine dah koi 8.02pg)

    Sorang kakak nih : Ish..nih silap nih jam nih... kat keta baru 7.59..kat sini dah 8.02.. pakcik.. kena tukaq nih..
    Pakcik yg tunggu kat depan tu : Ya ka? Nak tukaq? Hmm...
    Pastu xsemena2 kakak dengan sorang staff pompuan lagik dok kalut2 cari pen.. nampaknya depa xpunch tp tulis taim masuk...hmmmmm

    Kejadian seterusnya..

    Mailaa sorang staff nih dengan baju batik segala (lelaki) nampak cam berpangkat sikit..
    Kiranya taim tu lewat rr... pakcik tu pun kalut2 cam nak ubah taim kat mesin punch card tu..
    Pakcik : Ni silap nih...nak ubah dak? Nak ubah saya boleh buat (Pakcik tu dah pegang mesin punch card tu)
    Org lelaki berbaju batik : Xyah laa...tp dengan senyum2 (<--dia xpunch pun tengok...).. kalau terawai satgi leh balik awai..

    Ku and hubby memang gelak tengok gelagat depa...klakarlaaa...
    to org gomen yg baca posting nih..ada soklan sikit..
    1- akan effect appraisal hangpa ka kalau kad punch kaler merah?
    2- memang kat opis gomen still guna mesin punch card yg mechanical tu ka? Ha laa sejak ku keja nih dari dulu lagi opis ku guna yg digital..

    Me and Mr Asben wat conclusion yg pakcik tu memang ada kaitan dengan mesin punch card..
    and sibek kami xkeja gomen..sebab memanjangggg jaa lambat masuk opis..

    Apa2 pun HadiffBolat memang enjoy his visit to KKIA. Tengoklah siap leh men2 tunggang kuda plastik lagik... kena cucuk maintain macho.. misi2 dok puji xnangis ka paa..dia siap leh tengok lagik misi dok cucuk lengan dia.. Baiknyaaa adik nih.. hehehheheheh anak sapa kan..

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