Thursday, April 30, 2009

My breastmilk fat content yg terbazir..huhuhuhu

Its been quite sometimes now that I have this question hanging in my mind..
To those who know the answer to this, really appreciate if you can explain scientifically to me how does this happen. I guess those who breastfeed their child do see this. Just wonder if you also have asked yourself.. hmmm let me tell what is the question I am mumbling about.

The Story

One day, I took out my fresh EBM from the fridge.. extra EBM to be poured into bekas dadih and kept in the freezer. Since Hadiff started to eat, he seems to take lesser EBM that causes my freezer to be overcrowded with frozen EBM.. (wish I have deep freezer..huhuhuhu to mr asben..please take note yaa! hehehe)

As usual considering 6 bottles x 4oz of EBM for the next day Hadiff in BS house (but normally only 4 are consumed, 2 for back up in case of emergency...car breakdown..blaa..bla..blaa..),2 bottles expressed in the earliest day were taken out to be placed in freezer compartment. Have a look at the photo below, how in the world that the fat can cover the upper side of the bottle? I only stored 4oz of EBM in the bottles? Jeng...jeng..jeng...

Though I lightly/slowly shaked the bottles to dilute back the fat into the EBM, some were still sticking on the inner side. Don't you think that this is a waste? If only I could shake harder.

Should I store the bottles upside down like this?

And place it the fridge like this? So when the fat sticking on the bottles I can turn it back and easier for the BS too.

Any scientific answer to this?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

REVIEW : Cloth Diaper - Between KS, HH and Coolababy

Before you start reading this post, I would like to emphasize that this is merely my personal review based on my experience. Definitely does not shadowed by any commercial intention.

I have been using cloth diapers religiously now, 100% on day time and almost 100% nite time ( almost because sometimes I could be struck by lazy lightning.. so xcukup to cover the whole day..hehehhe). So far in my collection, I have 8 of CB (coolababy), 1 HH (Happy Heiny's cow print, I love it so I bought it, found it to be really expensive) and just recently added in a KS (Kasihku Sayangku), just for trial.

Herewith my personal humble review of these three CD.
Coolababy (red), KS (yellow), HH (cow prints)

1- Sizing

From biggest to smallest arrangement
HH has a generous sizing.. it can be fitted from baby to toddler.. but I found it to be bulky for newborn.. apart of the RM a piece.. this CD can be a worth investment for a long run. KS sizing is almost similar to CB.

2- Waist Adjustment
HH - Velcro
KS - Velcro
CB - Snap button
I prefer the snap button as the adjustment is prefixed. "Tick" the button...settle.. KS velcro is definitely a thumb down.. senang terbuka.. and I found it to be disturbing.. Sibek Hadiff still kecik lagi..if he knows how to tarik2..sure dah terbukak CD nih..

3- Insert/Pocket Opening
HH and CB is a daddy's big hand friendly user.. Though KS opening appears to be neat than HH and CB, the pocket is surprisingly narrow.

4- Material
HH and CB have the microfleece layer..but HH material felt softer while CB will eventually turn to yellowish after sometime. KS has a suede cloth that I found to be difficult to get rid of poo poo.
Prints of HH is delicous.. (ehh??)

5- Marks on delicate baby skin
KS leaves obvious marks on Hadiff.. CB also but not as apparent as KS. HH? Not that I notice..

Which one is better? Value for money?
The true is..I do not have any particular preferences.. Up to you to judge..
But the main reason we choose CD instead of Dispo.. ..

Till then..

signing off

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jom Main Puzzle Set Bersalin Amway!

Sound lawak toi title kat atas tu kann... but that is a reality.. I have been trying to put all the boxes together since the first time I took out all the boxes from the big boxes.. Since, I am selling away this not-so-utilised-and-bazir-my-pocket-money (panjangnyaa huhuhu) set bersalin nih.. I desperately need to put back everything inside the main box.. huhuhuhh after several attempts in vain, I let my hubby try his luck..(though discreetly I was very sure he could do it..).. minutes passed by..noops like that the main box should be able to be closed properly yer... hehehehhe..
At last, HE DID IT!!!!

Pump Back In Action!!

Fot the past 2 days, I had to kerah my hands' tenaga to express my breastmilk.. huhuhuhuh... penatnya... The reason..my S3 breakdown without giving me any warning. Tetiba jer suction jadi slow.. Thought of sending it back to Suli.(Happened once but Suli said its due to the tombol, suction capability is still in tip top condition).. My hubby offered to godek-godek and see where the problem is.. I agreed.. as the warranty pun dah abih dah.. Luckily still due to the tombol.. so now no more Avent Isi at the office.. its so time consuming and tiring using a manual..
To those yg xpernah tengok the inside of S3..have a look..

till then...cheerioss!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coolababy second order dah sampy!!!

Second round order diaper nih tuk opismate yg mintak tolong orderkan... hehehhehe mehh ramai2 guna CD for our pocket and environment... Behh tull tengok berkaler2... kurembat gak satu kaler kuning to complete the range.. REGA? entahlah... korang bayar ujung bulan ni jer bila bil credit card hubby ku sampy.. saja tolong member2... tenkiu to mr asben sebab tolong order and bayar...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eating Time!! Yummy!! Yummy!!

Six months flew so fast.. felt like just a glimpse of eye..he reached the safe zone for a breastfeeding mums like me.. Heheheh... eating time... introduction to solid food... Hadiff had no problem with eating..he accepted it like he had waited for to time to come.. hehehheeee..

Testing and exploring his new baby chair..

Tenkiu Ummi for this cute baby chair..

Besarnyaa kosi nih..bestnya makan kat sini

dapnyaa Ummi's cooking..Yummy!!


Ummi...takmooo dahh.. bluurrsss..

Makan teether lak ahh..

till then..XOXO

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My DIY Nursing Cover

I do need nursing cover to help me breastfeeding Hadiff in public without any unease feeling.. ye lahh to cover our aurat kann.. searching through internet made me realised how expensive the thing is.. while the concept is so simple and easy to make.. So pa kata I make my own nursing cover.. but oh oo I do not have a sewing machine.. but never mind... my curtain tailor a.k.a kak zierah will definitely help me on this.. hmmm just like an apron saja maa...

For the start, I bought a cheap cloth from the cloth shop..so cheap that my husband asked whether it is comfortable for Hadiff.. It is light a thin..

dah siap...and test... weekend ni ada kenduri best friend my hubby kat klang.. so if required can utilise this nursing cover...

cloth : RM5
upah jait: RM4
TOTAL COST :RM9...murahh tuuu...

signing off

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forum Susu Ibu dah ilang??

Tetiba ja bila ku masuk susuibu nak belek forum... column forumn dah ilang... nak masuk pun kena login... hmmm... apa sudah jadik nih? ker laptop aku yg problem... ker mata aku yg problem... hmmm

Betul ke cara nih?

Pompuan biasalahhh...my beloved hubby always say that when I started to spend money like water... just to pair the cow print wetbag..I bought a pair of HH cow print diaper (or the other way round? hehhee..) As compared to Coolababy diaper, HH has a really soft microfleece layer... insert is almost similar to Coolababy... Tried on Hadiff I observed it to be bulky.. or may be the way I dressed it? Is it incorrect? Apart from this, I found that the velcro is disturbing as I had to adjust the fitting several time... Coolababy snap is easier and it already fit based on the position of the snap button... hmm...definitely I need help on this.. I have send out e-mail to Angie... waiting phase now...

Cow Print Wet Bag

Yeahh!!! At last I received my wetbag... though not as per my wishlist with floral print, this is gud enuf for me.. Happy Heiny's wetbag bought from Angie's on-line store.. Just wonder why there is no HH tag on the bag... yeaa...like the Wahmies.. the bag carries the brand.. Hahahahah what a heck... it is stil functioning well.. toink..toink... no more plastic bag in Hadiff's basket.. Go Go Green... (though I always use plastic bag brand Econsave.. ..hehehehhe)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sesi Hadiff Gunting Rambut

Last week, Nanie The Nanny banyak kali pesan...potong rambut Adipp naa... dah panjang... sian dia dok garu2.. Hmm...yolahh dia baby boy..kalau baby girl len lak citer kan... so last Sunday..singgah Permatang Sintuk where we always call it saloon centre sebab banyak salun rambut Mak Nya (nyonyaa laa) kat situ. Sibek ada yg buka...Ni dah third time in 6months dia lahir kat dunia ni kena gunting rambut...cepat toi panjang... Pestaim lu kat salun sebelah... masa 3 months old.. stedi jekk letak kat penyandar kerusi... baik jek tengok.. second time hubby trim-trim jaa.. kali ni memang drama swasta laa... Anak Ummi kan dah besaq...dah pandai kann...

Mak Nya: Mau potong rambut rr?
Aku La: Ha aa (abih tu....)
Mak Nya: Rambut sapa? sambil tengok hubby (rambut hubby pun kena potong gak nih..dah panjang..)
Aku La: Rambut budak kecik nih...

Aik??!! Awat bukak baju aku ni... wat saspen jaa

Boh tola lak kat badan aku..

Apa men-men my head nih..

Owhh!! Apa nih?

Potong rambut.. elok2 sikit naa.. mau ensem-ensemm..

Pakai mesin laaakk... dahlaa bising... huhhuhuhuu

HUWAAAA!!!!! Takut.. UMMII!!

Tak mo!!! tak moo!! Abah!!

Abah dukung naa...

Abah!!! Cukup-cukup.. xmo gunting


Sob..Sob... agak2 ensem dak nih?

Bayaran: RM3 aje
Timing : 10minit aje

Last tengok...jambul depan xsempat nak potong.. alih-alih..nampak cam orang asli Penan pun ada.. Kui..kui..kui.. tapi xpaa... anak Ummi still lagik ensem.. (Ummi yg perasa..hehehe)
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