Thursday, July 28, 2011

DaMaGe FoR ToDaY - MoRe fAbBy!!

A verrryyyy beneficial lunch break ever..hehehehe
when Dear Hubby sudi to accompany me to a fabric store, Kamdar Bukit Mertajam.
I wanted to look for A matching fabric for a dress <--my first dress order :)
It was kind of hard to find a cute prints when the theme colour is grey.
However, I managed to find a nice greyish polka dot motive for this project.
Hopefully the momma likes it <---like I do :)

The best things is, I found a suitable fabric (knit to be exact) for Husna's leggings.
My eyes were all pening and rambang and I had to rush <--lucky me or more damage had been done.
I also found 2 knits  for my very first blouse project.
Can't wait for it *wink*wink*

Okie, that's all my rambling for today!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 2011 - One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding

An email fom MMPS (Mother to Mother Peer Support)
Please register (send email to the organizer, if you're interested to join.
Me will never miss it!!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – 7th) 2011, from MMPS.

This year MMPS (Mother to Mother Peer Support) would like to hold a ‘virtual’ One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding event.

This will take place on August 6th at 3pm.The idea is that anyone can join in, anywhere; either alone or in a group: mothers at home, at work, whilst shopping etc.

Soothing music will be available on the Internet so you can to get relaxed and prepared to breastfeed. This should be done around 2.45pm. All children feeding over the 3.00 – 3.01pm minute will be counted into the event.

We will use Koala Kids as our hub/base to coordinate and correlate the numbers.

As our name suggests we would like to spread the word Mother to Mother so please pass this message on via word of mouth, email, s.m.s. etc. to anyone and everyone you think may be interested in taking part.

This year we also want to show recognition to all our valiant working mums or mothers who are otherwise separated from their children. To honour these brave and determined ladies we are asking you to support and take part in this year’s event. You can do this in one of two ways:

1) This is the most preferred. At the designated time, on the 6th, put your child to the breast. You may be surprised and your child may comfortably feed.

2) Alternatively feed your breast milk to your child via cup or spoon. MMPS does not condone or recommend bottles or teats so feeding your child via this method will not count for this event.

Please then, by 3.30pm, send MMPS a message via email pgmmps@gmail.com OR sms to ONE of the following numbers: 0174259378 / 0124156446 / 0165533782 to indicate your inclusion in the final count. Email/SMS us the name of mother and child/ren and your email address. (For example: Connie Mooi and YangYang, pgmmps@gmail.com). We'll send you an e-certificate.

The total number of participants will then be announced by 4pm along with certificate details.

MMPS will be organising another One Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding event in October, on a larger scale. This will include Hospitals and Confinement Centres so to all our pregnant mothers out there, “don’t worry if you miss out on this event.”

Many thanks for your on-going support. It is your own dedication, determination and enthusiasm that will make this event successful. Please support by joining-in and spreading the message.

Best regards,

Monday, July 25, 2011

MaCaRoOn?- No ThAnKs

 Finally, after a high and low search on macaroon yg femes sangat tu,
I found SUGARBUD CAKES located near to my house at Bertam Perdana, a home based bisness by a nice lady/ WAHM mom.
I bought these at RM25 <--RM3 discounted from the actual RP <-thanks dear.
Please, do not ask me the flavor, I have no idea, eventhough she told me earlier.
I didn't really care as I never tasted any before...:p
The macs were nicely packed with red ribbon tied on the hard container.
I told her earlier that I may not like macaroon as I'm not a sweet tooth person.
She told me that there are 2 methods of preparing macaroons and the one that she made for me is sweeter compare to the other method. (don't ask me the name of those..:p)

 The macaroons

Cantik kalernyaa

She also gave me 2 shells of the less sweet macaroons..

My verdict:-

1)As expected, erk? I felt like eating raw sugar!! Too sweet to my liking.
2) The sweetness of the shell was too overwhelming up to the level I couldn't figure out the taste of the filling.
3) I couldn't differentiate the taste between those techniques as well.

I managed to eat one of each colour and had to drink 2 glasses of cold water and ate  kopok bantal to get rid off the sugary taste. Dear Hubby felt the same too (much expected from a person who drink averything 'O' and air suam).

Sorry dear, I may be your return customer..may be next time we have more time to know each other well.
but macaroon? NO THANKS! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

My oTrOmEn DaH BeSaQ!

Muhammad Hadiff Raef sudah bertukar menjadi Ultraman.
He is now in that phase where he is the Ultraman (and his little sister is Robot Kecik Sajaaa.. :p).
He always said :
"Otromen dan besaq"
"Otromen naik ketapi ijau, bot, nek kapaitebang" <---reflecting his utmost obsession in transportation.
but the best thing is
"Otromen pandai kencing kat lubang" <--- he is potty trained!!! finaaaaaaallly!!
I was really grateful when I'd boldly changed his baby sitter from his one year babysitter Ibu to Husna's babysitter Mamak (read:mak).
Mak had PT him in just ONE DAY!! With not even one accident occurred.
Thanks god lega...., no more buying disposable (or adding new cloth diaper stash).

My Ultraman talks a lot..when we were gathered together, I couldn't have any peaceful conversation with dear hubby. He would cut off our conversation, just with a simple question "Tu apa?".
If we ignored him, he would cover my mouth and said "diamlaa, Otromen nak cakap ni".
When he was doing his bisness in the loo, he would sing, he would just mumbling talking nothing in particular.
Aaand it was hilarious :p.

He merajuk a lot. But that could only last for few minutes. It ended quicker if he had something to say.
Aaahh and I realised since Hadiff and Husna are under the same care taker, they seemed to accept each other much better. Lesser sibling rivalry. :)
That's all the updates. (at least not blogging about sewing ngeh..ngeh...ngeh)

Here is his latest pic (not really good one) of him with his cousins makan iceream.

Owh, my Otromen..we really love you!!
And Robot Kecik Sajaaa too!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3.t.i.e.r.e.d.s.k.i.r.t.s laaaaagii

I sew 2 skirts for my best friend's daughters, Puteri Zara Mikhail and Puteri Melissa Mikhail. (cute names)
She is my only friend who had been with me when I was down and helpless.
I really cherish our friendship and org kata kawan sampai tua..
Yes, she is one of the selected ones. :)

Mr Asben commented that my sewing skill has improved and the prints I've chosen for this project is sooo english..and he likes it.
I do hope Zack and her daughters will like them too.

Please bear with my obssesion in sewing, i hope it is not permanent..:p
and hope I could blog about other things too.
But now, I just want to spend my time sewing!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I sew this set for a friend who expecting a baby girl in September.

Hope she will like it.
Consists of itty bitty dress and a baby booties.

OK, a friend said my bog has turned into tukang jahit blog :p
Should I create another blog dedicated for my sewing activities?
But not sure if I'm ready to actively manage 2 blogs..kang bersawang lak.
What say you?
Thanks ya!

pst :-suka lak dengan sewsukasukie.. the name exhibits sewing as an activity for fun for me.
OK tak?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


You heard it right, I am or in a better word, Husna is 100% a Grovia converted.
She cannot wear any synthetic fibre anymore. :(
That means no common pocket cloth diaper that use synthetic fibre as the liner (fleece or suede) for her.
But that really makes me wonder, as she seemed OK with synthetic fibre before.
She had no problem wearing it when she was a newborn up until hmm....last month when her skin had showed symptom of allergy.
Hahahaha, may be she inherits that from me.:p

I turned to Grovia when her rashes vanished when she wore Grovia.
So without hesitation, I started to stock up this diaper.
I was lucky as several momma had arranged  Group Buy, bought directly from the whole seller in US.
So the price is cheaper than buying from local shops.

This is my personal review on Grovia diaper.
Why I love Grovia :-
1- My daughter is allergic to synthetic fiber, therefore she can only wear Grovia as it is made of organic cotton.
2- Super trim on her.
3- Generous sizing with plenty of room for her growing bum.
4- Grovia design is brilliant and excellent, with super absorbent soaker, I never experience any leakage eventhough wearing Grovia since she was a new born.
5- Lovely cute fancy prints that match her outfits.
6- Definitely made of highest quality material, durable hence worth every penny spent.
7- I love AI2 system, hassle free and traveling friendly with lot less luggage.
8- Save water save electricity as the shell is reusable hence save the environment!

I started with a Grovia Experience package from Tiny Tapir, that was 1 year ago.
2 shells and 4 soakers.

Now I have,
6 shells and 22 soakers!! Hehehheheh
And definitely will grow more. :)

Hmmm, what should I do with those pocket CD?
I have 15 of them...

Monday, July 11, 2011


Me had always wanted to sew baby booties.
There many free tutorial in the net and owh those cute little feet definitely deserve more than just a pair of sock!!
This is my first attempt using a jeans fabric.
I plan to sew several pairs for my nieces.
And for two of my expecting babywearing friends.

Okie, sedikit senget here and there..but ok la kan? heheheh

Friday, July 8, 2011

FrEe SeWiNg TuToRiALs :)

A friend of mine was really surprised when she looked at my sewing creations in my fb.
She has known me from schooling days and she remember an incident where I was eye teared during KEMAHIRAN HIDUP lesson.
I was sooooooo bad in sewing, I was totally hopeless!
But now, ekhem...I sew for fun and DD wearables too. :)
She asked me where did I learn to sew?
Did I attend any formal classes?

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm yet to enroll myself in any class yet
(though had a plan ages ago)
I'd cancelled it just because....

I can learn it for FREE..yesss in the internet!!
My teacherS are...
meet them cyber-ically in the links I linked to this blog.
Waaayyyy lowest right portion under SEW.
These are my TEACHERS my INSPIRATIONS to sew.
They love to share..and the tutorials are VERY DOABLE and TIRUABLE.

Serious...you will definitely hooked and tempted to try sewing if you dare to casually browse through their pages.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BiRtHdAy PaRtY hUsNa 2.7.11

Nak paste gambaq ja...entah tetiba macam takdka mood lak :p

Birthday girl dengan semi handmade baju yg dijahit oleh saya.. :)
saya nampak sangat demokkk (memang pun :p)

Husna sangatlaa cranky hari itu kerana mengantuk tak hingat.

Birthday kek ni ja kami beli, the rest buat sendiri.

Husna potong kek..seyessnyaa muka.

Very the colourful, budak2 suka sangat.

Makanan di hari kejadian..yummy..

Abang Hadiff yg comot.

Semalam, Husna tidoq pukul 2pg..itu yg saya sedikit gelong tu..huhuuhuhuhuh

Monday, July 4, 2011

MoRe dEsIgNeR FaBbY!!

Hehehehhe gila beli kain pulak..:p
Owhh I cannot resist those yummylicious cute designer fabric in etsy.
Skyrevefabrics had a FATHERS DAY sale with 20% off from total order..yiippeee!!!
Lightning fast, I arranged for a group buy to save the shipping (which cost us USD14!!)

Ain't they cantik?

Friday, July 1, 2011

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAY hUSN@ R@iH@NN@H

My little darling is 1 year old today.
Her milestones are:-
1- Loveeeeeeees biting so much. Be prepared to be bitten by her if she gets excited on something and you're happen to be very near to her.
2- She just started to walk last week and currently in  practice to polish her walking skill.
3- She talks (or mambling or jerit) a lot!
4- She loves getting on Hadiff eventhough the consequences are quite painful hahahah (kena tolak).
5- Sometimes she can be a very darling little girl when most of time, clingy :p.
6- She has 8 teeth now and she really puts them into full use.

Happy Birthday Husna.
Moga menjadi anak yg soleha.

psst:- I love my new watermark..very colouful. :)
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