Wednesday, June 29, 2011

s.k.i.r.t.s.for Husn@

I'm making more skirts for Husna :)

These skirts to be worn kat umah Emak.

3 tiered skirt

 Husna dah mula berjalan..yeay!!!

Lazy Day Skirt

Owh, I can't wait to get my label..lalalalallaal. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

ToLoNg sAt = fidelitykids atau sewnbyrozy

Again, my newest craziness which is sewing.
I'm doing quite a lot of hopping here and there to sewing/crafty mama's blogs lately.
Gosh, really captivated with their sewing passion and those beautiful babies...*sigh.
*sigh again.

Okie, straight to the point.
I plan to put label on my finished products.
Those dresses, skirts and pants. (masih meroyan menjahit :P)
And I need a name for my label (which I'm su*k at choosing)
I found these labels suits me
FIDELITYKIDS (sounds nice, hope this name is still available. I'd google-d the name, seems ok)
SEWNBYROZY (which is more personal)

Well, not that I plan to sew for bussiness purposes, just suka suka syoq sendiri.

What say you?

Thanks a lot ya!

Product Review : Rockin' Green Detergent

Recently, I arranged a group buy in Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents to buy this detergent ROCKIN GREEN.
They had in on sale during recent Great Cloth Diaper Change.
Since then, I heard a lot of good reviews on this detergent that it works wonder to clear stinky smell from cloth diapers.
Therefore, without hesitation, I arranged for a group buy to bring in 120 sample packs and shared among us to save shipping cost. (Shipping alone costed us USD44!!)

Some infos on ROCKIN GREEN

Rockin’ Green is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients which makes it good for the planet and gentler on your little ones. Everything is made with love, and put to the test every single day on my own families diapers and laundry. So you know that I expect only the best from everything that I send out the door.
Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen).

It comes in 3 formula depending on our type of water (we chose classic).
And also several scents.

My own verdict:-
I only use this detergent for cloth diaper laundry.
Well, since it is very difficult to get and of course EXPENSIVE.
Initially I wanted to restrict the usage for strip washing only but feel that I can still use the 6packs of sample for along time.
My cloth diaper routine is once in every 3days (it is a full load of washing machine)
I soak it for 3hours and using normal cycle as opposed to former setting, speedy cycle.

My usual water level is 51, (I had it set at 41 last night as I only had half load laundry, and I forgot to press soaking for 3 hours :p).
ONLY 1 AND HALF SPOON of detergent is used.
Upon completing the washing cycle, the cloth diapers come out clean with NO SMELL at all!!
Not even a hint of ammonia or even the scent of the detergent :p.
The cloth diapers are usually line dry under my porch (with no direct sun).
The result?
I love this.. it really rids off all the stinky smell from the diapers.
And I noticed that  the usual urine smell that sometimes lingering after 1 hour of diapering has totally gone.

LOVING this detergent to max.

Pst: I believe these 6 sample packs will last me for another 6months.
I will definitely arrange another group buy if local stores do not able to import this great detergent in their stores.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blog Breastfeeding moms- please take note!!

Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera,

This is only a gentle/kind/friendly reminder. :)
For the past two days, I had a good discussion with fellow breastfeeding moms in a facebook group dedicated to breastfeeding moms (and those who wants to know more about breastfeeding).
We had a good discussion on how long the breastmilk can be consumed by the baby once the fresh/frozen milk has been warmed.
( berapa lama susu fresh atau frozen boleh bertahan di dalam suhu bilik sekiranya telah dipanaskan?)
A friend had linked the discussion to a breastfeeding mom's blog (which is one of a good sources for breastfeeding info) and we were surprised to read the guideline. It had stirred a confusion among us.

I immediately sought advice from a good friend of mine, who is also a breastfeeding advocate and a licensed breastfeeding counselor. She gave me a very good reference which I would like to share it here.
Please click on the link below :-

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol Committee

Therefore, I would really appreciate if you has included any breastfeeding guideline in your blog, please cross check the guideline with this protocol.

This will help to avoid any future confusion among breastfeeding moms especially new mommies.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

s.h.i.r.r.e.d d.r.e.s.s

Just manage to complete this dress.
Hm..I'm still excited making dresses.
It's my best learning curve as I learned a lot on new sewing techniques during each dresses making.
And it is soooo fun!
Here's my latest sewing project, shirred dress.

the shirring process was a bit difficult to start with
but getting easier along the way when I learned how to pull the fabric tight in order to prevent it from bunching.

Let me see where is the tutorial..hmm
ya HERE 
I should learn on fabric colour matching, macam tak kena jaa baju tu.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cantik adik unya, Hadiff nak baju...

Okes, I'm charged as guilty.
I'm almost completed Husna's fourth dresses now.

Hadiff has learned to understand when Ummi wat kerja, means he cannot kacau ummi.
Two days ago, he picked up the dresses that I've made for Husna
he said " Cantik....adik unyaa... Hadiff nak jugak"
Toucheeeeyyy....Ok, something touched my heart and knocked my senses.
I've been busy making something for Husna but NONE for Hadiff.
Hadiff requested baju, but what baju I can sew for an active little boy?
To tell you the truth, I have 2 nice boyish designer fabrics for him
I'm totally clueless on what to sew. :(
hahaha except another pillow case, Hadiff loves his wild animal pillow case.

Any idea?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shawl Giveaway by littlemamadiary.com

Okes, nak join giveaway ni..mana tau kot ada rezeki dapat shawl yg cantik-cantik.. :)
so siapa yg nak join tu leh laa, pi ke LITTLEMAMADIARY.COM
Follower? - Memang dah lama follow pun
ID? - Rozy
Link? - Dah link dua lagi kat atas tu.
Sebab nak shawl adalah saya dah kehilangan satu beg plastik hitam shawl masa pindah rumah, dulu saya rasa saya cantik pakai shawl, tapi bila shawl dah tak ada..rasa macam tak cantik lak.

Okes, itu sahaja entry contest ini.
Senang saja.


My halfday project..gosh now I knew that it is not so difficult to sew dresses. :p
Sundress with the tutorial from HERE.
I just need half yard of fabric.
The bodice is from DIY Pad scrap fabby <--looks familiar? :p

A very uncooperative model..ishh.. :p
OK, the strap is too long, hence Husna looked a bit cekci here. :p

Monday, June 13, 2011

I CaN'T sTop!!

Yes, I can't stop sewing..
If only I have more hours in a day..and I have those extra minutes all by myself (with no interuption from a crawling baby)..
I have so many projects line up in my mind now..
and most of them are DRESSES!!
and and there are so maaaaaaaaaaany free patterns out there!
And I want mooooooooooooore of those cute designer fabrics..
how i wish I'm paid in US DOLLAR instead.. :p

Friday, June 10, 2011

NIP in a Ring Sling

Mudah sangat.
You should learn.
It needs lots of practice but once you have mastered it..
It is a breezee..easy peasy..
BTW, that pic was taken at Bukit Bendera, Hadiff wanted to 'nek ketapi'.

PuMpInG n DrIvInG with SeAtBeLt

Who say we cannot use seatbelt while pumping and driving.
I did that almost everytime I commute to and fro Perda-Kamunting.
It is comfortable and SAFE!
The upper strap will be placed above the breastsheild (as seen above), 
the lower strap will be placed on the tummy so that the bottles can be seated right on the hips.
well, I never use the handsfree..NEVER (as I'm just impatient to set it right).
I'd tried once and gave up :p
Switch on the pump and concentrate on your driving.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

HaDiAH dAh SaMpAi!! :)

Entry saya di SINI
Berjaya menang SPECIAL PRIZE , result di SINI.
Hadiah dah sampai, dan saya sangat suka.
Especially the wetbag is sooo suitable for daily use.
Untuk EMAK Husna letak soiled cdnya.


Makcik sukoooo!!!


MaCam TahU Ja

Suddenly, there were TWO advertisements on mobile internet on my blog!! :p
Umobile and Digi..
It seems like THEY knew that I'm about to fulfill my next wishlist for this year.
Even though I'm still contemplating between the other two giant operators.

Aaaaaaaaaand I heard that the next generation is around the corner.
Should I wait?

sorryyy..no pic this time.
I leave you wondering on what I'm rambling about.

Friday, June 3, 2011

FS: Snowbear milk/food warmer

Functioning well Snowbear milk/food warmer
No plastic holder (xperlu guna pun) and car adaptor (can buy from car accessory shop)
Selling price RM75 inclusive pos laju (RP 149.90)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

YeStErDaY : SeRiEs Of UnFoRtUnAtE EvEnTs

I was sooo d**n unlucky yesterday,,,ish..ish...

I had toothache all day long, even pain killer was not working. (The night before I'd paid RM320 to a dentist just to get greater intense toothache :( :( )
I had to travel to Kamunting to complete my testing, just to find out most of the tests cannot be performed in Kamunting, but had to source for the tester elsewhere.
Went to The Store Jualan Gudang potong hingga 80%, and found out that they cheat on the actual price..bad..bad..bad....
Almost hit by another car at Juru toll <--biasalaa orang potong queue..I did my part by honking sooooooo loud. :p
I was on rush to post my Melkaj to the new owner, PO closed at 6pm, I arrived at 5.45pm and I had to fold the melkaj again..and realized that it couldn't fit into the Pos Laju largest superthin plastic envelope. :?(
I'd to resort to plastic Kamdar and I really regret of not preparing the package earlier.
Then, I realized that I forgot to include I LOVE BREASTFEEDING sticker in the package (I normally give free sticker to my stuff buyer)
Upon handover the package, I noticed that the postcode to Putrajaya is wrong and the counter girl had to browse through a thick postcode guides to find it..(felt really guilty).
I planned to make burger for dinner, bought the bun, the patty and on the way back just realised that I'm running out of butter (which I always had in my fridge for a quick baking project)
When I reached the mini market (to buy an expensive buttercup), a car had block my way..and I'd signalled the driver to move slightly in front so that I can pass through (which actually my way).
When I was in the kedai, the driver came to the shop and shouted so loud
I was puzzled why he said that, but I just act like nothing happen,,and I believe that piss him more :p.
The owner of the kedai (named Sultan :p), whispered to me..
"buat taktau jaa...orang tak betul ni.."
That's what I did, abaikan saja..
He felt embarrassed as no one entertained him..hahahahhah..buat malu muka sendiri ja..:p
Owh.. and he threaten me to SEPAK MUKA..hellooo!!! who do you think you are..
I didn't even honk at him eventhough he actually blocking me way.
Well, he is those type orang tua yang ego tiiiiiiiiiiingi menggunung....
aaaaaaandd I drive Honda city saja okeh..mana mampu nak pakai honda civic!!  :p :p

When I reached home, all those unfortunate events just vanished..
seeing the face of the loved ones.. makes my day brighter again.

SEKIAN..celoteh saya tuk hari ini..(tu pun kalau ada orang sudi baca :p :p)
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