Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me WiN ThE NeW Me cOnTeSt YeAy!!

I couldn't believe it myself.
Menang? Never expect it.
First prize? Think I'm dreaming.
But I won..gosh...lately LUCKY is my middle name *wink*
Remember my last minute contest submission HERE?

First Prize (total worth RM 274)

Green Pocket Laundry Ball worth RM189
Khazis Boutique 'Apparel Voucher' worth RM45
Nabila House PFA 'Perfume & Voucher' worth RM25
Honey's Quilling Accessories worth RM 15

Thanks Hanz..thanks you sponsors.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

KiRiMaN DaRi DiAn

Hahaah... cam tak percaya ja.. dulu baca beberapa blogger dapat souvenir from Dian.
Dulu tak kenal pun siapa tu dian..I remember saying to myself, huh bertuahnya jadi kawan Dian..then terserempak Dian di Malaysian Babywearer forum..terus rasa macam kenal jaa... hheheheh. Rupanya dunia cyber kat Malaysia ni taklaa besar sangat tambah lak when we share the same passion kan.. And then macam tak percaya ja Dian nak bg the same souvenir to me too..
Pucuk di cita ulam mendatang laaa..
Tapikan Dian, macamnalaa hang leh cari masa nak menjahit2 ni?
I mean as a doctor, hang ada masa noo..Suka sangat ngan kiriman mu itu... siap ngan tulis surat tu yang tak tahan..

2 cloth panty liners, 2 pairs of cloth breastpad and a letter....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GiVeAwAy HaRi rAyA kAk yOnG[dot]CoM

Kak Yong yang peramah (walaupun xpernah jumpa) buat giveaway lagik... yeay!!!!
Jom ramai-ramai join..tp kena jadik regular visitor kat website kak yong laa...
Nak join? Klik kat banner ni ya..

HuSnA FiRsT DaY To nUrSeRy

Yess, her first day in nursery and yess today I am still on leave until Independence Day.
I send her early so that I can avoid any surprises later..

The surprises might be:-
1- Husna cannot adapt with other people (pengasuh).
2- Husna refuses EBM via bottle.
3- Still at experiment stage, I do not know how much she will consume per day 7.30am - 6pm. If not enough I can send some extra.
4- Anything that can happen.

So, with me at stand by mode and immediately rush to nursery.

Taska Ilham had accepted several breastfeeding babies before but their EBM handling were all wrong!! Pengasuh were not properly trained and unfortunately the babies were breastfed for a short time only or mixed with ABM because of many reasons that actually can be solved. Plus, the pengasuh were all afraid that Husna would reject bottle. Such incidents had occurred before.

So yesterday, I went to Taska and conducted a short training on how to handle EBM.. In fact I made a SOP card and affixed it to their fridge. The pengasuh were shock to know that they were not supposed to shake the EBM and the EBM should be stored in chill compartment not frozen. *Huhh?!* Hopefully everything goes well today.


Today, I prepared 6bottles of 3oz EBM. Should be enough for her until 5. InsyaAllah... I called nursery and they informed that 3 bottles had been consumed as at 12 o'clock. I told them if tak cukup just let me know, I will bring more..(almaklumlaa dah dekat sgt kan nursery ngan umah :-)).

Bekalan pertaman Husna

Husna duduk elok2 na kat school, Hadiff jaga adik naa <-- br="" dia="" hheheh="" jaa..="" likely="" most="" peduli="" tak="" though="" wat="">
Today, I started scheduled pumping just like when I am working, 10am, 1pm and 4pm. But I got a lot less than what I normally get during Hadiff dulu.. May be sebab puasa kot no....

Friday, August 20, 2010

For Sale - New MLC Nursing Blouse - SOLD


Sadly I have to let go this NEW My Lovely Closet Nursing Blouse. Very executive look.
Saiz XL, suka dengan nursing openingnya but this shirt is big for me.
Shud buy L size. Never wash and never wear, just tried once.
Gambar seperti dibawah.
Size: XL
Harga: RM30 pls add RM6 for pos laju.
sapa2 berminat pls e-mail me at Annarozy@yahoo.com
Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 16, 2010

CoNfInEmEnT iS oVeR. yEAy!

Husna is 46days today.. means we are soo over the confinement which we did not really obliged to anyway.. ;p.. but it feels so good to be 'out' of it.. no more feeling guilty over prohibited outing within the confinement when you supposed to be confined within your home only..


Husna is such an angel during day time but she could turn into an owl at night.. meaning sleepless night for me.. she wanted to sleep on my lap almost every night..resulting to a potential of temporary crooked spine for me as I had to sleep with one knee bended to support her and the other leg straightened. Can you imagine this? Sometimes she screamed over nothing (or at least over nothing that we could see). Thanks to baby wearing, she sleeps peacefully in my wombfruits gauze wrap. She nurses a lot despite us still trying to find the perfect nursing position on my left B. She termuak quite often but her weight gain is normal. She reached 4.5kg at her first month (her birth weight is 3.3kg) and she looks chubby.

Budak meghap yg dibungkus

My EBM stock is building up day by day. I pump twice a day, late at night and early morning. Not so ghairah like masa Hadiff dulu. But this time my pumping SOP is more organized.. I stored 4oz in each small tipuwer unlike last time it depends on how much I gained. As at today, I have collected 37 containers stored in my deep freezer. I do not plan to give her any frozen EBM yet until she reached at least 4month. However, it still depends on my future milk productivity. Today is my first day fasting. I guess I will not have any supply down during this fasting month considering my prolactin hormone is still high. And I only direct feed Husna.

Bekalan tuk Husna

This Thursday, Husna and I will attend a bottled feeding class at my sister's house. Last time, I had a tough and frustrated experience during Hadiff's training session so turning to my sister was a blessing. She could do magic almost instantly with her hands and of course her lap and her lullabies. This time, I do not want to repeat such heart breaking moment. Husna must be fully trained to accept EBM via bottle as next week she will undergo her nursery training with me on standby mode in my house.

That is all at this moment about us.. now off to surfing for hari raya cookies...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Me wIn mUmMyHuGs Fb LuCkY dRaw Yeay!!

Well I would say, this is rezeki Husna on the first day of Ramadhan.
Me just won the lucky draw (Lately, I am quite lucky ;p, syukur) organized by MummyHugs.
Dapat baby romper.

Me and my family would like to wish all of our friends Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan.

Rozy, Arie, HadiffBolat and BabyHusna.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

MummyHugs is proud to support World Breastfeeding Week!

Browse their gorgeous baby slings at http://www.mummyhugsshop.blogspot.com/
Join as a Fan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Setiap kali HadiffBolat balik dari nursery, me will punggah beg Pooh dia..
Soiled CD goes into dry pail, baju bushuk masuk washing machine

Bag nursery HadiffBolat

Kadang2 klakar gak tengok apa yg Hadiff bawak balik dari nursery..
entah apa2..plastik keropok laa..yg kosong lak tu..serpihan plastik barang mainan laa...
Dan selalu gak bawak balik goodies pack yg ada cekelat, keropok and sweets..
mesti ada birthday sapa2 kan... Selalunya unopened packlaa.. dan me tau sangat sure bila HadiffBolat dapat, dia pegang erat2 pack tu sebab Hadiff memang takleh share barang dengan sapa2 pun..dan bila sampy umah, I am the one yg abiskan semua jajan tu..of courselaa pas HadiffBolat dah tidoq..hehhehe <--jahat dak?

Jajan yg Hadiff Bolat bawak balik just recently

Birthday Hadiff bulan 9 ni..ehh bulan depan la kan... planning nak bg goodies bag gak kat budak2 nursery..tp takmo bg cekelat, kopok atau yg seangkatan dengannya..
ingat nak bagi cookies, buah dan beberapa item lagi..tp takdak idealaa...

So leh sajes tak? Jajan tak mo. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


HadiffBolat nampak sgt suka pishing (read:fishing).. owhh sgt pantang tengok rod mancing.. dan sgt suka bermain dengan rod mancing (which me sgtlaa tak suka sebab suka libas-libas).. nak wat camnakann.. dah like father like son... so me redha... (nanti Husna like mother like doter kan..so leh ikut Ummie sopin kan..)

Tiap kali Mr Asben pi mancing tuk lepas kan gian... tengoklahh sapa yg lepas gian.. no way
Mr Asben get any chance to hold that rod.. hehheheh

Sesi mancing ikan haruan di tali ayaq

Owh..penatlaa diri..duduk pulak lahh

With pemancing-pemancing ketegaq.. very the kampungngan dengan selipar tak pakai

It's time to get a new rod suits for HadiffBolat... gaya dah ada tu...

MaMaWay CoTtOn RiNg sLiNg

I had the chance to try another sling I have.. Mamaway ring sling, a prize I received when I won the slogan contest during 2009 Babywearing Week.

Location : Parkson Grand, Sungai Petani
Babywearing gear : Mamaway Cotton Ring Sling
Wearee : Baby Husna

1- It is a nylon ring, I am used to aluminium ring, but this ring is surprisingly grippy to the fabric.
2 - Easy threading, in fact much easier compare to SBP Ring Sling.
3- Once wear it, it is quite difficult to spread the fabric at the shoulder.
4- Slip!! See where the ring has fallen to, it suppose to be properly located at corsage position.
5- I could feel the pressure point at my back after a while..
6- But I love the colour.

Anyway, since dapat free kann (which comes together with a CD <--xpernah bukak tengok pun), I am going to keep this..though I might grab other sling on the way out.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AnMuM EsSeNtIaL ReWaRdS Is bAcK!

Tak sia-sia me simpan all those pencedok susu HadiffBolat..
It is time to claim bonus susu,, hhehe
But before that...apa kehalnyaa susu nek harga banyaakkk sgt nih..ggrrrrrrrrrr
last time beli susu setin baru RM50 ke RM53 depends on sale... amboii haii lani nek sampy RM65...
Since this month beli 2 tin ja dulu so dapat 2 borang ja walaupun me ada banyak lg pencedok..
never mind rewards start from 1st August and ends on 31st October..
So saapa2 pembeli Anmum Essential, you can start sending your claim..

Mr Asben dok aim Handycam.. manalaa tau kot2 ada rezeki kann...
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