Monday, May 25, 2009

No sew Ring Sling

Hahh!! Its been a long time i dreamed of having my own ring sling.. Have a pouch from MyLovelyCloset which I loved it (initially yes) but not any more as the material had slightly distended. Now, I felt uncomfortable carrying each-day-getting-heavier-and-heavier Hadiff. So the pouch goes into the closet.. So the next generation of baby carrier submerged in the mind of money spender.. as usual.. searching the net looking for a affordable yet practical and presentable ring sling has began.. wooww wiie... why does it has to be expensive? At last I ended up at Jan Andrea DIY.. it is a very fantastic and great web.. giving out option for moms who like to do things (and of course has the hands that can do... (pls exclude me out of this category).

So I bought a medium size aluminium ring from demoments.net.. RM22, bought a 2m long cloth from Kamdar but not able to put these together despite of getting help from the whole department of R&D. The Susuibu.com gathering helped a lot to materialize my dream.. Shida of Charantya did a demo and in fact she helped me putting Hadiff in a sling ring she brought. Later on the same day, I bought a kain batik lepas RM22.Tried it and love it!!

Test on Shida's sling

My sling in action

Also act as a blanket

I am eyeing on Mei Tai now.. calculating on buying it in the near soon.. but may be no.. ooppss may be yes.. arrghh!!! Pompuan..pompuan... hehehehe


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gathering SusuIbu.com - North

Gathering was held at Youth Park (hmm.. reminiscent of my dating era) on 15/5/09, just one day before I had to rush to KL for a training. Met new friends whom I knew very well in the net. This event covered 3 area for discussion which are Breastfeeding, Infant Choking and Baby Wearing/Cloth Diapers. The food was awesome..there were tonnes of it.. and yummy too..Had a great time with all the mommies..

Mommies of SusuIbu.com- NORTH

Tepuk jangan xtepuk ya

Penerangan Shida on Baby Wearing

Token of Appreciation to Dr Balkees

Mr Asben and Budak kecik kuat meghap

Abah Hadiff and Abah Adwan

Lin and Hadiff

Hadiff and future best friend, Adwan

Me and Hana

Hadiff suka men ayaq laa

Looking forward for future gathering ya!!

More photos can be seen at http://annarozy.multiply.com


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seekoq kambeng and setongkol gigi

Ahad lepas 10/5/09 wat kenduri aqiqah for Hadiff.. Cam ensem ja kambeng tu..
another half in July..
Dear Hadiff pun dah ada setongkol gigi bawah... terasa giginya taim nenen..huhuh
Emak ckp kata org tua-tua kalau nek gigi bawah dulu, nanti jadi orang humble and baik hati..

Monday, May 11, 2009

7 months ++

Apa Hadiff leh wat yer.

sengih... and main2

suka tengok tv..especially bila ada music.. Barney and Friends yeayyy!!

sit without support

menggeget.. ouch!! he does not know what is puting, so bila terjumpa cuma tahu gigit jaa

isap ibu jari kaki.. nak adik ker?..

lari ngan walker cam bumper car

that's all for now..


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