Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ads : 1 Malaysia Healthy Lifestyle Carnival

Copy paste from MMPS  email

Dear all,

1 Malaysia Healthy Lifestyle Carnival is back again! This time in Sunshine Farlim on 22/4/12 Sunday! Lots of activities with prizes too! They have Free health checks and dental checks; coloring contest, cute baby competition, karaoke singing contest and many more!   Call 04-6564098 to register today!  

Dr Balkees from Pantai Hospital (MMPS's advisor) will be giving a talk on breastfeeding at 12pm. Invite all your pregnant friends. 

We are also looking for breastfeeding mothers to participate in our breastfeeding flashmob at 12:30pm. Please call Connie at 016-5533782 to register.

Thanks and have a nice day.
Best regards,
Connie Mooi

MMPS - A non-profit and voluntary-based group. We are here to support mothers with breastfeeding and provide information to assist them. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer blouse for little missy

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Finally I completed this summer blouse for Husna. I used summer blouse pattern from FAIRY TALES FROCK AND LOLLIPOPS.  Sounds like we are living in a seasonal country la pulakk...ngeeeeeeeee...
The pattern is easy to follow though not really recommended for beginner.
I almost give up on buttons as I found out that my NV50 couldn't do much on button holes where thick fabric is (due to multiple layers of fabric).
So I ended up with sewing butang ketip (that small tiny metal piece of buttons).

I love how the collar is constructed with ruffles (owh I have this thing with ruffles...I loooove ruffles so much!).

The blouse is at bigger size of Husna eventhough I'm using 2T size. But, well boleh pakai lama kan...:)

Agak labuh jugak..ok laaa... the best part is my label blends nicely with that blouse colour..suuuukaaa!!!

Okie dokie, that's all for now.
At this moment, I'm busy with Aishah's order..a lunch bag (now, whatlaa i'm doing with bag making <--but it is a true therapy), and 2 dresses for little lady Hana.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Semi homemade top and skirt for little missy

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Last Saturday, we had an invitation to kenduri bertunang adik Uncle Bob in Bandar Baharu.
As usual, I always had this feeling that Husna doesn't have any suitable clothes to wear..(hmm..sounds familiar kan?).
So I decided to whip something for her to wear (not that she cares pun..hahahhaha).
I have this happy, colourful fabric named Happy Hills by Michael Miller..wanted to sew a dress out of it (since Husna can still fit into a yard of fabric)..but yaa..yaa...yaa.. as usual plan that never become reality.

It took me an hour to complete it (plusss taking tonnes of picture for my very first skirt for beginner tutorial in bahasa).

Then I made a fabric flower using the same fabric.

I sewn the flower on a store bought blouse to match them.

Here's Husna wearing them..
And the interframing abang Hadiff with their favourite- st toys.

While all this sewing thing happening..Husna was under the table throwing tantrum..AS USUAL!! Sabaq ja lah!

Excuse my messy working area..ngeeeeeeeeeeeee..

I've sewn a top for her too..a top that almost became projek terbengkalai. :p
Will blog about it later...  Chhooowww!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wrap Up March: AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Pheww!! I had a busy busy month last month, time flies too fast.. and with datelines and datelines...
I almost did not realize that it was almost month end.

Few dresses and skirts were happily completed..and the best part of it is when my customers were satisfied with my creations. I'd also managed to sew my own clutch and a tote for craft swap organized in fb group.
So here  they are :)

These two dresses are for 6mo baby Nuha..She is soooo cute.

The first dress is Lauren dress using Joel Drewberry Purple damask with matching combo (which I'd forgotten the name of it :). The Itty Bitty dress was constructed using Secret Garden by Sandi Handersen.

Below is another Lauren Dress using a colourful english cotton.

with a ruffly skirt using the same fabric.

2 wrap skirts for adik dan kakak using Happy Hills by Michael Miller and ruffles from Sugar Pop by Liz Scott.

Last but not least, Peasant dresses for kakak dan adik,,(they are sooo cute!!)

And also fabric flowers...(owh I looooooooooooove making them!)

That's all wrap up for last month. I received order of 1 jubah for a boy and few dresses..Alhamdulillah..
Wish me all the best ya!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Darling saya Husn@

Lama tak update pasal anak-anak..
takdak apa pun..mereka sihat sihat sahaja.
Hari ni nak cerita pasal Husna lah..nanti bila Husna dah besaq, biar dia tergelak2 baca posting ummi dia ni..hehehe

Husna dah almost 2 years dah.. 1 tahun 9 bulan to be exact.

Milestone Husna lani
1- Saaaaaaaangat suka cium pipi orang. Tiba-tiba ja dia datang dan cium pipi. Never fail to bright up my day. Saya selalu buli Husna "Nak lagi" pas cium "nak lagi" pas cium " nak lagi".. Pastu saya suruh Husna cium Abah dan Hadiff.. Abah suka tarik t-shirt tutup muka..mesti Husna marah..Hadiff mcm biasa..tak suka dicium..mulalah lari menyelamatkan diri.
2- Husna still thinks that she owns everything and everyone in the house. Kalau tak dapat, confirm menangis.
3- Hobi Husna adalah menangis sebab buleh kata setiap setengah jam, adalaaa apa-apa yg dia tak puas hati.
4- Husna juga suka menyanyi... tapi kami belum boleh memahami lirik lagu yang dinyanyikan.
5- Masih tidak boleh menerima susu tepung dengan sepenuh hati..dan ekhem masih mencari nenen.
6- Best friend Husna adalah Mimie the minnie mouse.
7- Husna suka berada dalam sewing room, suka belek belek mesin jahit saya..suka belek kain-kain saya.

8- Juga suka sarung medal dan pakai berjalan-jalan.. bila kita sarung ke kepala dia..dengan pantas dia akan kata "yeay!!!" kunon macam dia la yang menang.
 9- Suuka sangat ikut abang Hadiff... apa yg abang buat, Husna pun nak buat jugak.

Apapun..ni laaa penceria saya setiap hari...Husna dan Hadiff. They make me feel complete :)

Itu saja lah dulu cerita Husna.

Nanti saya update pasal Hadiff pulak.

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