Friday, February 28, 2014

Too many to cope?

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

just my rumbling today, nothing else.. not even a picture hahahha
sometimes, i feel really surprise with myself. not sure i can go through this hectic cari pasal life.
my job itself sometimes can be very chaotic and tunggang terbalik,,especially nearing new product launch.
but yet i can still haaiizzz taking order aimlessly i would say.
aaaaaaaand the list is getting longer and longer.
what am I thinking? uggh!!
with a not-so-new family member, i thought i would stop this craze.
let alone coming up with new products.
hey!! i'm suppose to be a DRESS MAKER ONLY!
now i end up making EVERYTHING!
from barut baby to tumbler holder to diaper clutch to sucking pad
but loving every work i had to do
besides this custom order list, (leave out that personalized embroidered towels, that's totally in the hand of my other half), i do have a long list of my own personal projects
i owe hadiff several pants
i owe husna several dresses and skirts, she has been asking for her new baju kembang-princess-like
i also owe hafiy shorts and shirts. i even have two almost-completed shorts that just need elastic to be attached!!
the other half gave up on me to repair his worn out jeans :p
a bundle of kain that i plan for meself projects (desperately in need of cute baju kerja)

listing for this weekend (with a kenduri to attend)
1- 2 tumbler holders
2- 10 bag tags (this contribute a lot to my #notyetpandoralover
3- 1 jubah
4- 1 dress
5- 2 ruffle pants
6- 1 baby bib
7-  2 long skirts
8- 10 baby binders
9- 5 cloth wipes
10- a pair of sucking pad

ok enough! thinking of that list alone can make me shivering. gerun!

nahh! busy busy busy like a queen bee.
this merapu post doesn't even deserve a capital letter...hahaahahaha!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pandori for DarlingHusna!

Thank you Aunty Lita,

It is so gorgeous.
She loves it!
I should have taken photo where she slept while holding the bracelet.
So beautiful.
She has been asking the same question since I got my Pandora bracelet " Nanti Husna dah besaq, bg kat Husna tau gelang tu".
Now, she has her own Pandori.

 Look at how happy she is

I am verrrrry slow at collecting Pandora charms.
I only bought this using my second income contribution as a tailor wannabe.
Felt less guilty than using my main income as an engineer. LOL!

Pandora Ummi Vs Pandori Husna
Macam blet Husna lagi cunn jaa...hahahah

Just received the Folklore murano... Love it!

My story is yet to complete.
I'm now eyeing on the My Princess Tiara to represent DarlingHusna.
It is a hot item, OOS everywhere!

Once I have a complete story, I will story here ya..


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tumbler Holder : - Syoq lak jahit!

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Syukur Alhamdulillah... sejak saya try test jahit tumbler holder untuk Husna dan Hadiff, saya dapat order lagi dari customer. Selalu saya pesan pada sesiapa yg baru hendak ceburi bisnes part time menjahit macam saya ni, kenalah buat sample dulu, tunjuk kat org..dan pandai pandailaah promote. InsyaAllah ada laah rezeki kita tu.

Ini beberapa tumbler holder yg dah saya siapkan. Ada lg yg masih WIP.

Dua tumbler ini untuk Adam dan Sara. Dah selamat bersama mereka di London.

 Untuk 4 beradik bawak gi school.

Ini pulak pesanan dari mak dan anak.. Nak ada nama dan size tumbler ECO Tupperware. Hopefully muatlah, sebab saya takdak tumbler tu.,. ECO tipuwer adalah.. ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dapa jugak request dari adik saya untuk jahitkan art apron untuk Yaya. Nak girly girly gitu..heheh sibek anak dara tu suka...phewww!

Kalau ada yg berminat, mailaa contact saya kat page Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture ya.

Rozy :)
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