Monday, June 18, 2012

Nice kan?

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Gosh!! I really love this matchy matchy thing..between mother and daughter.
My first order was from Cik Aisyah... 3 tier skirts for her and her daughter using same fabric.
They looked sooooo clique together!

My latest order coming from Sara was indeed adding a new to do list for me and Husna.
Our jalan jalan or raya punya baju..
A skirt for me and a dress for Husna...Hmmmm....syoq syoq syoq!!

What say you?
Bestkan pakai camni...:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rezeki yg tak dijangka - Tissue holder

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Ingat tak saya ada blog pasal hadiah hari guru untuk cikgu Hadiff?
Alaaa kat SINI tuu. Ni haa...tissue holder yang saya kata tu.

Pastu cam tak sangka pulak tak lama tu dapat order dari rakan blogger saya.
'Fatimah Man dari ibudalila.blogspot.com http://ibudalila.blogspot.com/
Min baru dapat baby, princess yg sangat comel...so as token of appreciation kepada misi-misi di hospital tempat dia deliver tu, Min order tissue holder dari saya.. (with of course tissue included inside it :) ). Semuanya 31pcs.. so saya buat extra 32pcs dan bg hadiah baby cloth wipes 2 keping. Kena laa pandai pikat customer kaannn... :)

Ingat saya dulu, masa saya lahirkan Husna, saya bg cupcake kat misi-misi kat Hospital Kepala Batas.  Ada saya blog kat SINI.
Cupcake ini.

Bagi saya agak renyahlaaa bagi cupcake ni sebab misi kan kerja 4 shift...masa saya bg kek ni ada misi yg tak dapat sebab ada yg off. Pastu macam susah pulak depa nak simpan. So tissue holder ni memang the best option ni.

So sapa2 yg berminat nak order, boleh laa contact saya naa...
harga saya rm3 per piece jika order lebih dari 30pcs.

Tapi kalau nak jahit sendiri pun boleh, bukannya susah sangat pun..tutorial boleh dapat dari SINI.
Cuma kena adjust size sikit, sebab tissue mat saleh besaq sikit kot.

Okie..itu sahaja untuk hari ini...
Have a nice day peeps!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Wrap Up AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture April & May

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

At this moment I'm a bit busy with orders that need to be completed before Ramadhan.
It is a long queue that I wish I manage to have the cut off as planned.
In Ramadhan, I will focus mainly to sew for my princess and my nieces dresses.
Until now, I'm yet to make a proper list of what to sew for Husna (though I have built a huge stash of designer fabric for her to wear this Raya)..sakan bergaya laa budak ni nanti :p

Apart from that, I've been appointed as a project leader to a very important project for my company.
It is actually an extension of a new product that I had launched somewhere in 2010 just before I gave birth to Husna. I'm taking this as opportunity to boost back my reputation since I would say a not-so-good luck in my career last year.

Okie dokie, here are my creations in the month of April and May (sudah basi..hehhee).

Peasant dress for Mia. Remeber the main fabric? It is the left over from Husna's summer blouse. The red sash and ruffles really bring up the colour of this dress.

Lauren dress for Aishah's daughter. I would say, my most popular dress is Lauren.

This lovely trinity dress is a combination of designer cotton and Japanese cotton. The combo was chosen by my dearest friend for her daughters. I really love this combo.

Trinity dress for Azalea and Nur. I hope they like it.

My first boys' product jubah.. I should by now have many orders for this jubah, but unfortunately I have more than enough in my plate. So this has to wait until after raya.

I also sew a swaddle blanket for little cutie pie Adelya Hannah.

These three dresses are for three cute cousins. I am so happy to know that the kids really love the dresses that I sew for them. :)
 See how twirly it is..

With maching headband...it is a must!

That's all for now... I promise, I will blog more frequent.

Thank you all my dear readers (if I have any...hehhehheh)

Please LIKE my page for my updates on my sewing activity.
AnnaRozy Homemade Kids Couture



Friday, June 8, 2012

Security Tips to Keep Our Children Safe

Sharing from a friend, parents please take note on this ya! :)
 Security Tips to Keep Our Children Safe

• Tell your children not to accept gifts from strangers and not to talk to strangers.
• Encourage your children to let you know if anyone has been asking them lots of questions about your home or activities.
• If your children are going out, get them to tell you where they are going and agree on the amount of time they will be away (and get them to check-in once there and on the way back).
• Ensure your children travel in groups.
• Consider buying them an extra mobile telephone with emergency numbers pre-programmed into it.
• Ensure that young children and any young visitors to your residence know:
o How to answer a query at the door.
o How to reply on the telephone.
o How and when to ask for assistance.
o That they should never open the door to strangers
• Ensure they only use dedicated public or private transport for school runs.
 Pray for our children's safety, rasa macam ramai sangat org with bad intention kat luaq tu. Nak lepas anak main kat playground pun jadik seriyau. 
Dulu seingat saya seawal umur 7 tahun, saya dah menapak sejauh 5KM seorang diri untuk ke tempat tuition. Sekarang ni memang saya takkan izinkanlaa anak saya semuda itu menapak hatta 1KM pun.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I wish I have the mood to blog

Bersawang dah... blog ni
macam2 kunun2 nyaa nak di blogkan..taaapi hampehhh!!
takdak kesungguhan dah..ish ish..ish...

Ingat nak cita pasal family gathering di Genting tempoh hari..tapi tak terbuat jugak

nak buat wrap up Annarozy Homamade Kids Couture..dah 2 bulan hutang

Nak cerita update pasal budak-budak tu.... tak tertaip jugak..

Tak boleh jadik nih!!

Rini nak update gak apa2...

kawan-kawan ada tak terasa mcm saya rasa ni?
kaa era blogging dah nak berlalu?

for the start, tunjuk gambaq dua beradik ni dulu lah..
Satgi saya update pasal creations saya..apa lagi..dress dan skirt lah..hehhehe

Choww dulu okeh!

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