Friday, January 23, 2009

My Outing Bag

I used to bring along a big black Cleef bag whenever I went out for shopping with Hadiff and hubby. But later I found it troublesome especially when Hadiff refused to be placed inside his stroller and begging me to be held instead. Leaving the bag inside the stroller is of course risky with possiblity of bag snatcher somewhere near you. So I change to backpack which appear to be much more convinient. Thanks to Umobile for giving this bag to my hubby!
Whats in this bag?
1. A MUST bring baby pouch
2. 3 Huggies drypers
3. 1 pack of wet tissue
4. A pair of Hadiff clothes.
5. A wet towel
6. A battery operated fan
7. Purse
8. Handphone
9. A pair of contact lenses
10. A pack of tissue (sometimes)
11. Make up bag

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