Saturday, December 8, 2012

Natibaby grey white tulips :)

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

OK, I admit it! Sudah kena balik babywearing bug. It has been a while I left this craziness..I guess once Husna started to "Nak alan...nak alan...". Having a new bun in the oven, I just accept the fact that the craziness has begun :p.

This is my very first babywearing gear that I bought for the yet to born new squishy. Note that I don't even know the gender of the baby yet.. So I guess the colour selection is more gender neutral though I don't mind using a pinkish baby carrier eventhough my wearee may be a boy...ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

I bought a natibaby grey white tulips.. not sure why I bought this wrap, I guess because I was lured by the 25% discount..haizzzz... This is a linen cotton blend wrap, 50:50 to be exact! Not even a newborn wrap! But I like the doodles on the wrap.. it looks fresh aaaaaaaaandd hmmm modern? :p

 Since this is a new wrap, it needs a lot of brutality and abuse to break the weave and make it softer. And since my squishy is still waaaaaayyy lambat lagi nak keluar, I sent this wrap to my fellow babywearer for her to use it. Nanti dah dapat balik kat saya, sure dah lembut gemalai... best!

I am still searching for a gauze wrap... gauze wrap is a must for me. It is a superb newborn wrap due to its airiness and thin. Found back my gauze wrap, third mama having it but alamak...mcm she is not willing to let it go saja...huhuhuhu

Okie then, that is all for now. Hope I don't spent too much on babywearing gear...huhu but hmm.... it just happen one at a time.. now no more nafsu to buy designer cotton..aiyark! but babywearing bug is more costly! Abisslaaaa.....


Unknown said...

waah pasni leh terjah umah kak rozy belajar pakai wrap..hehe..

Cik Melor said...

happy new year. Saya datang berkunjung


yaya said...

salam rozi. jumpa blog awak masa cari info pasal cloth pad. bacabacabacabaca....i dah sangkut balik dengan wrap ni. haiyoooo... i ada 1 balboa ringpouch? dgn 1 scc dari neezaneedle. boleh u recommend web yg cerita a-z pasal wrap x? dulu masa sarat mmg baca tapi semua org macam ada preferences sendiri. sisih2 duit nampak gaya macam perlu dulukan duit utk mende2 lain. wrap mahal kan....skrg bila anak dah setahun 2 bulan mula pikir nak tambah anak pastu baca pulak pasal babywearing teringat balik cita2 lama.heeee.... boleh contact saya kat dahlia.hussin@gmail.com tq

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