Monday, January 7, 2013

NoN tOxIc EaTabLe PlaY DoUgH

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

My new project for the kids' activity. Ohh how they looooooove playing with this 'plastisin'. I am glad that finally I had the 'urge' to do it since I felt that the kids' does not have much fun activities to do during their recent long school holiday. I found this great post in this blog, THE BEST PLAY DOUGH RECIPE. It is so simple and easy to do, the best part is all the ingredients are easy to find locally. You can refer to the recipe and the the detail  step by step photos in the blog. But, I will put it here just in case. :)

2 cups of wheat flour
1 cup of tap water
Quarter cup of salt
1 tsp of cooking oil
2 tsp of cream of tar tar
Food colouring (depends how deep/bright the colour you want, but I used 2 tsp)

 I prepared 3 colours so that I can teach Husna on colours.

Part uli sangat best!! warm and squishy!

I divided into 2 parts. The preparation time for each colour is approximately 10minutes.

They really loved playing with this play dough. The cat also knew that it is eatable as it licked the traces of the play dough on the tiles!

I wasn't sure what Husna was doing. She said 'main potong-potong' :p

Hadiff made cat miniature.

My tips on how to play this play dough.

1- Do not play on newspaper, as the carbon may contaminate the play dough. Let them play on tiles. Sweeping and moping the tiles are really easy to do unlike the 'plasticin'.
2- This play dough may stick on the clothes and a bit difficult to remove via normal machine washing cycle. I brushed their clothes before dumped them into the machine.
3- My kids love making food miniature. They also love playing 'masak-masak' with it. I allow them to use small cooking pots and cooking utensils as the play dough is non toxic.
4- Keep the dough in an air tight container. You may want to separate the colours (but I did not heheheheh.. the colours are totally inseparable now :p )

That is all for now! Have fun!


Lynn Huraiza said...

bagusnya buat sendiri...jimat kan...

Rozy said...

jimat banyaakkkk....
dan yg penting, free from chemical yg entah hapa-hapa tu.. :)

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