Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday my Darling Husn@!

Assalmmualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

My darling Husna turned 3 on 1st of July.
Pheww, time flies and she is a big kakak now.
She really looked forward to celebrate her birthday with her friends at school but Abang Hadiff and baby Hafiy were both down with chickenpox.
Postpone lah dulu.

Her milestone
1- She is super D duper talkative..she can speaks from one topic to another without a full stop.
2- Love her little brother so much.. and she calls Hafiy 'budak pandai'.
3- Abang Hadiff is her close buddy and also sparring partner.
4- Kuat merajuk!! serius sangat!!
5- She has big appetite.. usually she will finish off Abang Hadiff's leftover.
6- She loooooooooooooves fruits.
7- Still a die hard fan of Pink Princess and her ambition is to be a pink princess driving a pink car.
8- She was wearing her favourite baju princess in the pic above. 

Ooh we love her!


Mila@Rimbun said...

Happy Birthday Husna...
Moga jadi wanita solehah yg menyenangkan hati ibu & ayah yer

Fiza Rahman said...

Happy birthday to you Husna.

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