Saturday, September 20, 2014

The best achievement so far

 Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture sudah lebih 3 tahun beroperasi dgn jayanya.  Terus terang saya katakan, saya mmg enjoy dgn bisnes sampingan ini. Not just because of the little money it contributes to our family, but because I can apply my own bisnes strategy. Main-main ja pun. But when it strikes the bull head, the satisfaction is pricelesss!!! Best giler! Okeh, not that I win a big tender or what not... :p

Lately, mmg this bisnes gets more interesting. From the baby bib that went viral in facebook (shared by wardina tuuu) to my recent giveaway that managed to pull in 200++ likers in 1 day! See, I don't have to pay for facebook ads ngeeee.

Cakap tentang bayar fb tuk click like kebenda tu... Bukan tak teruja tgk page org byk liker.. Tapi wake up Rozy! You are a handmades seller not even have any stock or inventory.. Order yg ada pun bercinta nak siapkan hehehe so what for ada byk likers, order byk tapi waktu menunggu yg pjg.. Not good!

So far ni paling tinggi pernah dapat 335 talking..

Okeh dahla tu, nak siap pi kenduri. Babai!!

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