Friday, October 17, 2014

Zipper wallet for Suan

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

Nothing much to update here.
Just something I made for a new friend.
My colleague from US came to Malaysia for 3 months and he brought along his wife, Suan. She's a very nice person. We went out for dinner  once at Teluk Tempoyak and obviously she had a great time enjoying the seafood. 

This is Rick, he always said he's babysitting his wife. Lovely couple and romantic too! (And their eldest son is 22years old!) 

Now they are back to US.
So I thought I should give something to her. Well ... definitely made by me of course!
Browsing through hundreds of patterns in my laptop and trying to find something simple and easy aaaand functional was not easy pheww! But I guess this wristlet is easy to do. 

Again, another headache is finding a suitable fabric/prints as most of my fabrics are only suitable for kids ngeeeee. Luckily I found this fabric tuck underneath a huge pile of designer fabric   (Ok there's a bit of exaggerating here LOL) 

Here's the wristlet! But it doesn't look sexy at all!!! Haaiizzz....

I didn't have a proper packaging, so I packed it in a sterile pouch I found in the lab. 

And wrote a note at the back of the pouch.

Rick said I'm funny and sweet.
Hope she likes it.
Okie dokie, that's all.
Till then.. Chowwww!!!



AMIIZAA said...

salams jumaat rozi:)
kak mieja datang sini:)

Rozy said...

salam jumaat kak mijaa... lama kita tak berkunjungan kan.... hehehe

Unknown said...

lama tak jengah blog kawan2.. assalamualaikum rozy... brape anak dah skrg?.. mcm dh bertambh jerk

Rozy said...

dah 3 dah pun..hehehe

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