Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Pumping Station

This small room used to be a toilet for QARA RD Director... When the department was splited and the Director moved to other building, this room was converted to a store room where all the Betchdorf transfer samples were stored. Later, we bought a Harland Friction Tester that requires controlled temperature and humidity room, then this room was vacant for the machine. Since I am the owner of the machine that put me in full in charge of the room... Walllahhhh!!! Boommm!!! The room is now known as Milk factory.. where pumping mums do what they should do here..wakakakkak!!!
My Pumping Schedule in the office

10.00am - Short break for breakfast... it is a short break for my pumping session. I have my breakfast before start working. But normally while pumping, I takes a cup of soy milk with 2 slices of bread or biscuits.

1.00pm - Lunch time. My arrangement with another pumping mum, my turn first from 1.00pm to 1.20pm.. then she takes over the room.

4.00pm - A courtesy of my very understanding boss.. only for 15minutes


5.00pm - When I have a meeting, I switch my pumping session 1 hour later for 20 minutes.

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