Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gathering SusuIbu.com - North

Gathering was held at Youth Park (hmm.. reminiscent of my dating era) on 15/5/09, just one day before I had to rush to KL for a training. Met new friends whom I knew very well in the net. This event covered 3 area for discussion which are Breastfeeding, Infant Choking and Baby Wearing/Cloth Diapers. The food was awesome..there were tonnes of it.. and yummy too..Had a great time with all the mommies..

Mommies of SusuIbu.com- NORTH

Tepuk jangan xtepuk ya

Penerangan Shida on Baby Wearing

Token of Appreciation to Dr Balkees

Mr Asben and Budak kecik kuat meghap

Abah Hadiff and Abah Adwan

Lin and Hadiff

Hadiff and future best friend, Adwan

Me and Hana

Hadiff suka men ayaq laa

Looking forward for future gathering ya!!

More photos can be seen at http://annarozy.multiply.com



Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

dah keluaq dah entry psl gathering...
terima aksih la Pn Rozy mai dari PArit bUntaq..bukan dekat ..semangat punya pasai...and kek coklat secret home made recipe..amatla sedap...

Kak Chaq said...

x best x dpt join smp abih.. kak long demam makin panas ari tu..

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