Monday, May 25, 2009

No sew Ring Sling

Hahh!! Its been a long time i dreamed of having my own ring sling.. Have a pouch from MyLovelyCloset which I loved it (initially yes) but not any more as the material had slightly distended. Now, I felt uncomfortable carrying each-day-getting-heavier-and-heavier Hadiff. So the pouch goes into the closet.. So the next generation of baby carrier submerged in the mind of money spender.. as usual.. searching the net looking for a affordable yet practical and presentable ring sling has began.. wooww wiie... why does it has to be expensive? At last I ended up at Jan Andrea DIY.. it is a very fantastic and great web.. giving out option for moms who like to do things (and of course has the hands that can do... (pls exclude me out of this category).

So I bought a medium size aluminium ring from demoments.net.. RM22, bought a 2m long cloth from Kamdar but not able to put these together despite of getting help from the whole department of R&D. The Susuibu.com gathering helped a lot to materialize my dream.. Shida of Charantya did a demo and in fact she helped me putting Hadiff in a sling ring she brought. Later on the same day, I bought a kain batik lepas RM22.Tried it and love it!!

Test on Shida's sling

My sling in action

Also act as a blanket

I am eyeing on Mei Tai now.. calculating on buying it in the near soon.. but may be no.. ooppss may be yes.. arrghh!!! Pompuan..pompuan... hehehehe



OneSue said...

cantik la corak nyer...

senang tak pakai kak...harga dlm berapa ek?

Shaza Shamsuddin said...

rozy, saya pun dok pakai kain batik lepas je, macam bibik2 pakai tu..

rerasa cam nak try gak ring sling nih.. tapi dok tangguh nak membeli ring tuh..

rozy dah wat entry nih, terpaksa la menery nanti.. hehehe :)

kak pop said...


kalau nak yang lebih comfortable i wud recommend ergo baby carrier. memang berbaloi dgn harganya. tapi the only drawback, u cant bf ur baby macam mana you pakai RS.

Anonymous said...

salam from another BWer!
geng shida la ni eh..
selamat ber Babywearing ye :)

lydzar said...

salam kenal..
i lydzar. also a member of SI.com
i pon asek la googling same website mcm u tu..konon2 nk try buat rs or pouch sendiri..

kain batik lepas tu nk kena potong2 bagai tak bfore put it 2gehter wit the ring?

Rozy said...


xyah potong pun.. guna as is jaa..
senang pun senang tau...

and yg penting..murah..

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