Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I got this pic from fellow babywearer.
Test conducted to evaluate the condition / level of comfort of the wearee in a crotch carrier and in a soft structure carrier (SSC).

You can see how uncomfortable he is in that crotch carrier ?(looks like a baby bjorn or look a like)
He was practically hanging on his father for assurance from falling off.
And see how he seemed relax and confident in the SSC..

Carriers like the Bjorn, Snuggli and Infantino SSC have earned the un-savory nickname “crotch-danglers” because they don’t position baby in the natural holding position.  Instead, baby is seated in a fairly narrow seat leaving the legs to dangle straight down.

I’d also argue that the “crotch-dangle” position is simple not comfortable for baby (and somewhat different in a carrier where baby can’t rest his feet vs. an exersaucer or jumperoo where his feet touch the floor).  Try this simple test taken from Didymos’ instruction booklet:  Stand on one leg with your other leg out in front of you, bent at the knee.  Place your hands under your knee to support your leg and let the full weight of your leg rest into your hands.  Now move your hands back towards your bum.  You will instantly begin to feel a strain in your back that wasn’t there when your leg was supported under the knee.  That’s the same strain a baby will feel when his legs aren’t supported to the knee.   Even if we assume that this position doesn’t cause harm, it certainly isn’t as comfortable as the alternative.

source : http://www.becomingmamas.com/why-you-should-avoid-crotch-dangler-baby-carriers/

So my dear friends, please please please avoid from buying any crotch carrier.
Please read this article explaining how bad the effect is on baby's spinal development.


Unknown said...

1st foto tu anak nampak tense jer... ;)

Anonymous said...

would parents really carry a child that big in a front carrier? i think there is some clever marketing going on here by certain manufactures. no one mensions about the deaths that have occured in wraps and sling

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