Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tanya Whelan Giveaway!!

Tanya is one of the american cotton designers that I love.
I really adore her works.
And the best thing is..she's organising a simple giveaway..yeay!

This giveaway is in conjuction with her new fabric collection, Sugar Hill which will be released in December this year.

see...sooo adorable!!

and her new book SEW WHAT YOU LOVE which is available at AMAZON.COM  and BARNESANDNOBLE.COM

and i got a chance to win 24 fat quarters of her new fabric collection Sugar Hill and a signed copy of  Sew What You Love

Wish me luck!!! 


ummu said...

salam sis
good luck ye
moga berjaya hendaknya
salam aidil adha daripada ummu,rakan RH

fana said...

hrp2 ada rezeki utk awak

Rozy said...

thanks..dah dapat pdf pattern bag..best!

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