Monday, April 9, 2012

Semi homemade top and skirt for little missy

Assalammualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Last Saturday, we had an invitation to kenduri bertunang adik Uncle Bob in Bandar Baharu.
As usual, I always had this feeling that Husna doesn't have any suitable clothes to wear..(hmm..sounds familiar kan?).
So I decided to whip something for her to wear (not that she cares pun..hahahhaha).
I have this happy, colourful fabric named Happy Hills by Michael Miller..wanted to sew a dress out of it (since Husna can still fit into a yard of fabric)..but yaa..yaa...yaa.. as usual plan that never become reality.

It took me an hour to complete it (plusss taking tonnes of picture for my very first skirt for beginner tutorial in bahasa).

Then I made a fabric flower using the same fabric.

I sewn the flower on a store bought blouse to match them.

Here's Husna wearing them..
And the interframing abang Hadiff with their favourite- st toys.

While all this sewing thing happening..Husna was under the table throwing tantrum..AS USUAL!! Sabaq ja lah!

Excuse my messy working area..ngeeeeeeeeeeeee..

I've sewn a top for her too..a top that almost became projek terbengkalai. :p
Will blog about it later...  Chhooowww!!


Eliss said...

kagum :) pandainya .

Mila@Rimbun said...

amboi sukanya husna dapat baju baru yerrr... bestnyer ada baby gegurl boleh pakai baju cantik2 niii... baby akak dah tua hahaha

Rozy said...

eliss mie,


kak mila,
sementara budak ni masuh kecik, kita dress up dia bersungguh2... heheh

Afne said...

lawanya skirt tu!

sayang disayang said...

serius lawa. U can go further girl !

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