Friday, February 21, 2014

Pandori for DarlingHusna!

Thank you Aunty Lita,

It is so gorgeous.
She loves it!
I should have taken photo where she slept while holding the bracelet.
So beautiful.
She has been asking the same question since I got my Pandora bracelet " Nanti Husna dah besaq, bg kat Husna tau gelang tu".
Now, she has her own Pandori.

 Look at how happy she is

I am verrrrry slow at collecting Pandora charms.
I only bought this using my second income contribution as a tailor wannabe.
Felt less guilty than using my main income as an engineer. LOL!

Pandora Ummi Vs Pandori Husna
Macam blet Husna lagi cunn jaa...hahahah

Just received the Folklore murano... Love it!

My story is yet to complete.
I'm now eyeing on the My Princess Tiara to represent DarlingHusna.
It is a hot item, OOS everywhere!

Once I have a complete story, I will story here ya..


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