Monday, November 15, 2010

ViSiTiNg sLiNgS - PsLiNgS

Psling! Yeap you heard it right. One of the most overpriced ring sling in the world I would say. With the state of art shoulder style. I have been hearing good and bad reviews about this ring sling..it is a love or hate. I have eyeing on other people's stash.. especially when the bugs hit Malaysia (actually Malaysia Babywearer forum). We have been talking (or typing) about this psling. I was lucky when Zana, who is a student in Osaka, Japan had generously offered 4 of her pslings to tour Malaysia. Pucuk di cita ulam mendatang.

1) Psling colors (all cotton) in brown w/gold rings -left shoulder, short-med length (I think chopped coz it doesn't have the typical psling stitching)
2) Psling linen in yellow w/gold rings -right shoulder, loooong. This is an older version of psling, doesn't have the small square tag and no word psling engraved on the rings.
3) DIY faux kasuri psling in blue -left shoulder, short-med length. I made this myself, just sending along so you can feel how a kasuri is. Note that mine has some cotton in it, while psling's is all linen so may be crunchier.

psling linen in yellow

the golden ring

psling cotton colours in brown


I never try pslings before, even never had it in my hands to pegang-pegang. So this is totally a new experience to me with no one to guide just depends on Zana's video.

Fabric - Linen yellow is thin..so thin that I'm afraid of shredding it during threading. But once wear it, it feel airy, breathable yet sturdy. But I don't really like the fact that it is yellow and see through. Colours feels hmmm... cottony and thick but soft and cushy.

Threading - Hmm.. I would say I took 4X longer threading these slings compares to my other slings. Colours is easier to thread compares to linen. May be due to bigger rings. Though linen is thinner but the rings are so small. I am a right shoulder and threading on wrong shoulder with colours is not easy. Failed miserably, tried twice and gave up., may be just my techniques not due to the kain or what not.

I wore linen yellow for1 hour straight, carrying 6.5kg Husna. Well, I like the shoulder but I love Jumpsac padded shoulder more. I like wearing it higher means no tag near my neck. The shoulder tends to dig my neck when I wear it lower. I like the look of the sling at my back..it does look neat but of course cannot hide those lemak2 or spare tyre. Now, I am certain that I'm not comfortable with super wide width on Husna, too many excess fabric..may be OK for bigger baby.

rings - gold (women's best friend / wealth) and shiny..they are flat and once threaded it is not easy to adjust unless I want to start the pain all over again. IMHO, it definitely a turn down for those with newborn who wear their babies between cradle carry and t2t or even sling nursers. But that just my opinion who know nothing about psling.

Psling..hmm may be I will get one for me..or may be not..not sure yet but there is a yummy looking red wine in TBW FSOT..hahahah

Arigato gozaimass Zana-san for this opportunity!! Set B has been un-threaded and sent to Alin!!


Hanz Jamaludin said...

the blue one looks gorgeous macam denim pun ada..

Rozy said...

itu kasuri..yet to try..kena tunggu turn lagi entah berapa bulan..hehehhe

jom la join kami di forum MBW...

Hayati said...

Wah, ada munge mak die letak kat tinga die...

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