Friday, November 26, 2010

I jUst LoVe ThIS!

I just love this pic and couldn't help myself from putting it here.
Hadiff has started to show his love on Husna despite kadang2 jelous.
Sometimes he called Husna "Adik Ambut Acak" and said "Auuwwww.." konon Husna has sharp spiky hair..haishhh... never fail to make me and Mr Asben laugh.


Hanz Jamaludin said...

Rozy, seiras sungguh wajah dua beradik ni..mesti rapat bila besar nanti..comel je.. :)

mommychaa said...

hi kak. my name is tasha. im new here. wow wat a cute & adorable kids u have there kan? im newly wed. hehehe...best tgk ade baby kan? hope 1day saye pon ade bby cute ceni.
ok kak. visit my belog at http://sharemyloves.blogspot.com/
thx kak

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