Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabric Addiction and a hoarder too!

OK saya dah buat pengakuan terbuka, that I've became a fabric addict and a hoarder :p.
These are USA designer fabrics that I'd managed to collect ( a collector indeed cehhh!!) just in a few months I get hold on a sewing machine (and a serger too).

And I'm yet stashify with these...haiiiiiizzzzzzzzz.
now off to etsy.com to see more cute prints. :p

Frankly speaking not only designer fabric intrigues me, if you leave me alone in a fabric store, I may leave the store with a huge bundle of fabrics. Mata rambang!! Especially during sales.

I will never have enough!


rubyhanie said...

uuu byknya...nk tempah top 1 bleh?

Ely Hasrul said...

mmg menarik hati kalu aku kumpul tp syg nk buat ape2 pon hahaha

szarihan said...

wahh hang nak buat apa byk2 ni...tp chomels2 la suma!

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