Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sewing Inspirations. : Nursing blouse look-a- like

Huuuuu found this lovely cheap dress in CUTE CHEAP DRESS @ GROSSGRAIN..
Wanting to sew a dress like this..

with some adjustment
- pull over bodice with elastic band at the waist so i can access to a nursing opening. But the dress will look like a normal empire waist dress. LINK of the tutorial is OVERLAP NURSING BLOUSE
- another layer of fabric to cover that lowered wrap neck.
- owh that twirly circle skirt will definitely help to cover my tummy buncit-ness.LINK for th twirly skirt is CIRCLE SKIRT

Must buy some more kainlah..something plain and cotton-ny (kain lincin makcik lom reti jahit. :p)

1 comment:

scudmami said...

*angkat tangan* volunteer jadik tester hahahha...

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