Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweet Cupcakes Raya top Husna

Just dropping by to showcase Husna's raya top that sewn by yours truly.
I'm still in raya/holiday mood and not sure how to warm up my work mood.
Like an old motorbike, it may take few days i guess :p.

Top? No dress?
I always have this excited feeling to start a dress project, but hmm.. speaking of practicality, i seldom dress Husna in a dress whenever we went out. I prefer her in jeans.
So i made her a top instead.

This time, finally.. I use a USA designer cotton Confections by Robert Kaufman and matched it with a polkadot english cotton from Ashley Cotton Collection.

My skill has improved sikit but i still have a lot to learn.

And the action pic.

Husna loves this top. May be she likes the vibrant colours of the cupcakes.
I found this novelty button (teddy) at A2Z in Seberang Jaya, i was soo thrilled!

Okie that's all.
Happy Holiday!! (sehari jaa tinggal pun) hehehe.

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1 comment:

mizah said...

cun!!! bestnya husna pakai baju mama dia jahit...

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