Friday, December 16, 2011

Anthropology Knockoff - Hanna dress

When I saw this dress on Pinterest, I knew I got to sew this pretty dress and I have a nice cotton knit jersey that suit for this project.

But I was disappointed when I clicked on the link, i was led to an online shop in the States..frustrating....
Well, hm.. why not I just give it a try...the dress looked simple and SEEMED easy to copycat.
The worst thing that could happen is, my RM20 per metre fabric might be ended up in the scrap bin..:p

This dress took almost a week to be completed, considering I only managed to steal 15-30minutes a day to sew.
Here's my version...I should add on ruffles to make it prettier, don't you think?

But my little lady is yet to fit in the dress nicely. May be in another 6 months.:)
Owh one more thing..the original version is named Hanna dress...my version is Raihannah dress.. :p (Raihannah is my little lady name :) )

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