Thursday, December 1, 2011

P.e.a.s.a.n.t Dress for Husna

It's December again, school holiday is here with of course many wedding invitations. :)
Last month when I attended a friend's wedding, I just realised that despite me getting OK in sewing, I never sew a nice wearable dress for Husna to wear on special occasion.
She only has 2 store bought dresses..Though not that she really care...hahahaha

So I pulled out my designer fabric stash and started to pair prints for a nice combo.
I got this habit of buying fabric from USA (etsy to be exact) based on what looks pretty..never crossed my mind to choose combos..*spank me..

I found this two prints which seemed OK..and asked around in my sewing group in fb.
But what the heck..just try and see..

This time I'm using a real pattern (beli punya)..Elizabeth Claire Peasant Dress from THE LIZARD KING

So here...tadaaaa..
Using Michael Miller Gypsy Bandanna and Sugar Pop

Husna looks cute in this dress :)

This dress will definitely be in my shop soon.. Stay Tune!


gojes said...

suke sngt...cantik..tahniah..now can call expert already..hhehehe

Rozy said...


thanks...masih belajaq lagi ni...hehehhe

Unknown said...

Untung Husna dpt mummy dia pandai jahit

Rozy said...

thanks iswatie,

masih berlajaq lagi. :)

E`n1x said...

eee i want this! oh but there's a dress of my dot i sukeee sangat. nk mintak u copy aci? lol

Rozy said...


mai i tgk dulu possible ka tak..:)

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