Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PINTEREST : My new addiction

If you never heard about PINTEREST, well you miss something good from the net.
Gosh..it is my new addiction and it makes my life easier!
Pinterest is actually a virtual bookmarking and social networking (just like facebook), similar to bookmarking in the internet explorer or firefox, but the best thing is all the bookmark pages are compiled in one web (i'm a IT noob, don't know the correct term to it).
But the word use in PINTEREST is PIN instead of bookmark..it is like you pin something on your BOARD.
You can retrieve back your bookmark pages in any computer unlike the typical bookmarking that bound in a specific dedicated computer.
Apart from this. you can share what you have found in the net with...almost everyone that share same passion or hobby..well..like me who just started in sewing..I managed to collect thousand of free sewing tutorials in the net!!


Pinterest (Pin-tũr-ĕst) is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. The mission statement of Pinterest is to connect everyone in the world through shared tastes and the “things” they find interesting. Pinterest is managed by a team based out of Palo Alto, California. Noted entrepreneurs and investors include: Jack Abraham, Michael Birch, Scott Belsky, Shana Fisher, Ron Conway, Kevin Hartz, Jeremy Stoppelman, Hank Vigil, and Fritz Lanman.

To date, I had pinned 1585 pins in 30boards!! That's quite impressive for a person who just register...hehhehe
Let me show you what I have in my pinterest.
You will be amaze of what I've found.

You can log in using facebook ID.
Most of my PINS are on sewing and stuff for my kids.
Those that FOLLOWING me (no approval required..hahahah), can actually see what I've pinned.
It is like sharing what we have found.
As to date, I have 77FOLLOWERs (most of them from the States) and I'm FOLLOWING 118 people.

Pinterest makes it easy to retrieve free tutorial or just browsing looking at random photos.
I can also download PINTEREST apps in my iphone...definitely a nice pass time activity...hehehehe

Gosh...I can't believe that I'm yet to share my PINTEREST...
here's my link.. http://pinterest.com/annarozy/

Why People Are Obsessed
Pinterest combines two of the most compelling elements of social media: visual content and sharing who you are. Oh, and everything looks really pretty…


alin said...

wah.. interesting! thanks for sharing rozy! harus register ni.. ;)

Rozy said...

Best sangat!! Registerlaaa :)

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