Monday, March 5, 2012

AnnaRozy February Wrap Up

Alhamdulilah, syukur sangat.
Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture Boutique (very mouthful kan?), has successfully launched and syukur with never ending orders coming in from dear friends. Thank you so much.
Despite of busy with my real job as a wife and a mother (and of course my bread and butter, as an engineer cabok), I managed to squeeze in some time to sew at night. Frankly speaking, I'm still trying my best to cope with late night sewing. Not only that, Husna seems to have this mutual hate with my sewing machines.

So here are several of my February creations. Not many though, still merangkak..hehehhe

I'd ordered AnnaRozy woven label from Indonesia, can't wait to have them and sew it on the clothes I sew.

To all my dearest friends if you would like to keep updated with my sewing journey and creations, I really appreciate if you can LIKE my page. Thank you so much!


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