Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sewing for baby MHR :)

Assalammualaikum and Selamat Sejahtera,

Last Chinese New Year holiday, I had a fun fun fun sewing mode on. Well after I had a tough time to maintain my sewing mood and clear all the orders, I think I'm getting better :). Yeay!
Both Husna and Hadiff were really happy to get new 'stuff' from me.  Even baby MR (I'm expecting a baby boy in May, syukur) gets his clothes sewn. Some people are not really keen to sew for  newborn as they grow really fast. But heyyyy don't you feel really proud of yourself as a mother that the first baby clothes your baby wear is handmade by you? Ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Jom layan, things I've sewn and plan to sew for baby MHR :D And of course I share with you links to the tutorial:D

Actually the baby bear hat is the first item I made for baby MHR. Then I found a really easy to do baby kimono onesie in the internet and thought that heyy I can do this. And of course during windy day, baby MHR might need a pair of pants, so using a rm3 cotton knit singlet I bought from FOS I convert it to a baby pants. Hm...should I sew a pair of mittens and booties too? Will consider that later. ngeeeeeeeeeee



For baby pants, I just trace Husna's baby pants on the singlet. Cut it and sew. Easy peasy :)

My second set of baby top knot hat and baby pants using cotton knit I bought early last year. Ohh I was really grateful for being a cotton knit hoarder lol as cotton knit is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry difficult to find locally.

The third set of baby hat and short pants also using cotton knit. This fabric is actually scrap from Hadiff t-shirt which I sewn in end 2011 (goshhh that was more than a year!)

I have a long list of items to sew for baby MHR... my source of free tutorial is HERE

Tomorrow I will share Husna's new skirts using designer cotton knit and Hadiff 3 quarter pants with cargo pants pockets (which is a hit now as after 24hours of uploading the photo of the pants on the facebook, I received 4 orders!!! Alhamdulillah...... )

That's all for now!!
Have a great day!


mizah said...

mesin jahit dah ada, tapi belum buka lagi dari kotak..haha, takde masa tapi teringin nak buat mcm dlm tutorial tu...bila la nak rajin ni!

Mila@Rimbun said...

Akak pun ada piles of cotton knit at home (macam banyak sangat kan).. macam2 nak buat dlm kepala but yet none come to reality... kalau tunggu expecting mcm rozy maunyer mereput kut kain tuh hahaha

Fiza Rahman said...

Cutenya baju tu. Bestnya klo pandai menjahit.

Rozy said...

haii mizah,

jangan dibuat tukun...sila on kan mesin naa...

kak mila,
rozy sangat suka projek cotton knit tp tu laa susahnyaa nak jumpa kain yg best kan! nak beli dari obersi mahai pulak shippingnyaaa...

berlajaqlaa menjahit...senang ja :)

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