Friday, August 30, 2013

Another embroidery machine :)

IAssalammualaikum and selamat sejahtera,

Just a simple update on Annarozy Homemade Kids Couture.
We just received a new member of our money generated machines. Our fourth of the family is an embroidery machine bought from USA and brought over via sea ship (took 3mo to arrive.. Tp nak murah punya pasal, tunggu jalah). Its Brother PE770. Abang to my current embroidery/sewing machine NV950.
It can embroider bigger design and higher speed. Can't wait to try the giga hoop i bought from recent LSN mega sale. 
Frankly speaking, i had not any chance to drive test the machine yet. My soul mate aka head of embroidery department is currently down with cold and fever and sakit sakit sengal badan. So tgk gambaq ja lah huhuhu.

Nice kan?
I have so many business plan with this machine. Moga menjadilah... 
So stay tune for more excited products from us ya!!


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