Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tipuwer Vs Bekas Dadih

One of the topics in Susuibu.com discussing on Bekas Dadih.. i guess that is the most economical way to store our precious EBM. if you have budget, yes definitely buying loads lot of BPA free bottles is the best. But we do have other options and most of the moms opt for very the bery cheap Bekas Dadih. From my reading on this topic, quite a number of moms do not really understand why bekas dadih is suitable for our EBM.. First is, it can stand 0degreeC without cracking for certain period, second, it is cheap, third but not the least... IT IS ABSOLUTELY BPA FREE!!!.. i said absolutely because bekas dadih is made of PP, very rare PMMA.. and all these material do not contain bisphenol-A that claimed to be carcinorgenic.. I said claim because it is not literaturely proven. But please bear in mind... Bekas Dadih is single use item..but then again it is up to you if you still want to re-use it again..

Here, I am suggesting you, all the moms out there another option, which is better than Bekas Dadih... I AM INTRODUCING YOU TO TIPUWER adik beradik tupperware but cheaper version.. hehehehhe .. it comes in many sizes.. and it is cheap.. just see all the tipuwer I bought from LONGWAN except the green ones are actually Tuppaware. I bought them at RM0.50 each.. so cheap ehh

See how I arrange the tipuwer..it looks more organized than that tunggang langgang bekas dadih..

in fact in HERE I made an elementary calculation why buying this container is actually cheaper than that cheap bekas dadih..

for a single use bekas dadih
rega bekas dadih 5 oz = RM11.00/100pcs equivalent to RM0.11/pc
everyday we throw average 2bekas, means RM0.22 into the garbage bin..6bulan RM39.60
rega small tipuwer 5oz = RM0.50 use until shows sign of degradation estimated minimum 30x guna.. (leh guna lama lagik nihh ekcelinyaa)
dengan RM39.60 kita buang tu..kita leh beli sebanyak 78biji tipuwer..and boleh guna lama tuu setahun/ 2 tahun pun leh.. selagi xpecah..

disamping kurangkan sampah yg not biodegradable.

Since using this small container, i notice several advantages:-
1- The cover container has a groove to prevent any slippage when it is stack together.. so xdak dahlaa bekas yg terjatuh bila amik.
2- See that colourful container.. I can even colour coded my storage.. for example just like that cute blue cover container..I have bought it in 3 different colours.. so first blue...then green.. then ..red.. therefore I definitely will not 'overlooked' any near expired EBM when turnover is at stage..got me?
just see whatelse..hmmm
3- Yeap..it is not space consuming like bekas dadih. Bekas dadih is tapered feature..so leaving empty spaces in between.. what a waste right? especially to me who do not have deep freezer..so every inch in the feezer compartment is truly precious..

I think that is all for now.

Happy always momss!! Breastfeeding moms are rawkss!!


Nong Andy said...

salam Rozy..

wah.. yg menarik minat ku bukan tipuware or bekas dadih.. tapi stok Si mu yg fulamak.. jelesku memandangnya :)

Unknown said...

ku pun nk tumpang menjeles juga buleh tak..hihi!

Dayah @ Real Ummu said...

ada kat Longwan ye tipuwer ni..kena p terjah cari ni. dayah pun guna bekas dadih gak..

Rozy said...

Argh!!! Jangan ko cakap bab stok ebm ku.. semuaanyaaa dahhh terbuang!!! cair...huhuhuu

Rozy said...

blah laa ko yatie..
stok mu lagik banyak!!

Rozy said...


kat longwan ada..kat kedai jual barang plastik pun ada...

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